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The content on this web site is basically that from the McAdams
History Society's site more or less verbatim.

Originally the McAdams History Society offered to do some research for people and some of the pages here still contain that suggestion.

Unfortunately the current webmaster does not have the resources to undertake research for you, nor do we have access to the Society's source documents.

We simply make the previous web site material available in a hopefully more readable format, and provide a forums function for people to request information from readers. We also provide for people to add comments to articles if they register (Free of course)
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Understanding the difference between Forums, Blogs, and Social Networks
Posted on January 28th, 2008 in: Social Media

It’s easy to get the tools mixed up, but it’s important to know the differences. Quite often (usually by executives) I’m asked the difference between Forums, Blogs, and Social Networks, here’s usually how I explain it (focusing first on usage and benefits rather than technical details):

Forums are like social mixers, where everyone is at equal level, milling about and discussing with others. These many to many communication tools allow anyone to start a topic and anyone to respond to one. Members are often at equal level, and content is usually segmented by topic. (rather than by people).

Blogs are like a keynote speech where the speaker (blogger) is in control of the discussion, but allows questions and comments from the audience.
Blogs are journals often authored by one individual, and sometimes teams. In the context of business communication, these are often used to talk with the marketplace and to join the conversation that existing external bloggers may be having.

Social Networks are like topic tables at a conference luncheon. Ever been to a conference where different lunch tables had big white signs inviting people to sit and join others of like interest? It’s like that. Social networks allow members to organize around a person’s relationships or interests, rather that just focused on topic. People that know each other (or want to meet each other) will connect by a variety of common interests. These are great tools to get people of like interest to connect to each other and share information.
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