Archibald McAdam was deported to New Hampshire in 1685, but no record remains about him. James McAdams came to
New Hampshire in 1721 with brothers, Samuel and William, but the family changed their name to Adams.

Londonderry and Windham, N.H.

According to the history of the area there were 5 shiploads of immagrants from Ulster Ireland that came to America and landed in Boston Aug 1718. Sixteen of the Scotch families founded "Nutfield" later called Londonderry in April of 1719. Others on the ship settled in other areas. Here mentioned are Boston, Worcester, Palmer, Pelham, Billerica, Dracut, and Andover. The book mentioned that the 16 families were sent out by Gov. Shute to find a "suitable place to settle". They wintered out at Falmouth (now Portland, Maine) before going back and settling Nutfield.

This group were of pure Scottish blood and married amoungst themselves. They were called Scot-Irish by many but they hated the tag of Irish. Most people had come from Co.'s Londonderr, Tyrone, and Antrim, Northern Ireland to America starting about 1718 to the mid-1740's. This group of people were orginally from Ayr, Galloway, and other southern Scotland and northern England.
Samuel McAdams, born in Ireland in 1716 came from Londonderry, Ireland. Samuel came to American in the service of the military and was in N.H. by 1739. He signed a petition as a resident of Londonderry, NH

Samuel McAdams, b. 1716 is said to have come from Londonderry, Ireland and was in America before 1739. He appears on on a Counter Petition as an Inhabitants of Londonderry, NH to lay out a new town dated Feb. 9, 1739. On the list were several families from Londenderry, Ireland they are: Gillmores, Dunlaps, Campbells, John Armstrong, John Dinsmore, John Stuart, John Willson and in the southerly part of town. He married Mary Gilmore born in 1733 also in Ireland. His brother, William shows up on the French War Rolls in 1746. By 1750, they were living in Windham, NH. There is no marriage record abt. 1751 and Mary was younger than Samuel as they had a child in 1804. Samuel, Mary and 4 of their children were mention in the will of James Gilmore of Windham Parish dated 1758. Samuel died in 1790 at the age of 74. Mary died in 1791. Their children were:

1. Jane b. 10 April 1752
2. John b. 8 Nov. 1753
3. Margaret b. 2 Nov. 1755
4. James b. 21 Sept. 1757
5. Samuel b. 25 Dec. 1760
6. Robert b. 25 April 1764
7. Garvin, b. 1 Jan. 1767 married Susan abt. 1797, children were: i. Robert, b. 1 Feb. 1798 ii. Able Baldwin, b. 25 Mary 1800 iii. James, b. 8 May 1802 iv. Mary Susan, b. 1 May 1804 v.Lacy, b. 8 Sept. 1806

8. Mary b. 25 april 1771 b. Windham, NH. married Samuel Hall
9. Isobell b. 4 Sept. 1786
10. Sarah, b. 16 Aug. 1804

The Samuel McAdams house in Windham, NH was built in 1741 is presentlly owned by a member of the Windham Historical Society. The Windham Library has a plaquie honoring those who served in the French and Indian War and John and William McAdams are listed.

Sandra Marriner, PO. Box 326, Wells, Me. 04090 line runs through Cyrus McAdams and may be able to add much more. From the records it looks like that one Cyrus cb. 1801 was the son of John P. McAdams and other sons appear to be Daniel b. 1810, James, Samuel where the family lived in Washington by 1830.

a. Cyrus P., b. 1801 wife, Hannah b. 1827 NH, son Levi. H.
b. Daniel C., b. 1810, wife Saborina b. 1823 NH,
i. Harriet A. b. 1840, ii. Lorami A, b. 1842, iii. Horace, b. 1845.
The family of James McAdams b. 17780, wife Jane Clyde b. 1782 NH
i. Arama H b. 1810, ii. Cyrus b. 1815, iii. unnamed son, b. 1833, iv. Daniel C. b. 1831, v. Helen M. b. 1833.

William McAdams, cb. 1720, a brother of Samuel, also came from Londonderry, Ireland about 1740. His name first appears on surviving French and Indian War record dated 1746. Little data has been collected on William, but he had at lest two sons, William, Samuel and probably Hugh. William and Samuel were both supporters of the "American Cause" and were signers of the Declaration of Independence by the people of New Hampshire signed in 1776. A record in New Hampshire stated that he moved to Pelham, Massachusetts and died about 1790.

Hugh McAdams, cb. appears to be the son of William

McADAMS & EMORY & Company, "Merchants of YE Sloop" located in Boston was issued credits for service to the "Cause" of the American Revolution in 1779

William McAdams with wife and son were living in Londonderry Parish of Rockingham Co. in 1790

Hugh and Samuel McAdams were living in Hillsborough Co. with families in 1790-
Samuel and William are the only ones listed in the 1800 census living in Hillsborough Co.

