North Carolina

The first McAdams found in North Carolina was James and Sarah (White) McAdams in Pasquotank County. James first appears when he was given power of attorney over Mary Speight in 1741. He died the following year and left his will which said he was Quaker family. They had at least one son, Joseph and maybe Thomas. Thomas only appears once in a land sate in 1764. A Joseph married Mary Toms, 7 July 1769 and another or the same Joseph married Helana Elliott 20 Jan 1773. It is not clear if there were two McAdams families but the last of the line was James who died there and there are no futher records on a McAdams family.

The History of New Hope Church

Information about New Hope Church, at the Hawfields settlement, Orange Co., North Carolina was written by Rev. D.I. Craig in 1886. In the eary days Rev. Graig states he had head from the lips of the oldest inhabitants stories told them by their fathers. Toward the close of the 17th century after about 1686 many Scots Presbyterians first fled to Holland and thence to Northern Ireland where they re-settled. The Test Act against Protestants in 1703 was also a cause for large scale migration over the next 70 years from the Ulster region of Antrim and Londonderry Counties in Northern Ireland. In 1715 conditions in Ireland deteroated from the up-rising and the Scots-Irish began to migrate to America.

About 1715 a Scotchman Gilbert Strayhorn mighted to Dauphin Co., Penn. The orignal name Streaughan or Streaghan was the Scotch spelling but in old deeds the name was spelled Stream and seen after as Strain. He was one of the founders of New Hope Church. Among this church families were the Craigs, Longs, Logans, Davis, Blackwoods, Kirklands, Freelands, Mebanes, Tinnins, Tates, Nelsons, Mitchells and Johnstons.

The wirter is certains some of the families came to Amercia from Ireland on the same vessel and were connected by relationship. Prescisely when they landed in Pennsylvainia he has labored hard and long, but have failed to find the answer. By comparing the old deeds in his possession and family traditions he belives it was 1741. He is confident it was not later than 1741 and not earlier than 1736 when these families landed on American soil.

How long they remained in Pennsylvania was not a great while, perhaps only a few months, but not more than two years. Pennsylvania was sorely tried by the French and Indian Wars and chiefly on account of the hostile Indians that they mighted to North Carolina. It was mid-winter as they passed through Virginia but did not stop. The reached the Hawfields area in North Carolina where they settled.

Mr. Freeland says the wife of Alexander, his grandmother, was a daugher of James Hunter, the leader of the "Regulator Movement". The Hunter family took refuge in the house of Gilbert Strayhorn. It is probabable that James Hunter was half brother of Gilbert's wife.

Most of the first settlers were buried on the road leading from Hillsboro to Chapel Hill near the church. The old Hawfields burying ground had been plowed up and cultivated in corn and the stones which marked the graves rudely torn down and scattered over the fields.

No McAdams are mentioned in this sketch, but the information contained here most certainly connects with some of our Orange County, NC families. The Mebanes, Tinnins, Tates, Nelsons, Logans, Strains and others in this group, known to be allied to McAdams, plus the fact James McAdams appears on the first tax list in 1755 places a high probabality that some McAdams family migrated with this group.

A John Hunter association goes back to Scotland when in 1668 Gilbert McAdam of Waterhead took out a bond to John Hunter in Holme of Dalquhairne which was witnessed by Quentin McAdam of Smiton. Not the same John Hunter, but of the family John Hunter, was the leader of the "Regulator Movement" who was well known to James McAdams. No McAdams appear on records as involved in the "Regulator Movement" but James McAdams of Guilford Co., along with others signed a petition to pardon John Hunter in 1771.

From records to the north in Luenburg Co., Virginia area was William Hill and John McAdams in the same household of 10 members in the tithes list complied by Landon C. Bell dated 1752 . Both men appear in the same year on the list taken by Field Jefferson and includes Nicholas Hill taxed to Benjamin Baird in Surry County, Va. This part of Luenburg County became Mecklinburg County, Va. in 1765. These records support speculation that both James and Hugh McAdams of Orange Co. came to North Carolina from the Lunenburg, Virginia. Hugh married Catherine Scott there on 11 Sept. 1761 where her father, John Scott is also found on the tithes list.


Before the Revolutionary War there were 3 McAdams families living around Hillsborough, Orange Co., North Carolina. These families were John and Sarah Sloss McAdams, Hugh and Cathy Scott McAdams, and James and Rebecca Hill McAdams.

