AMERICAN McAdams War Records

Revolutionary War / War of 1812 / Indian Wars / Mexican War / Civil War

Colonial McAdams Military Service Records

A tradition in the family line of Thomas McAdams of Newberry and later Washington Co.,
Tennessee McAdams is that their ancestor was exiled to the Ogelthropes Colony in Georgia.
From there they migrated to North Carolina and Tennessee.
The Oglethorpe Colony men were reruited from the vicinity of Inverness, Scotland by Hugh Mackay and George Dunbar in Oct. 1735. They sailed from Inverness on the "Prince of Wales" and landed in January 1736 at Savannah, Georgia. There was 177 people in this hardy band of Scots including women and children. They were lead by John McIntosh Mohr and Hugh MacKay. They brought their own minister, Rev. John McLeod of the Isle of Skye, ordained by the Presbyterian congegation in Georgia. Solders who served were offered transportation home, discharge payment or a land grant at the end of their tour.

This may also be the case as the history of the BlackWatch Regiment raised in 1739 follows the facts of this tradition. In March of 1743 the BlackWatch Regiment was assembled at Perth, Scotland and were ordered to march to England. They arrived in London 30 April where they learned they were to be dispatched to the American plantation - the "Botany Bay "of that time.

Learning of this they set out on their return march to the North. The unit was captured at Northampton, disarmed and returned to London. The mutineers were tried and Andrew and Samuel Macpherson and Fearchar Shaw, members of Clan Chattan were executed. 50 Highlanders were sent to Gibraltar, 50 were sent Minorca, 40 sent to Leeward Islands, 30 ordered to Jamaica, and 30 to were sent Georgia.

The 42'nd Regiment was under the command of Oglethorp. During "the 45 Up-rising" the BlackWatch was stationed on the Coast of Kent. The unfortunate treatment of the BlackWatch served much to arouse sympathy with the Jacobites. In 1758 the BlackWatch distinguished themselves at the battles of Fontenoy and Ticonderoga. Other Scottish Highland Military units with American connections were Montgomery's and Fraser's Regiments. Montgomery's 77th Regiment was raised in 1757 and were stationed in Carlisle, Penn. and Luenburgh Co. Va. The 77 th served in the West Indies and later in New York. After the hostilities in 1763 both officers and men were offered transportation home or an land grant in American in proportion to their rank.

Fraser's 78 th Regiment served along with the 77 th and most of their members were given land grants in Canada and Nova Scotia. On the list of the78 th was the name of George McAdam.

1. William McAdams came from Londonderry, Ireland in 1745 and settled in Windham, New Hampshire. He served in the French and Indian Wars. His name appears on the roll of a scouting party under John Goffe in 1746. N.H. Archives

2. Samuel McAdams, a brother of William came to Windham, N.H. in 1741 and is reported to
have served in the military with his brother but this is no official record of this known.
3. Henry McAdams born 3 May 1735 in American was listed on Capt. Singleton's Co. at Camp
Carslie dated 1758.

4. John McAdams, b. 1741 in Westchester, New York served with the Provincial Troops in 1760.
He was in Capt. Gilchrest's 13th Royal Regiment, N. Y. Archives

5. Gilbert McAdams, b. Ayr, Scotland cb. 1731 came to America as a member of the military
about 1750. He received a commission 26 Dec. 1755 as Captain, aide to Camp to John, Earl of
London at his headquarters in New York City. He served until 1774 in Regt. 62. Gilbert returned
to Scotland and is know as Gilbert of Merkland.
6. Alexander McAdams in Capt. Moore's Co. in Fredericks Co., Va. during the French and Indian War dated 1761.

7. William McAdams, cb. 1754 joined the New Jersey militia. His name appears on the roster of the New Jersey men stationed in New York City in 1773. N.J. Archives

8. Samuel McAdams of Lincoln Co., Ky. name appears on payroll records at Ft. Pitts. in1775

9. John McAdams of Northumberland Co., Penn. appears on the payroll records at Ft. Pitts in 1775.


The following are the service records of the McAdams soldier who served in the American Revolutionary War listed in the State from which they served or where their record is located.


David McAdams, cb. 1758 a private in the York Co. militia in 1780. His name appears as
receiving depreciation pay for is service. Penn. Archives

John McAdams, Sr. served at Ft. Pitts with Col. John Rogers in 1778 - 1779. Was issued a land
warrant of 400 acres in Luzerne Co.

Thomas McAdams, son of John was issued a military land grand for 400 acres in Luzerne Co.
form his R/W military service.
Ephraim McAdams, son of John of Northumberland Co. Penn appears in an affidavit filed for his brother, John stating her had served with him in a Penn fort and had been on scouting parties with him. It is likely he served with Capt. Peter Graves. He was issued 400 acres in Luzerne Co. for his military service. Nat. Archives S-2761

John McAdams, Jr.. cb. 1765 enlisted with Capt. Peter Graves in March 1779 in a company of spies as a steward at the age of 14. He attended Capt. Lytle and was assigned to bury the American dead. He was later stationed near his home in Township Point guarding the frontier against Indian attack. He was on scouting parties with his brother, Ephraim and skirmishes with the Indians. He served until the close of the war in 1783. He also served in the War of 1812. Nat. Archives file S-2761

Robert McAdams, cb. 1758 enlisted as a private for 7 months under Capt. Williams, Jr. in the Penn. Company from York Co in 1780 when his name appears on the list. Penn. Archives.

Robert McAdams enlisted in Austin's Co., 5 th Bat. In 1780. A Robert served in Briggs Co, in 1781 and received a land grant. A Robert served in Smith Co. and he received a land grant. They may or may not be the same person. Penn. Archives.