Mary McAdams
Is working on the Hall family genealogy--particulary the descendants
of Deacon Richard Hall (Abt. 1644-1730).
She a Samuel Hall (b. 13 Nov. 1766 in Salem, NH d. 1829 In
Washington, NH). He married Mary McAdams (b. 25 Apr. 1771 birthplace and
death unknown) daughter of Samuel McAdams and Mary Gilmore.
She has only one child for Samuel and Mary: Sabrina Hall (b. 12 May
1812) who married Daniel McAdams (b. 19 March 1812). I have Daniel's parents
as James McAdams and Jane Clyde.
Do you have any more information on this line: Other children for
Samuel and Mary Hall? Parents of James McAdams? Dates and places for Mary
McAdams? Etc.
She would appreciate any information you have on this line.

McAdams Who Change their Name to Adams

Nancy Adams Boone has aquired two books that maybe of interest
to the society. Alas, she has not connected her family to those in the books, but there is masive information about many McAdam(s) who changed their name to Adams.

The biggest problem she is having is her greatgreat grandfathers name. She have found him listed in two places (census of 1880 in Maine and in an article she read about some senator.) Both places he is refered to as J.E. Adams of Charleston Maine. The records of that area have been altogether destroyed in a fire.

The Descendants of James and William Adams 1894" by Andrew N. Adams.

James Adams (said to be McAdam) from Ireland. Born Argleshire, Scotland before 1680. Married Elizabeth Elder around 1700 and lived in northern part of
Ireland before coming to America. He came to America in 1721 and settled in Londonderry, NH and where he died in May 1743. They had 5 children most likely all born in Ireland. The children came to America with him.
Robert Born 1701; Settled in Sheepscott Bay, what is now Newcastle, Maine. It says he was taken captive by the Indians and taken to Canada. He returned to Londonderry where he died Feb 16, 1778 at the age of 78. It is believed that James was the older brother of William of Londonderry.

It is also stated that Rev, Jonathan E. Adams of Bangor Maine, son of Rev. Jonathan Adams of Boothbay, Maine and a decendant of William, states that his father claimed that three brothers, James, William, and Samuel, came from north Ireland and settled in Londonderry, NH. Also that his father visited his relatived in Derry in 1830. John, no date of birth, He also moved to Sheepscott Bay and was living there in 1743.

Jeannette born in 1708, married in 1789 Thomas Cochran of Londonderry, NH and settled in New Boston, NH in 1748. She died in New Boston at the age of 76, on June 21, 1784.James,Jr. born 1711, married Sarah Campbell the daughter of __ and Mary Graham Campbell; born 1720 died in Londonderry Sept 6, 1778, age 59.
James died in Londonderry, Sept 15 th, 1781. at the age of 71.
Mary no date of birth only mentioned in her fathers will. No other information.

There is a ton of information in these books. They refers to nearly everyone as Adams even the ones that they claim are McAdam(s).

James McAdams, Jr. as found in "The Descendants of James and William Adams 1894" complied by Andrew M. Adams of Fair Haven, Vt.

1. Elizabeth, born Feb 5, 1745, Londonderry NH, no death information but thought to have died "young"
2. James born and died in Londonderry NH. No record of him other than the fact that he died unmarried. He did not win the girl of his heart and therefore never married. He did live in Skeensboro, NY ( present day Whitehall) for a time with his brothers. He returned to Londonderry in his old age.
3.Robert, Born in Londonderry and drowned in Lake Champlain Dec 1785.
4. Mary (Molly) born Londonderry NH and married Dr. John Gates. They had one child, a boy.
5. Sarah (Sally) born June 11, 1752 in Londonderry and died June, 1850 in Whitehall, NY. 6. Jane (Jean) born 1754 and married Capt. Samuel Morrison of Londonderry, NH.
7. John (twin) born June 5, 1756 Londonderry, NH. John died Aug 22, 1838 at the age of 82 in Whitehall, NY. He married on Feb 26, 1787 Elizabeth Cochran.
Elizabeth was born Oct 16, 1765 in Londonderry NH and died there in April of 1798. She was the daughter of John and Mary Cochran. His second wife he married onOct.13, 1799 Mary Ann Morrison born April 16, 1761 she
died of Consumption on July 13, 1822 age 61 in Whitehall, NY. She was the daughter of John and Mary Holmes Morrison.
8. Andrew (twin)born June 5, 1756 in Londonderry, NH and died Nov 28, 1826, in Whitehall, NY at the age of 82.
9. Alexander born in Londonderry and probably died as a child. No other information on him unless it is further in the book.