The following 4 pages are from the book “Sons of Adam” by Joe F McAdams, privately published in 1986 by the now defunct McAdams
Historical Society.

Sons Of Adam P21 Coat of Arms
Sons Of Adam P22 Coat Of Arms
Sons Of Adam P23 Coat Of Arms
Sons Of Adam P24 Coat Of Arms

The following is a copy of a letter from Register House Edinburgh to Roy Devereux in response to her
query presumably as part of her research for her 1936 book “John Loudon McAdam : Chapters in the History of Highways.”
or the American version “The Colossus of Roads”.

Letter From Register House 1930 Re Coat Of Arms P1
Letter From Register House 1930 Re Coat Of Arms P2

This letter was kindly provided by Jonathan McCreery.

Waterhead Coat Of Arms From Burkes Armory Description

The following are the McAdam entries in Burkes General Armory.

Burkes General Armory Entries For McAdam

Coat Of Arms On John Loudon McAdam's Grave Stone
The above is the coat of arms that is on John Loudon McAdam’s grave stone in Moffat Old Churchyard.
We assume that this was erected at the time of his death in 1836. It was certainly in place in 1936.
Photo taken in 2003.

This is the same as that on his eldest son Williams grave stone in the Colmonell Churchyard. (See below)
William also died in 1836 some 6 months before his father.
This grave stone is not in such good condition as JLM’s but may be made of inferior stone.
The photographer (2014) may have cut off the top motto word “Calm” and the stag’s head.

Coat Of Arms On Williams Grave Colmonell