Robert McAdams a 2'd Leuit. in Londonderry Co. with Capt. John Ramsey and Lt. John Gardner.

Hught McAdams a pvt. in Londonderry Co. with Capt. John Ramsey and Lt. John Gardner.

Thomas H. McAdams, cb. 1765 family tradition reports he served in the Penn. Militia stationed in Philadelphia. No records to confirm this.

William McAdams cb. 1751 was a member of the 7 th class of inhalants of Manchester Militia of Lancaster Co. being the 7th Co. of the 6tgh Bat. Commanded by Col. James Taylor in June 1781. He appears on the list of militia for the spring of 1783 under Lt. Col. John Huber. He was granted 400 acres of land in Cumberland Co. Penn. Archives.

William McAdams served as a Leiut. from Northumberland Co. in 1 st Co. with Capt. Baldyh in record dated 1788.


Alexander McAdams enlisted in Rawlings, Maryland. Regt. of Contiental Line 3 April 1776
(Md. Archives)

Robert McAdams enlilsted as a pvt. in Capt. Moore in Col. Grayson Regt. 30 March 1777
(Md. Archives)

John McAdams is listed on the naval rolls of Maryland troops in the Continental service on the
ship "Defense" as an armorer dated Oct. 1777. He was born in America with service dated from
22 Oct. to 31 Dec. 1777. Ref. Papers of Maryland
John McAdams was recruited and on the list of returns from Frederick Co. He is on the master roll of John Eccleston's Co. 2'd Maryland regt. Commanded by Col. Thomas Price. He served as a Segt. from 10 Jan. to 1 Nov. 1780. Misc. Maryland Line Papers


William McAdams, Jr., son of William of NH served in the 12th Massachusetts as private under Capt. Thomas Turner com'd by Col. Gamabial Bardford. He enlisted for 3 yeaars. He appears on the rolls dated 1777 and 1778. He died 12 Feb. 1779. Nat. Archives

Joanna McAdams re-married Charles Bush but received a widow's pension for the service of William McAdams. She is buried in Ashtabula Co., Ohio

New Hampshire

Robert McAdams, cb. 1759 of Windham is mentioned in the New Hampshire military misc. Revolutionary War documents. NH Archives

New Jersey

William McAdams served as a private from Essex Co. NJ in 1776. He was issued a land warrant #681 and received a war pension from the State of New Jersey. New Jersey Archives.

New York

William McAdam has no service record but is on the list of Loyalist of NY

John Loudon McAdam on the Loyalist list from 1776 to 1783. He owned shares in the Privateer "General Matthew" along with Robert Gilmore of Northfork, Va. The ship was heavily damaged at the battle of Ft. Sullivan, Charleston SC while engaged with the American forces and made claim for damages. He returned to Scotland in 1783.

Gilbert McAdam, uncle of John Loudon was aid-to-camp and returned to Scotland.

James McAdam, son of Gilbert was a crew member of the Brigantine "Cornwalls". His father in law, Robert McKinley was the Master of the ship. His service date is 1781.

Hugh McAdams volunteered as private in the Albany Co. militia. He served in the 3'd Reg. under Col. Philip P Schuyler in Co. A. He appears on the roster dated March 1872.
Ref. NY Archives.

South Carolina

Donald McAdams served as a loyalist to the Crown. He moved from S.C. to either Nova Scotia or New Brunswick in 1784. Carolina Genealogist.

George McAdams served as a private in the 3'd Reg on 24 July 1776. He was a Sergeant on 20 Dec. 1776 and discharged 31 May 1777. He was at the battle of Ft. Sullivan, Charleston, SC and was in the Federal Service and may not have been a resident of SC.
Nat. Archives. #853

John McAdams served in the Calvary as a horseman under Capt's Wilson and Wardlaw in 1779 and 1782. Ref. SC. Rev. Soldiers

John McAdams, b. 1759 in Ireland enlisted as a private from Abbeville on Nov. 177 under Major Williamson. He served with Andrew Pickens and was at the battle of Snow Camp and Old Field. He saw other service and was on the Florida Expedition. He received land grants of 365 acres in 1804 first married Catherine Stuckey and later Sarah Webb. Ref. Nat. Archives.

Samuel McAdams was taken prisoner at the siege of Charleston and was later paroled. He was arrested and put in prison for violating his parole. May be the Samuel of Orange Co. NC.

North Carolina

Hugh McAdams was issued a Revolutionary War pay voucher believed to have been payment for supplies to the military in Hillsborough dated 1783. Ref. NC Archives

James McAdams served as Capt. in payroll records of the Hillsborough Military District dated 1780 and 1783. NC Archives

John McAdams was a substitute for his father, Hugh who had been drafted for 3 months service. He served as a private with Capt. Horton, Major Justice, and Col. Lyttle in the command of General Bulter. He was at the battle of Camden in Aug. 1780. He volunteered for another 5 months under the same officers who engaged the Tories at Cross Cress. He received a pension and placed on the rolls of West Tenn. He married Nancy Morrow and died in Nashville. Nat. Archives S-2762

John McAdams born in York Co. Penn appears in the Colonial records of NC attached from the first or Southern Battalion of Orange Co. to march against hostile Indians under the command of Col. Ambrose Ramsey, Major Hugh Tinnian, Capt. William Williams and William Murry. Colonial records of NC

Joseph McAdams, cb. 1753 in York Co. Penn volunteered as a private in 1779 with Capt. John Carrington, Col. Armstrong and Gen. Butler. He was at the battle of Stono's Ferry with Gen. Lincoln. He re-enlisted in 1780 in the light cavalry under Col. William O'neale. He was a pilot for Col. Lee at Holt's Race Paths and was at the Battle of Hillsborough where he had the command of the part that killed Major Moore, the Tory. In 1784 he joined the troops in the Indian services in Tenn. He first married Jemina Justice and later Sarah Bradford. Nat. Archives.

