The McAdams Historical Society

Current Status

We don't think that the Society is active at present. For the moment we have simply reproduced the page that existed on the original site. "Sons of Adam" can very occasionally be purchased second hand on .


The "McAdams Historical Society" is an informal non-commercial family society founded in 1984. Membership into the Society is open to any person interested in McAdam/s or allied family history. The Society collects family archives records, photos, family charts and group sheets of all dates. All documents collected become the property and records of the McAdams Historical Society, to be preserved and shared with anyone seeking McAdams information. The Society is the central point for the members to share research, locate distant cousins, and is responsible for collecting and publishing the McAdam family history. The Society newsletter is published quarterly and is intended to include information on the MacAdam, McAdam, McAdams, McCaddam, and other variations of the McAdam name, which came from one common ancestor. Included in our records are allied family lines. Our research efforts in the past were primarily directed to pre-1850 history where information from available records is more difficult to obtain.

Society Membership

Membership in the Society to receive our newsletter is $15.00 yearly. This fee is to cover the cost of publishing, postage and maintaining our web site. The society has a research fund that is used for professional research, the expense of collecting documents that are deemed to be beneficial to all and our on-line service. Payment towards the research fund is not mandatory to become a member, but a voluntary contribution is generally $15.00.

Sons of Adam

The Society published a hard bound book, of 268 pages, in 1986. This book, "Sons of Adam - The history of the McAdams Family", contains some early Scottish and Irish history, but is mostly devoted to pre-1850 McAdam families who arrived in America from the early 1700 's up to the Revolutionary War. Most came to America from Ireland. Our book is $37.50 plus $4.75 postage and handing, and can be ordered by e-mail or from our society address.

Note the current web master does not have access to this book and hence can't help you with purchases.

VHS Tape

This contains McAdam Country locations in Scotland, Waterhead, Lagwine, Craigengillan, and many others, plus Ireland including a screening of family search from Derry, Ireland. This VHS video tape is $29.95 plus postage and shipping of $1.75.


The Society will search our current records for any information we might have on any McAdam/s family, complements of the Society. We will answer all inquires to the best of our knowledge on any McAdam/s family. You may contact us by our e-mail address or a SAE is requested when making a request by mail.

Submission of Information and Corrections etc

We thank you for your support and interest in preserving McAdam - McAdams family history. Submission of your own family records are welcome and are encouraged so they can become a part of our collection of McAdam - McAdams records.


The McAdams Historical Society 711 17th Ave. N., Surfside Beach, S.C. 29575 E-Mail - mlmcadams at