John McAdams and Sarah Sloss

John McAdams is reported to have been born at Sea or in Ayr, Scotland in about 1735 and lived in Monaghan
Township in York Co., Penn. He married Sarah Sloss in 1755. He died 19 Feb. 1861 and Sarah and Joseph Sloss
settled the estate in 1768. In about 1770 Sarah moved with her 4 sons to Orange Co. NC. She did not remarry.
Their children were:
A. John, b. 1755 Pa.- unknown, may have died in 1788

B. Samuel, b. 1756 Pa.- married Catherine Rainey. Samuel was born in York Co., Penn. abt. 1756 and went to
Orange Co., NC with his family. He married Catherine Rainey and lived on Haw River. He made his will dated
25 Aug. 1790 mentions his wife and 7 children. Catherine sold their land in 1791 and the family moved to
Sumner Co. Tenn. where she re-married Thomas Perry on 24 July 1792. Their children were:

i. Sarah b. 1775 NC married Isaac Towell - 21 June 1792 in Sumner Co., Tenn. They had 10 children.
(see ref: Isaac Towell and his Family 1764 - 1790 by Roy H. Towell, Jr.)
ii. Caterine cb. 1778 NC married James Strain
iii. Mary, cb. 1779
iv. Ellender, b. 1780 NC married John Cooper in 1789
vi. John, b. 1784 NC - died in War of 1812
vii. Joseph, b. 1786 NC - died in War of 1812
viii. William Rainey, b. 1788 NC married Sarah Patterson 25 Sept. 1810
William served in the War of 1812 in Tenn. Family lived in Ohio,
Mo., Bond Co., Ill. and was in Texas by 1839. He died in Harrision Co.,
Texas in 1855. The children of Sarah and William were:
a. Samuel G., b. Tenn 8 Dec. 1813 married Priscilla Smith (2) Sally Booth
b. Felix G, b. 1815 Tenn. married Mary Clark lived in Harris Co., Tex.
c. Susan M., b. 25 July 1816 married John B. Kelsoe 1 Jan. 1835
d. Priscilla, cb. 1820 married Peter Teal
e. Lucy, b. 16 Feb. 1822 Mo. married Charles A. Teal 1839
f. Elizabeth, cb. 1823 Mo. married Mr. Teal (2) Emmanuel Head.
g. William C., b. 1824 Mo. lived in Tarrant Co., Texas and was Ranger
h. Andrew J., b. 1829 Mich. married Mary E. Booth 1854
i. James G., b. 1830 Bond Co., Ill.
j. Sally Ann, cb. 1834 Ill. married Mr. Davis (2) Andrew J. Milton
k. E. McAdams, b. 1844 Texas
l. Hannah, b. 1845 Texas
C. Joseph, b. Pa. in 1757 moved with his family to Hawfield area on Black Creek in NC. abt. 1770. He served
in the R/W. He married Jemina Justice 14 Dec. 1781. who had one child, Samuel, before she died. He re-married
Sarah Bradford 17 Nov. 1788. The family lived in Tenn., Ky. and on to Bond Co., Ill.
See Bond Co., Ill. for their 12 children and other family records.

D. William Gordon was born after his father died in 1761. His mother, along with the Sloss family, took her
family to Orange Co. where he grew up. He served in the R/Wand married Mary, d/o Samuel Hendrick abt.
1790. The family moved to Tenn. and Kentucky but finally settled in Madison Co., Ill. They had one son,
William J. and 5 daughters.
See Madison Co. Ill. for family records.

James McAdams and Rebecca Hill

James McAdams is the first McAdams to appear in Orange County in tax records of 1755. No other record
is found until 1776 when he appears on the elections list and Capt. Tate's Company list. He is again confirmed
in 1778 when he was appointed to attend Court. He was issued a land grant on 3 Sept. 1779 and was probably
the Captain who was paid in the local Militia for furnishing supplies to American troops.He wrote his will on
30 Feb. 1808 and it was probated August 1809. His will names children:

A. James, cb. - married unknown
i. Albomson
ii. Rebecca
B. Rebecca b. 1757
C. Egnesss b. 1760
D. Joseph, b. 3 April 1761 married Margaret Whittsett on 2 Jan 1782 and moved to
Marshall Co., Tenn. (see Marshall Co., Tenn. for family records)
E. Elizabeth, cb. 1765 married Gabriel Blair
F. Anne cb. 1769 married James Hopkins
G. Susan, b. 1772 married Stephen Thompson, 30 Dec. 1794

Hugh McAdams and Catherine Scott

Hugh McAdams who lived at Back Creek on the Haw River is first found in Orange Co. on the 1776
elections list and Capt. Tate's Company list. He was appointed constable in 1779. The following year he
was drafted, but his son, John served for him. He supported the American cause and pay records show him
furnishing supplies to the American troops. He married more than once. His widow, Catey Beard who he
married, 3 Jan 1803. was still living in 1820. He first married Catherine Scott, d/o John Scott 11 Sept. 1761
in Luenburg Co., Va. He made his will on 3 Jan. 1809 and named 12 children. Most Hugh's children remained
in Orange County area.