John McAdams born 1760 Guilford Co. and died in Rutherford Co. in 1823. No service record but he received several land grants for his services in Burke Co. Ref. NC Archives.

Joseph McAdams born 3 April 1761 in Orange Co. volunteered as a private for 3 months under Capt. Carrington in the regiment commanded by Hugh Tinnen. He re-enlisted and saw service under Capt. George Hodge. He married Margaret Whiteside. Nat. Archives file R-6579


Alexander McAdams enlisted as a private in Capt. Benjamin Biggs Co., 3d Virginia. He later served as a Lieut. in the Va. 7 th Continental Line. In Capt. Heth's Indiana Co. He was issued 100 acres of land in Ky. For his service as a private. He was also issued land warrants in the military district of Ohio for 3-year service. Ref. Penn records in Va.

Dr. Joseph McAdams, Sr. cb. 1692 lived in Northumberland Co., Va. served as a Surgeon to ships and naval personnel in 1776 at the age of 84. He died in 1777 and his heirs claimed his land bounty. He married Janet Muir. Ref/ Virginians in the Rev.

Dr. Joseph McAdams, Jr. served as a Surgeon's mate from 1778 to 1781. He was awarded 26 acres of land for his service./ He married Sarah Ann Gaskins

John McAdams, son of Dr. Joseph, Jr. first served as a Lieut. In 1779 then as a Capt. He raised a volunteer Cavalry along with Capt. Upshaw under Col. Gordon of the 5 th Virginia to protect the Virginia Continental Line from British raids. He served a total of 7 1/2 years and was awarded 5, 333 acres of land for this service. He appears on the Supernumerary payroll of the 3'Virginia as allowed by Congress for outstanding service. He died unmarried. Nat. Archives. LB -wts-1088-300

John McAdams first appears on the Pittsburgh Payroll of the troops paid in 1775 by Capt. Paul Froman. He may have served in Col. Cox Company with Gen. Clark. Va. State Library.

Robert McAdams enlisted for 3 years in the 4 th Co. under Capt. Joseph Smith under Col. Nathaniel Gist in the 11 Regt in 1777. Appointed Corporal in Capt. Claine Moore's Co. comm'd by Col. William Grayson from Lt. Grymess quota. He served at Camp Puramus, Robinsons's Farm and White Plains. He was on the sick list at Middlebrook in Feb, March, and April 1779. A final payment was made 31 March 1787. Annual Reports of Va. State Library & Nat. Archives.

Robert McAdams served as a private in the Illinois regiment of the Virginia State Line under George Rogers Clark. Virginia Land Records.

Samuel McAdams is in the court records as served as a Lieut. In the Virginia Continental Line. He was in Col. Cox's Co in General Clark's expedition against the Shawnee Indians and appears on payroll dated 2 Nov 1782. Samuel was awarded land in Jefferson Co. Ky. In 1784. Cont'l War Records.

James McAdams appears on the 1779 payroll records. He was on furlough to Virginia in May and June 1779. He was assigned to Capt. Robert Powell's Co. 3'd Regt comm'd by Col. William Heath as selected from the troops of Capt. Crockett's and Capt. Mercer's Co in June and July 1778. Service in Haversham, Ga., Smith's Clove Middlebrook and Ramebough. Nat. Archives.

Joseph McAdams enlisted for 3 years in the 7th Virginia under Capt. Joseph Crockett's Regt of Foot as a private commanded by Col. Alexander Clenachan. He appears on several payroll records in 1777 and 1778 was in White Plains, Middlebrook and Pumpton. In May 1778 he is on the payroll records of men paid at Valley Forge with Capt. Crockett's unit comm'd by Lt. Col Holt Richenson. Nat. Archives

John McAdams appears on Capt. Mosely's Co. roster commanded by Col. William Russell in 17789. Was on furlough in Dec. 1778 to Virginia. Listed as on furlough in Feb. 1779 and on duty in Georgia on a roll dated June 1779. Service in Haversham, Ga, Smith's Clove, Middlebrook, and Ramebough. Nat. Archives.

George McAdams in Lancaster Co Milita with Major Alex Scott Regt in 1796.

WAR of 1812*


1. Daniel McAdams from S.C. served as private with Capt. Cutter' 4 th US Inf. He was at the battled of New Orleans with Gen. Andrew Jackson. He received an Invalid pension, file #28811. Nat. Archives.


1. John McAdams served in Paddocks Indiana Militia in the 5 th Regt. Nat. Archives


1. Armstrong McAdams served pvt. In 4 th Reg. Pogue's Ky. vols. Nat. Archives
2. John McAdams served in the 6 th Regt. In Capt. Latham's Co. of Ky.
Militia. His wife was Eda issued a widow's pension. John was
issued a land bounty, Wt. -51822. Nat. Archives
3. John McAdams served in 6 th regt. Barbour's Ky. Militia as pvt. Nat. Archives


1. D. McAdams in 4 th Regt. Morgan's La. Militia as private. Nat. Archives
2. William McAdams pvt. in Capt. Springs's Co. of boatman, La. Militia Vols. Nat. Archives.


