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The McAdams Historical Society had a web site on the domain www.mcadamshistory.com from at least October 2001.

On 26th October 2014 the domain name was not renewed by the original owner when due and the site became inaccessible.

After a waiting period we were able to re-register the domain and relaunched the site content but in a more modern format.

The original site provided access to available pre 1850 information on the "McAdams" family. This includes spelling variants such as McAdam / MacAdam / McAdams / M'Adam / McCaddum etc.

This site is now administered outside the USA, and so tends to use NZ English spelling particularly for any new comments and new material / editing.

You can read the majority of the site material as an Anonymous user but will need to register (click on the "Log In" button to show the register option) to post material or queries or to message or use the BCM database search facility.

Please note that we merely provide the site material. We are unable to help you with your research other than that.