A. John cb. 1762 married Nancy Morrow 6 Sept. 1789 moved to Nashville.
(see Davidson Co., Tenn for this family's records)
B. William b. 7 April 1763 married Elizabeth Reeves (2) Fanny Whiteside in
1792 and remained in Orange Co.
C. Nancy E., cb. 1767 married Gabriel Blain 18 Sept 1787
D. James, b. 1770 married Hannah Smith 8 Jan 1793
E. Isaac cb. 1772 married Peggy Whiteside 14 Dec. 1800
F. Tinnin b.1774 married Mary?, (2) Ann Armstrong 1815
G. Hugh, Jr. b. 1780 married Jane Teare, (2) Joannah Hall
H. David, b. 1784 married Peggy Morrow, 25 Jan. 1806
I. Elizabeth b. 1786 married Jacob Beason, 23 Oct 1806

Children of Hugh and Catey Beard
K. Joseph, cb. 1803 married Mary Hancock 18 March 1830
L. Franky, cb. 1805

B. William McAdams b. 7 April 1763, married Elizabeth Reeves (2) Fanny Whiteside 3 Oct. 1792.
They lived at Robson Place on Haw River he purchased from his father, Hugh. His son, James was heir
to it. He wrote his will 18 March 1833 naming his wife and 8 children listed in order named in will.
i. William, b. 1793 m. Sarah, b. 1794 d/o Benj. Roney
a. Catharine, cb. 1816 mar. John Wesley Rippy 11 June 1834
b. James, b. 6 May 1818 mar. Martha A. Allnut b. 3 May 1829
(James moved to Ray Co., Mo. about 1840.)
c. Benjamen, b. 1820 mar. Mary Catherine Trolinger in 1844
i. John D., b. 1845 ii. Samuel A. b. 1848
d. Joseph b. 1823 married Laura Boon
e. Robert (Bob) b. 2 June 1825, d. 21 Jan. 1821 married Nancy Lee
Graham about 1848 in NC. (The family moved to Caldwell Co. Mo.)
f. Hananh b. 1829
g. Calvin 1837
h. Jane, b. 1839
ii. Margaret, cb. 1792
iii. Samuel, b. 1794, d. 1836 m. Sarah Hall 23 Dec. 1819. Children named in
the order of his will.
a. James Haywood
b. Catherine
c. Lorinia
e. Fannie
f. Elizabeth
g. Slsis
iv. Hugh McAdams, b. 1795 m. Eleanor Ray 26 Feb. 1821
a. James Trousdale, b. 1823 married Mary Frances Scott 17 May 1849
b. William, b. 1825
c. Hugh Haywood b 1834 moved to Hancock, Ind.
v. Catherine b. 1802 m. George Thomas 21 Nov. 1813
vi. James b. 1804 m. Sarah (Amy) b. 1798
a. Levina b. 1826
b. Eliza b. 1830
c. James, b. 1832
e. Cebina, b. 1834
f. Jerial, b. 1836
vii. Nancy b. 1806 m. William C. Murray 1 Aug. 1827
viii. Martha cb 1808 m. John P. Redding 3 Jan. 1826

D. James McAdams b. 1770 NC, d. 1841 married Hannah Smith, b. 1774 on 8 Jan 1793. The family lived
on Haw River in Almanance Co. Their children listed in his will.
i. Zelpha, cb. 1793
ii. Joseph, cb. 1795
iii. Mary Jane cb. 1797 m. Petty Mitchell 23 Jan. 1819
iv. Sally cb. 1800 maried Joseph Shaw 2 April 1823
vi. James b. 1802 married Harriett Faddis, 2 Sept. 1832
a. Martha b. 1832 married Mr. Christopher
b. James F., b. 22 Jan. 1831, d. 16 April 1883
c. Andrew Faddis cb. 1834 m. Elizabeth Christopher 1856
i. Laura A. b. 1857
ii. David Hugh. b. 24 March 1857, d. 20 Nov. 1937 mar. Rebecca F.
Ward - da. Bertie G. b. 1894
iii. James Edward, b. 14 Oct. 1859, d. 1907 - mar. Nannie J. Byrd.
iv. George W. b. 1863 v. Elizabeth, vi. Iano, b. 1864
vii. Andrew b. 1865 viii. Grandison b. 24 Oct. 1867, d. 1925
ix. Charles b. 1868 x. Isaac T. , b. 2 Dec. 1869 - 1947
d. Edward, b. 1836
e. Margaret J.
f. John b. 1842
g. Harriet b. 1846

vi. Sylva Ann cb. 1803 married Moses Shaw 8 Nov. 1826
vii. Robert, cb. 1804 died unmarried in 1846
viii. Lytle b. 1805 married Nancy Faddis 28 Dec. 1826
i. James F., b. 6 May 1829, d. 1896 ma. Martha J. Carden 1857
ii. Levi W., b. 1841 mar. Rebecca J. Whitaker 1865
a. George R. b. 1881 m. Bessie L. Jobe
b. John c. Pattie
x. James John Erwin cb. 1806 mar. Marthia Faddis b. 1806, 28 Jan. 1830
x. Hannah, cb. 1809 married Westley Durham 14 Feb. 1836
xi. William, cb. 1812
xii. Elizabeth b. 1817 unmarried in 1850
xiii. Fanny