1. David McAdams pvt. in Capt. Wilkin's Rifle Co. Nat. Archives


1. Samuel McAdams pvt. in James Adam's Batt'n NY militia
2. Samuel McAdams served 14 regt in Stone's NY militia as Corp., Nat. Archives.
3. William McAdam in Capt. Amasa Parker in the NY State Militia. Sur. # 34746. Nat. Archives
4. William McAdms private in Atchinson Regt. NY militia. Nat. Archives
5. Willliam McAdams pvt. age 13 in Capt. Parkers 1st Calv. of Delware Co. NY


1. Isaac McAdams served as a private in Capt. Stockard's Co. of N.C. Militia from Orange Co., NC, Nat. Archives
2 Tinnin McAdams served as a private in Atkinson's Reg. NC militia from Orange Co.,
Nat. Archives.


1. Thomas McAdams, pvt. 1 Reg. Mill's Ohio militia, Nat. Archives
2. Thomas McAddams, Corp. in 2'd Reg. Findlay's Ohio Vols. Nat. Archives
3. William McAdams pvt. In 1st Regt. of Andrews Ohio militia, Nat. Archives.
4. Suter McAdams served as a private in Capt. Andre's Co. of Ohio Militia. Elizabeth Holdcraft (Mulford) was issued a widow's pension., WC #21920, Nat. Archives


1. John McAdams also served in the Revolutionary War. He was at siege of Fort Megis in 1813. History of Madison Co, Ohio & Nat. Archives.

2. George McAdams on roster of Lancaster Co. Milita dated 12 May 1812 of the 9th Regt. infantry wwith Cap. Lockhart, Capt. Jamison, and Leut. Brown.

3. Robert McAdams of Chester Co. pvt in the 6 th class, 56 Regt. with Capt. Henry Garber and Leiut. Clements Barnes. Penn. Archives.


1. Isaac McAdams served as a private in S.C. militia with Austin's regt., Nat. Archives
2. William McAdams served as a corporal in Austin's Regt. In the S.C. Militia, Nat. Archives.
3. Henry McAdams served in the S.C. Militia with Tucker's Regt. Nat. Archives
4. Hiram McAdams served with McWillie's South Carolina Militia in the 2'Regt. Nat. Archives


1. Hugh McAdams served in Capt. John Porter's Co. Tenn. Militia, #14065, NA
2. Hugh McAdams served in 1'st rett Wynne's W. Tenn militia as a sergt. Nat. Archives
3. Irwin McAdams pvt. In 2'd regt. Mtd Gunman in Williamson's Tenn. Vol. Nat.
4. James McAdams Corp. in 1'st regt. Metcalfe's W. Tenn. militia. Nat. Archives

5. John McAdams served in Capt. John Porter's Co. Tenn. Militia and was issued a land bounty, Wt. 45259-40. Nat. Archives

7. George McAdams served from Maury Co. as Ensign in the 51'st Regt in 1814. He also served with Andrew Jackson, Davy Crockett, and Sam Houston in the Creek War and was in Denson's Alabama Infantry in 1813 & 1814. Nat. Archives
8. George McAdams pvt. In Davis' Ball'n of W. Tenn. militia. Nat. Archives
9. George McAdams served 1'st Regt. mounted Gunmen, Dyer's Tenn. vol. Nat. Archives

10. William B. McAdams served in the Maury Co.Tenn. militia, Rec. of Maury Co.
11. William McAdams served as a Lieut. In 20 th Regt.. state militia. Tenn. Archives
12. William P. McAdams served as Sergt. In Capt. Gordon's Co. mounted Spies in Tenn. militia. Nat. Archives
13. William R. McAdams served as Sergt. In Russell's Batt'n Mtd. Gunman Tenn Vol., Nat. Archives
14. William R. McAdams served Sergt in Calvary & Mtd Gunman in Tenn. Vols. Nat. Archives.
15. William R. McAdams served in Capt. McAdams Tenn. militia Co., Tenn. Archives
16. Capt. McAdams appears on Tenn. Militia muster rolls. First name not known, Tenn. Archives.

17. Robert McAdams served as private in Capt. Henry McCray's militia commanded by Col. Allison in Washington Co., Tenn.


1. John McAdams as Surg. Mate served in Downings Virginia Militia, 37th Regt. Nat. Archives.


1. James McAdams served in the Cherokee War in Hudlow's Co. Tenn. Vols., cert. #1863 and land bounty warrant #49628. Served for 30 days at Ft. Cass, Tenn. May 1838. Wife was Mary Arnold. Nat. Archives

2. --- McAdams served in Lindsy's Rett. Tenn. Mtd. Vols in Cherokee War.
3. ----McAdams served in 42'd Ala. Militia in Creek War - Nat. Archives

4. Joseph McAdams served with Capt. Winstanley's Co. Ill. Mtd. Vol. In the Black Hawk War. Nat. Archives
5. John McAdams served in the 2'd regt. Of Witeside's Ill mtd Vol. In the Black Hawk War. Nat. Archives
6. Jessie McAdams served with his brother John in Witeside's Ill. Mtd. Vols. In the Black Hawk War. Nat. Archives
7. Orten McAdams served in Ill. Mtd. Regt. With Col. Fry in Black Hawk War
8. Sloss McAdams served with Orten in Col. Fry Regt. In the Black Hawk War. Nat. Archives

9. Henderson McAdams served in the 22'd U.S. Inf. Cert. # A4-28-28 in Okla. Nat. Archives.


McAdams listed in the National Archives for service in the Mexican War.

