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The McAdams family is not indexed as all families used the same first names. McAdams are found by location in the state where they are first known to live.

Adams Family

The Adams family allied to McAdams changed their name from McAdams to Adams. The first
was James McAdams, from Derry, Ireland, who is said to have brothers, William and Samuel. James
came to America in 1721 and settled in Londenderry, NH.

The McAdams in Guilford Co., NC and Meigs Co., Tenn. changed their name from McAdams to
Adams due to troubles they had in Rutherford Co., NC.

Dugger Family

The orginal spelling of the name was Daguerres. John Dugger, b. 1749 in Surry County, Virginia lived
in Dinwiddlie Co., Va. in the 1770’s, moved 8 years after R/W to Orange County, N.C. for 8 years moved
to Sumner Co., Tenn., died 3/23/34, married Francis --, on 11/4/1771, she died 1838, their children: Leonard,
b. 11/4/1773 who married (1) Rhodia --, 1/2/1791 - children: Jarrot, b. 2.25/1792, Wesley, b. 4/30/1793, Polly,
b. 12/14/1795 - Twins Betsy and John C., b. 11/14/1797 (2) married Elizabeth Taylor, b. 1773, on 1/12/1801
who had da. Nancy, b. 9/5/1801. Jarrot s/o Pierre Daguerres a R/W vet who served with Gen. Greene, married
8/25/1811 Polly (Mary) McAdams, b. 9/7/17-2 - John C. married 8/24/20 Holly McAdams.Polly and Holly
were d/o William G. and Mary Hendricks who died in Illlinois.
Ref: National Archives F-W7062-R859 -Va. Archives Bible Records

Crichton Family

John Crichton, a barber in Ayr, Scotland and Margaret McAdam in the Parish of Straiton
give in their names to be proclaimed in order for marriage, 3 June 1762. James Crichton, a
lawful son was born 5 June 1771 in Ayr and was baptized the same day by Mr. William McGill.
James Crichton came to America at age 14 (1785) and settled in Buinswick Co., Va. He married
Sarah smith Winfield on 2 June 1802.
All the children of John and Margaret (McAdam) Crichton were:
i. Elizabeth, b. 1763 ii. William, b. 1765 iii. Katherine, b. 1767 iv. John, b. 1769
v. James, b. 1771 vi. Gilbert, b. 1773 vii. Hugh, b. 1775 viiii. Margaret, b. 1777
Ref: Virginia Archives Bible Records

Justice Family

The Justice Family Bible, printed in 1743. It is very hard to dispute Bible records, but the birth
date of 1732, as noted in the Bible for Samuel McAdams, husband of Jermina Justice in Orange
County, NC, son of Joseph McAdams is not correct. Samuel was the grandson of John and Sarah
Sloss McAdams and can be confirmed as being bornin 8 Oct. 1782. There is no other information on
the McAdams family in the Justice Bible.

The records from the Justice Bible was found in the Widow’s application for a Revolutionary War
pension by Susanna Justice, wife of David Justice, N.C. Service file #W-7947 National Archives.
The first known in the family was Justinian Justice, b. 25 Dec. 1694 who married Prissilla, b.
5 Feb. 1694 who’s children were: John, b. 18 March 1719, Justinian, b. 17 Dec. 1721, Major,
b. 16 May 1721, Judith, b. 7 Dec. 1726, David, b. 27 Oct. 1729, Phrome, b. 25 Jan. 1732, and
Prissilla, b. 16 May 1735. Notes, Justinian Justis of Charles City County, Va. is listed on the
Quit Rents in 1704. Also, The form of McCaddams spelling was used in the Justice Bible.
Ref: Virginia Archives Bible Records

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