McAdamsHistory.Com / McAdams Historical Society.

There has been a McAdams Historical Society web site on domain www.mcadamshistory.com since at least October 2001.

On 26th October 2014 the domain name was not renewed by the original owner when due, and the site became inaccessible.

After a waiting period we have been able to register the domain and have relaunched the site content but in a different format.

The original site provided access to available pre 1850 research information on the "McAdams" family. This includes spelling variants such as McAdam / MacAdam / McAdams / M'Adam / McCaddum etc.

In addition to the relatively static information on the original site, this new site will allow you to post comments / research queries etc if you register.

Depending on how well this site is utilised we may open it up to post 1850 information, after all it is now some 40 years since the Society was formed with the 1850 guideline.

This site is administered outside the USA, and so tends to use NZ English spelling particularly for any new comments and new material / editing.

If you see any errors / typos / confusing expressions etc in the material, or have any other queries about the site, please register and post a comment accordingly so that we can have the most useful material that we can. Alternatively you can use the Contact Us option on the menu without registering.

Please note the "Log In" button at the bottom right corner of the dark blue page header area. This also provides access to the register option.

Registration is totally free of course, and is commitment free.

To view the site material use the "McAdamsHistory" Menu Option.
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