1... Andrew J. McAdams pvt. in Clarks Co., Tex Mtd Vol.
2....D. McAdams pvt. in Co. K Tenn. Inf.
3....James C. McAdams was Capt. in Ill. Vols.
4....James G. McAdams Co. C. Texas Mt. Vols.
5....John H. McAdams pvt. in Georgia Inf.
6....Miles McAdams pvt. in Co. F Palmetto Regt. of S.C. Vols. Enlisted
in Charleston. He was wonded at Battle of Chubsco 20 Aug. 1847 and at Gareta. He was again wonded at Ceputtepec on 13 Sept. and died 22 Sept. 1847.
7....Samuel McAdams pvt. in 26 Co. La. Militia Inf.
8....Samuel G. McAdams 2'd Leit. in Sellers Co. Ill. Vols.
9....William C. McAdams Clarks Co.,Tex Mtd. Vols.
10...William C. McAdams in Co. C or E.
11...William R. McAdams pbt. in Clarks Co. Tex. Mtd. Vols.
1...Edward (Ned) McAdms served from Trenton N.J.



1. Abner McAdams served in 10 th Co. E. Ala. until end of War
2. A.G. McAdams served in the 9 th Inf. Regt.
3. B.C. McAdams served in Ala. Res. Frelm's Co.
4. E.W. McAdams 59 th Inf. Co. H
5. G.I. McAdams Ala. 53 rd Part Rangers Co. I
6. H. D. McAdams Ala. 48th Inf. Co. E and K
7. Hillary McAdams wounded at Wilderness and died.
8. James McAdams 19th Inf. Co. I
9.. James Wesley McAdams died of fever in Lowndes Co. Ala. CSA
10. James B. McAdams 48th Inf. Co. K
11. James McAdams in Capt. Palmer Co. Ala State Reserves
12. James McAdams of Pikes Co., 59 th Ala. Inf. CSA died in Service
13. James McAdams died at Sulfur Springs, Va.
14. J. H. McAdams 32 nd Ala Inf. Co. E
15. Joshua McAdams was killed at Murpheysboro, Tenn.
16. John McAdams 16th Inf. Co. K
17. J.W. McAdams 31st Ala Inf. Co. K
18. J.W. F. McAdams 59th Ala. Inf. Co. H
19. J.W.F. McAdams Arty 4th Bn Hilliar's Legion Co. D.
20. Obidiah F. McAdams served from Ala. 8th Calv. Co. A, CSA
21. R.A. McAdams 53 rd Part Rangers Co. I and G.
22. T.T. McAdams 53 rd Part Rangers Co. A
23. W.W. McAdams 16 th Ala. Inf. Co. B.
23. William James McAdams of Pikes Co. Co. H. 59 th Ala Regt. Inf.. was captured.
24. Wright R. McAdams of Pikes Co., 59 th Ala Inf. killed at Petersburg, Va. 1865


1. George McAdams 33rd Inf. Co. F.
2. James McAdams 19th Dawson's Inf. Co. K, Fifer
3. James McAdams Inf. Hardy's Regt. Co. K
4. James M. McAdams Witherspoon's Calvery Co. D., Sgt.
5. James O.A. McAdams 1st Colquitt's Inf. Co. A
6. James F. McAdams served as surgeon in service of CSA
7. J.L. McAdams 33rd Inf. Co. A.
8. J. M. McAdams pvt. Co. E 15 th Ark captured paroled at Port Hudson, La. 1863
9. John McAdams 2nd Inf.
10. John A. McAdams 8 th Inf. New Co. D
11. J.R. McAdams 20t h Inf. Co. K
12. - McAdams, Mil. Desha City Batt.
13. Isaac K. McAdams 4 th Bn. Co. A. 2'd Lt.


1. James P. McAdams 3 rd Fla. Inf. Co. H.


1. B. McAdams served 54 th Inf. Co. A.
2. G.W. McAdams pvt. in Co. I 28th Ga. moved to Ellis Co., Texas
2. Henry John (Jake) McAdams served CSA and was captured
3. James McAdams 40 th Inf. Co. G.
4. John B. McAdams served in th 7th Reg. Ga. Vol. Inf. CSA
5. J. N. McAdams served 40 th Ga. Inf.
6. J Pinckney McAdams served Co. A 11 th Ga. Inf. from Hall Co.died 1862
7. James William McAdams pvt. Co. A. 1'st Regt. Cav. with Gen. Joe Wheeler under
Gen. Braxton Gragg.
8. Thomas McAdams 49 th Inf. Co. A
9. William McAddames served 1st calv. Co. A
10. Young H. McAdams 40 th Inf. Ga. Co. H.


1. Samuel G. McAdams served as Capt. killed 13 Dec. 1864 while taking a deserter.
2. James Monroe McAdams served as 1'st Lt. from Bond Co.
3. William McAdams served as 2'd Lt. enlisted 1863 discharge 21 Jan 1865
4. John McAdams served as Corp. enlistsed 1861 disablility 1862
5. William McAdams enlisted 30 July1861, killed at Ft. Donelson, 15 Feb. 1862
6. William P. McAdams enlisted 1862 discharged 1863 with disabililty


1. Stephen served Corp Co.F. 49 th Ind. Inf., wife Maggie Mowrer
2. Joseph McAdams grave marker said he served, 3 wives Mary Curtis, Rachel
Peru and Harriet Peru.
3. John Wesley McAdams a Corp in Co. F. 49 th Ind. Vol. wife, Mary Snap


