Alabama - Mississippi - Louisiana


The McAdams who migrated to Alabama came from Orange Co. N.C. and other families came
from South Carolina. Hugh and Samuel McAdams recieved land grants in northern Alabama and
were from the family line of Joseph McAdams of Marshall Co. Tenn., son of James McAdams
of Orange County, North Carolina.

Other Alabama familes from S.C. They were from the family lines of Thomas McAdams of
Orangeburg, SC, James McAdams of Pendleton Dist., SC, and Robert McAdams of Newberry,
S.C. Most moved there prompted by their military land grants from the War of 1812. The family
members of James McAdams of Abbeyville, SC arrived a little later. The family of John McAdams
who went to Walker Co., Texas was from Ireland. They were living in Steward Co., Tenn. before
moving to Alabama about 1822 or 1823..

Alabama Land Grants.

Land grants of Morgan Co.
Samuel McAdams - 5 Dec. 1818 - 160 acres
Hugh McAdams - 18 Sept 1818 - 160 acres
Joseph McAdams 29 June 1831 - 3 land warrants

Tuskaloos Land Grants
Thomas McAdams - 8-13-1821 - Shelbly Co.
James McAdams - 8-27-1821 - Pendleton Dist., SC
Isaac McAdams - 11-14-21 - Jefferson Co.
Joshia T. McAdams - 7-21-1826 - Shelby Co
Hugh McAdams - 9-23-1826 - Marion Co
Mary McAdams - 3-3-1832 - Pickens Co, Ala.
James McAdams - 1-19-1855 - Fayette Co.

Cahaba Land Grants

Providence McAdams 3-13- 1836- Dallas Co
Robert and George McAdams - 6-13-1836 - Pikes Co
Robert McAdams - 2-26-1836 - Pikes Co
George McAdams - 2-18-1836 - Pikes Co
Thomas McAdams, Sr. 9-9-1836 - Pikes Co.
Thomas McAdams, Jr. 9-9-1836- Pikes Co.
George McAdams 9-9-1836 - Pikes Co.

Perry County, Alabama

James McAdams, son of Robert, married Sarah Forman in Perry Co. in 1823. Their children listed:
John, b. 1824, William, b. 1827, Elizabeth 1834, James, b. 1836, Sarah, 1839, Henry Clay, 1842,
Isaac, b. 1845. Moved to Shelby Co., Alabama.

William E. McAdams, son of Providence, married Charlotte George, 11 Oct. 1836,
Their children, Josephine b. 1838, Thomas J., b. 1842, George W. 1840. Moved to Union Parish, La.

Other children of Providence, Nancy McAdams, b. 1820 married Jackson Crow, 1845,
J.F. McAdams marred Sarah J. Crow, 28 Aug. 1859.
Elizabeth b. 1830 married Mr. Edwards, 1854. Moved to Union Parish, La.

William McAdams, a son of James of Pendleton, married Cynthia Matthews?
Children: Jepitha b. 1820, Thomas b. 1827, Malinda S., b. 1833, Hugh L. b. 1835.
Jepitha married Amanda — 1839. This family was an early resident of Texas.

William W. McAdams, a nephew of William above and grandson of James of Pendleton and married
Elizabeth Green 18 Oct. 1835, children born there, Anne, b. 1836 and Thomas, b. 1839. Moved to
Mississippi. and then Texas.

John McAdams, wife Bethany --, children born in Perry Co
Elizabeth b. 1855, Alex P. 1857, and Robert L., b. 1864.

There are no McAdams land grants or other records in Perry County and it would be interesting to learn
what attracted the two groups here. The families of Robert of Newberry, S.C. and James McAdams of
Pendleton, S.C. were living together her. Most of the McAdams families were in Pikes, Shelby and
Jefferson Counties during this period.

McAdams Cemetery

Chunchula, Moble Co., Alabama.

Harvy McAdams - 1826 - 1904 Caroline B. McAdams - 1834 - 1896
Ethel Ennis McAdms - 1869 - 1957 Marrabell McAdams 1861 - 1894
Kate McAdams - 1864 - 1926 Eliabeth C. McAdams 1853 - 1907
John B. McAdams - 1858 - 1926
Virginia McAdams 1867 - 1870

More Records to Come.


The McAdams families found in Mississippi came mostly from the families of Alabama who were known members from the South Carolina families of Robert McAdams of Newberry, James McAdams of Pendleton District, and James McAdams of Abbeyville, S.C. See those families for records.


Marriage and other records of Louisiana

Avoxelles Parish

Mathilad McAdams married Perry McAdams 5/7/1868

Caddo Parish

Thomas B. McAdams married Clavinia C. Lusk 7-16-1865
John McAdams married Lucinda Hall 6-8-1870
Peter McAdams married Nancy Jones 3-7-1873
Emma McAdams married Will Stroud 15-11-1897

Claiborne Parish

The McAdams family in Claiborne Parish came from Providence McAdams, a son of Robert McAdams of Newberry, S.C.
James T. McAdams married Mary A. Hays 4-24-1853
M. McAdams married A.B. Payne 12-27-1860
Robert E. McAdams married M.G. Johnson 1-22-1874
E.P McAdams married J.L. Marton 21-5-1882
T.L. McAdams married Alice Stansberry 12-22-1889

De Soto Parish

Jackson McAdams married Henrietta Brookin 7-7-1875

E. Baton Rouge Parish

William R. McAdams married Alevia C. Courtney 13-10-1870

E. Feliciana Parish

Thomas B. McAdams married Eliza L. Singletary 13-12-1853
T.B. McAdams married R.A. Irwin 12-18-1855
William R. McAdams married Zilpha Rollins 9-7-1865
Susan E. McAdams married P.B. Van Norman 15-12-1868

Natchitoches Parish

Lucinda McAdams married Charles B. Darnell

Sabine Parish

Elizabeth McAdams married John M. Webb 15-11-1863

Union Parish

Maria McAdams married Benjamin Taylor 27-6-1852
M.G. McAdams married W. J. Kelly 30-1-1855
Rufus H. McAdams married Dorcas Post 12-2-1856
Rachael McAdams married Levi Seal 4-5-1856
E.J. McAdams married Judia Sophia Goyne 15-6-1856
James R. McAdams married Mary Ann Tubb 6-8-1856
Sarah E. McAdams married Alfred J. Ward 6-9-1869
James T. McAdams married Sallie A.Washuam 26-12-1889
William P. McAdams married Mollie Martin 14-1-1900

W. Feliciana Parish

William McAdams married Abigail Doughty 8-6-1838
Samuel McAdams married Mercelliti Elliott 22-1-1849
Samuel McAdams married Matilda Crisinell 28-1854