1. Joseph D. McAdams 8th Kentucky Cav. Co. I


1. Thomas Jefferson McAdams in Co. C. 2nd La. Reg. from Jackson Parish
2. Richard E. McAdams served in La. from Jackson Parish La.
3. A. McAdams pvt.. 10 th La Inf.
4. Ethelbert J. pvt. Co. H 31 La. Inf. died at Vicksburg.
5. Frank McAdams Sergt. Co. E. 15 th La. Inf. enlisted in New Orleans
6. George W. pvt. Co. I. 28 Gray La. from Monroe La.
7. Hugh McAdams pvt. & Corp Co. D & C l st Strawbridge La Inf. at New
Orleans Captured at Murfeesboro discharged 1864.
8. J. McAdams conscript from New Orleans captured
9. J. P. McAdams pvt. Co.A 4 th La Inf. died 1864 of wounds near Atlanta, Ga.
10. James McAdams age 22 single pvt. Co. K 6 th La. Inf. was born in Ireland
killed at Battle of Wilderness.
11. John McAdams age 25 born in Ireland pvt. Musician captured at
Fredericksburg, Md.
12. Perry McAdams pvt. Reserv Corps Avoylees Parish captured.
13. R. McAdams pvt. Co.A. Miles Legion from Baton Rouge captured.
14. R.F. McAdams pvt. Co E. 19 th La Inf. from Donwsville, La. captured at
Chickamauga died 1863 in prison.
15. T. McAdams pvt. Co. A Claiborne Regt. La. Militia.
16. T. F. McAdams pvt. Co. F. 2nd La. captured discharged in 1865
17. T.J. McAdams age 25 pvt. Co. F. 2nd La Inf. enlisted in New Orleans was
wounded but served to 1865
18. Thomas B. Corp from Morehouse Parish captured and paroled in 1865
19. W. R. McAdams Corp. Co A. 4 th La. Inf. wounded at Shiloh again wounded in
1864 left arm amputated.
20. W.W. McAdams pvt. Co A. 16 th La Inf. joined in New Orleans in hospital at
Chattanooga and again in Jackson Miss.
21. William McAdams pvt. Co. K. 27 La Inf. joined in New Orleans captured at


1. J.D. McAdams13th Miss Inf. Co. G.
2. Jeptha P. McAdams 30th Miss Inf., Co. G.
3. J. Robert McAdams 30th Miss. Inf. Co. G.
4. Moses McAdams 17 Miss Inf. Co. K
5. Nathaniel McAdams pvt. in Co. J. 26 th Miss., Inf. Co I CSA
6. Nat. McAdams 2nd Calv. Co. E.
7. Samuel L. McAdams 11th Perrin's Calv. Co. H
8. Thomas L. 31st Inf. Co. D.
9. W.B. McAdams 18th Calv. Co. I
10. W.B. McAdams 5 th Calv. Co. E.


1. John B. McAdams from Monroe Co. Tenn in Co. A. Mo. Regt. Inf. and Mo. State
Guard in Parson Brigade captured at Helena Ark. Moved to Erath Co. Texas.
He served with his brothers.
2. George McAdams12th Inf. Co. E.
3. G. M. McAdams 10th Inf. Co. G
4. J. McAdams 8th Inf. Co. A
5. John McAdams 11th Inf. Co. A
6. Samuel McAdams 3rd and 6th Calv. Co. H
7. Samuel McAdams 11th Regt. St. Gaurd Co. C, Calv. 1'st Lt.

North Carolina

1. A.M. McAdams Mallett's Bn. NC Co. E.
2. Alvis McAdam in Co K. appinted Regt. Musician captured 1863 exchanged 1865.
3. Eli McAdams age 44, 7th Sr. Reserves Bradshaw's Co. Co. K discharged 1863
4. Eli McAdams, Jr. Clav. 1 st Ret,
5. Levi McAdams 3rd Arty 40th State Troops Co. C.
6. James F. McAdams 33 rd Inf. Co. F
7. James R. McAdams 1st Art;y 10th St. Troops Co. I
8. James T. McAdams 6th Inf. Co. H
9. James McAdams 3rd Bn Sr. Res. Durham's Co.
10. John McAdams of Orange Co. was killed and will was probated in 1864.
11. John T. McAdams captured retreating from Gettysburg and his name appears on the
list surrendered by Robert E. Lee.
12. J. McAdams 6th Inf. Co. K
13. J.D. McAdams 26th Inf. Co. I
14. J. McAdams was captured at Rappahannoch Station and exchanged 15 Nov. 1864.
15. William McAdams Hvy. Arty 10th Bn Co. B and D.
16. William McAdams Mallett's Ban. Cp. Guard Co. E.
17. William W. McAdams 1 st Arty 10th State Troops Co. I


1. William H. McAdams in 89 th Reg. Ohio. Vol Co. B
2. Sidney McAdams pvt. Co. B. 89 Regt. Ohio mustered in 1865
3. Hamilton McAdams pvt. Co. B. 89 th Reg. Ohio Vols. killed at Chichamanga
4. Alonzo P. McAdams pvt. enlisted ate 19 dis. on Surgeon's cert.
5. Francis M. McAdams Sgt. Co. E. 113 Reg. Ohio Vols., author of a book.
6. Lyman H. McAdams Maj. mustered out 1865
7. Alfred O McAdams in Co. B. 45 Regt. Ohio
8. Sidney McAdams pvt. e years in Co I 48th Ohio Regt.
9. Plinn L. McAdams 2'd Indpt. Bat. Ohio light artillery
10. Julis McAdams pvt. 1862 15 th Regt Co A. enlisted age 46
11. George W McAdams 88 th Ohio was Principal Musician
12 Oliver P. McAdams in Regt. Band and 2'd Liet in 153 Reg. Co. G.
13. David F. McAdams age 27 in 98 th Regt. Co. D. Inf.
14. Henry P. McAdams pvt in 96 th Regt. Ohio trans from Co. K as musician
15. Isaac McAdams age 43 is 1862 at Nashville from 59th Regt. Ohio
16. Robert McAdams age 43 pvt. dis. in 1862 from ;79th Regt.
17. Thomas D. McAdams age 20 in 184 Regt. Ohio Inf.
18 Samuel McAdams age 35 Segt. in 172 Regt
19. John McAdams age 22 pvt. in 167 Regt. Co. F
20. Samuel McAdams age 37 in 138 Regt. Co. C as pvt.
21 John McAdams age 18 in 138 Regt. Co. C as pvt.
22. Joseph T. McAdams age 21 in 1st Regt. Bat. A light artillery in 1861
23. John McAdams of Jefferson Co. in 98th Ohio with Col. Webster, died 1863.


1. McAdams, Daniel PVT., Company A 4 th Pennsylvania Calvary
2. McAdams, F. S. PVT., Miller's Independent Battery, Penna. L 4th Artillery
3. McAdams, Francis M. PVT., Company U 10 th Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry
4. McAdams, Frank PVT., Company K 39th Pennsylvania Volunteers
5. McAdams, Hugh PVT., Company A 190 th Pennsylvania Infantry
6. McAdams, Hugh PVT., Company H 114 th Pennsylvania Infantry
7. McAdams, Isaac CORPORAL, Company A 10 th Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry
8. McAdams, James CORPORAL, Company C 183rd Pennsylvania Infantry
9. McAdams, James PVT., Co. D 63rd Penn. Infantry; 63rd Reg. Inf. at Pittsburg August 1861
10. McAdams, John PVT., 47th Pennsylvania Infantry
11. McAdams, John Q. PVT., Company E 14 th Pennsylvania Infantry
12. McAdams, John PVT., Company B 215 th Pennsylvania Infantry
13. McAdams, John PVT., Company A 10 th or 40 th Pennsylvania Infantry
14. McAdams, John F. PVT., Company G 55 th Pennsylvania Infantry
15. McAdams, Joseph PVT., 214 or 213 rd Pennsylvania Infantry
16. McAdams, Joseph PVT., Company F 215 th Pennsylvania Infantry
17. McAdams, Joseph Y. PVT., Sergeant Company H 95 th Pennsylvania Infantry
18. McAdams, J. Y. PVT., Co. G 102 nd Penn. Inf; 102nd Reg. Inf. at Pittsburg August 1861
19. McAdams, Peter CORPORAL, Company A 21st Penn. Infantry
20. McAdams, Peter PVT., Company A 69 h Pennsylvania Infantry
21. McAdams, Peter CORPORAL, 2'd LIEUTENANT Company A 98th Penn. Infantry
22. McAdams, Peter PVT., 102 nd Penn. Infantry; 102nd Regular Inf. at Pittsburg August 1861
23. McAdams, Robert PVT., Company C 12 th Pennsylvania Infantry
24. McAdams, Robert PVT., 46 th Pennsylvania Infantry
25. McAdams, Robert, Jr. PVT., Company D Pennsylvania Infantry
26. McAdams, Robert, Sr. PVT., Co. D Pennsylvania Infantry see also 99 th & 110th PA. Volunteers
27. McAdams, Robert PVT., Company E 82 nd Pennsylvania Infantry
28. McAdams, Robert PVT., Company C 88 th Pennsylvania Infantry
29. McAdams, Robert PVT., Co. D 99th Pennsylvania Infantry see also 63 and 105 PA Infantry
30. McAdams, Robert PVT., Company C 113rd Pennsylvania Infantry
31. McAdams, Robert L. PVT., Co. A 105 th Penn. Inf. see also 63rd Pa Vol.; 105 th at Pittsburg Sept. 9 1862
32. McAdams, Robert PVT., 144 Company 2nd Bttn, ORC
33. McAdams, Terrence PVT., 69 th Pennsylvania Infantry
34. McAdams, Terance PVT., Company C 69 th Pennsylvania Infantry
35. McAdams, Thomas PVT., 30th Pennsylvania Volunteers, Company G
36. McAdams, Thomas PVT., Company 56 82nd Pennsylvania Infantry
37. McAdams, Thomas PVT., Company 6 th Pennsylvania Calvary
38. McAdams, Thomas PVT., Company 61 82nd Pennsylvania Infantry
39. McAdams, Thomas PVT., Company G 1st Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry
40. McAdams, Thomas PVT., Company D 76th Pennsylvania Infantry
41. McAdams, Thomas PVT., Co. E 62nd Penn. Inf; 62nd Reg. Inf. at Pittsburg August 1861
42. McAdams, Thomas F. PVT., Miller's Independent Battery, Pennsylvania L 4 th Artillery
43. McAdams, Thomas PVT., Company K 177 th Pennsylvania Infantry
44. McAdams, Thomas N. PVT.,Saddler Company B 13 th Pennsylvania Calvary
45. McAdams, Thomas S. PVT., Company D 5 th Pennsylvania Calvary
46. McAdams, William S. Company E 26th Pennsylvania Militia Infantry.
47. McAdams, William G. PVT Pennsylvania Infantry
48. McAdams, William PVT., Company E 2nd Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry
49. McAdams, William PVT., Company E 26 th Pennsylvania Militia Infantry
50. McAdams, William PVT., Co. D 63rd Penn. Infantry; 63rd Reg. Inf. at Pittsburg August 1861
51. McAdams, William PVT., 110th Pennsylvania Infantry
52. McAdams, William F. PVT., Company H 50t h Pennsylvania Infantry
53. McAdams, William R. ADJUTANT, Companies F and S 109 th Pennsylvania Infantry
54. McAdams, William T. CHAPLAIN, Co. S 57th Penn. Inf.; 57th Reg. Inf. at Pittsburg June 27, 1863
55. McAddam, Terence PVT., Company C 69 th Pennsylvania Infantry
56. McAddam, William E. PVT., Company H 50th Pennsylvania Infantry
57. McAddams, John J. PVT., 8 th Pennsylvania Calvary
58. McAddams, William PVT., Company E 2nd Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry
59. McAdam, Thomas T or F PVT., Miller's Independent Battery, Pennsylvania L. 4 th Artillery
60. McAdam, Thomas PVT., BM 13 th Pennsylvania Calvary Saddler
61. McAdam, Thomas S. PVT., D 5 th Pennsylvania Calvary
62. McAdam, William CHAPLAIN, Company 5 57th Pennsylvania Infantry


1. Daryton (Deatan) McAdams of Henderson Co. in Capt. McManus Co.
2. Hugh L (Huel) McAdams of Cass Co. in Co. K 11 Regt. & Cavalry
3. James E. McAdams a officer in Co. H Texas Inf from Hunt Co.
4. Josiah McAdams in C. 2'd Regt. Calv. State Troops in Hunt Co.
5. John W. McAdams age 18 in Davis Co. L 18 th Tex. Inf. from Cass Co.
6. Lewis R. in Co. K 10 th Tex Calv. Lock Regt. in Smith Co.
7. Joseph E. McAdams served from Freestone Co.
8. H.P. McAdams served at 18 from Camal Co.
9. James McAdams a Capt. in Rutherfords Co.
10. Samuel McAdams a Capt. in Rutherfords Co.
11. Martin V. McAdams in Co. B. Griffins Batt. Tex In from Parker Co.
12. R. McAdams served from Bowie Co.
13. W.C. McAdams age 38 in Stephens Co.
14. John W. McAdams from Angelian Co. in Co D. 19 th Tex Inf.
15. J.P. McAdams served in 21 Tex Inf.
16 M.P. McAdams served in Co D 19 th Tex. Inf.
17. Andrew Jackson McAdams in 10 th Tex Field Battery from Bowie Co.
18. G.H. McAdams pvt. & Sgt. in 10 th Tex Field Bat. from Bowie Co.
19. Thomas Lee McAdams in Co. K 25 th Tex Calv. as Sgt. killed from Leon Co.
20. T.P. McAdams in Co. D 28 th Calv. Tex. Lancers
21. Wesley McAdams in Co. D. 19 th Tex from Cass Co. wife Laura Wrenn.
26. James McAdams killed at Vicksburg along with 1/2 brother, Ebb Deviney cousin Tobie Young.
27. Hiram Augusta McAdams pvt in Co. H. 20 th Elmore Inf. from Walker Co.
28. John McAdams brother of Hiram in Co. H. Elmore Inf. from Walker Co.
29. William McAdams brother of above in Co. H Elmore Inf. from Walker Co.


Union Army

1. John A. McAdams pvt. B Co. 4 th Calv. USA
2. David B. McAdams pvt. B. Co. 4 th Calv. USA
3. John N. McAdams Sgt. C. Co. 6 th Calv. USA
4. John W. McAdams pvt. E. Co. 10 th Inf. USA
5. Matthew J. McAdams pvt. B Co. 4 th Calv. USA
6. Samuel B. McAdams Cpl in D Co. 8 th Calv. USA
7. William A. McAdams pvt. C. Co 5 th Calv.

Confederate Army

1. Erwin McAdams. Capt. H. Co. 17th Inf. CSA
2. G.J. McAdams pvt. F. Co. 29 th and 51 Inf. CSA
3. H.D. McAdams pvt. in H. Co. 17th Inf. CSA
4. H.W. McAdams pvt.. in K Co. 18 th Inf. CSA
5. I.K. McAdams pvt. in H Co. 22 Barteau Co. CSA
6. James B. McAdams R Co. 20 th Inf. CSA
7. James C. McAdams pvt G. Co 32 Inf. CSA
8. J.D. McAdams pvt. E & K Co. 3'd and 17th Lillard Co. CSA
9. John J. McAdams pvt. D Co. 23 Inf. & Calv. from Marshall Co. Wounded at
Shiloh and captured at Chickamauga. Moved to Hardin Co. Texas CSA
10. J.M. pvt. F Co 40 th Inf. CSA
11. John McAdams pvt. D Co. 6 th Inf.CSA
12. John McAdams pvt in G. Co. 17 th Inf. CSA
13. John L McAdams pvt. D Co. 4 th McLemore Calv. CSA
14. John W. McAdams pvt.. H. Co. 20 th Inf. CSA
15. P. McAdams pvt. G. Co. 32 Inf. CSA
16. Samuel H. McAdams Sgt. in G. Co. 32 Inf. CSA
17. Walter J. McAdams pvt. E. Co. 30 th Inf. CSA captured at Ft. Donelson and
died in prison wife Asenath E. Hollis
18. W.H. McAdams sgt. I Co. 30 th Inf. CSA
19. William McAdams pvt. F Co in 41 Inf. CSA
20. William J. McAdams pvt. G. Co 32 Inf. CSA
21. W.J. McAdams in D. C. 4 th McLemore Calv. CSA
22. W. J. McAdams in D. C. 23 Inf. CSA


1. Edward McAdam 1 st Ba. Inf. Local Def. Co. E.
2. T.J. McAdams 3 rd Va. Inf. Local Def. Co. F.
3. James McAdams 32nd Bn. Co A Calvery

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