E. Isaac McAdams, cb. 1772 married Peggy (Margaret) Whittsett, b. 1774 15 Dec. 1800. He served in the
War of 1812. They lived at Haw River. He made his will proved August 1828 in Almanance Co. Their
children were.
i. Frances (Fanny) b. 1800 m. William Long 19 Jan. 1818
ii. Rebeckah cb. 1806 married Jacob Nease 27 May 1836
iii. Wiley b. 1810 died unmarried
iv. Jane, b. 1815 died unmarried.

F. Tinnin McAdams, cb. 1774 served in the war of 1812 Mary ?, b. 1793 (2) Ann d/o Joseph and Jennit
Armstrong on March 1815. They lived on Back Creek. He wrote his will 10 Jan. 1822.
i. Catey cb. 1798 married George Thomas 21 Nov. 1824
ii. Mary Ann cb. 1800 married James Rippy 15 Nov. 1833
iii. Joseph Armstrong, b. 1804 married Mary Hancock, 18 March 1830
iv. Peggy cb. 1806 married John W. Rippy 7 July 1834

G. Hugh McAdams, Jr. cb. 1779 married Jane Teare 24 Dec. 1800. He seems to re-married in 1810 but it
is unreadable but did re-marry Joannah, cb. 1782 d/o Anderson and Elizabeth Hall. 17 Dec. 1816. The family
lived in Alamance Co. at Stags Creek of Quaker Creek. The children were:
i. Isaac Hugh cb. 1802
ii. James b. 1808, d. 29 May 1863, married Sarah ? b. 1825
iii. Polly, b. 1812 unmarried in 1850
iv. Joseph b. 1815 married Abi Dickey b. 1820, on 23 March 1835
vi. Eli, b. 9 August 1817, d. 1 Dec. 1879 mar. Margaret Bradford
a. Julia b. 10 June 1843 ma. Jehu Horn
b. Levi Bedford b. 1845 m. Harriet E. Barnwell, 28 Feb. 1869
c. Martha Frances b. 24 June 1848 ma. Edward King

vi. Anderson, cb. 1819
vii. Sarah, b. 1822 married Mr. Murray
vii. Mary F., cb. 1826 married James Ward
ix. Elizabeth, b. 1829 married Mr. Faucett

H. David McAdams b. 1784 married Peggy Morrow 25 Jan. 1805. They lived at Staggs Creek on Quaker
Creek. He died in Alamance Co. 3 August 1868 and is buried at Cross Roads Presyterian Church. Some
children were:
i. Ellen b. 1813
ii. Mary Ann, b. 28 Aug. 1815, d. 1 Jan 1896 mar. Mr. Walker
ii. Eli, b. 1819 died unmarried
iii. David cb. 1818 married (1) unknown (2) Elixena Collins b. 1823, d. 1894
2 March 1839 - she names step-son, James McAdams
iv. Alexander b. 1825 married Nancy A. Nelson 14 Oct. 1840
v. Robert (Ron N.), b. 1827 married Nancy Fonville, 22 May 1847

Orange County Notes

We had that James T. McAdams which should be John T., who married Mary Frances Scott. The Hugh
Haywood in his line was John T's 2nd son. James was his oldest son. The other Hugh Haywood got off
the wagon train in Indiana and must have been a close relative of his Hugh Haywood. The Joe McAdams,
son of Hugh Haywood and Ella Lee was his grandfather. His son, Herschel Haywood McAdams was his
father. He was curious where the name Haywood came from. This appears to be a name from the Whiteside
family and appears several times in this family line and in the estate records of this family. Our article had
combined the history of the Haywoods McAdams.
Jack was looking for proof that John Trusedale McAdams was son of Hugh, cb. 1794 who married Elennor Ray. This Hugh was the son of William McAdams and grandson of Hugh McAdams of Orange Co. N.C. Estate records conform that the all the Haywood names came from this family line.

The work by Marvin King has been very important in helping us in tracing some of the Orange County McAdams who migrated to Ind. and Mo. Our records show Hugh Haywood, b. 1853 - d. 1919, his wife, Lilla A., b. 1868 - d. 1949 are buried in Randolph Co., Mo. at Mt. Caramel Cemetery. Also, is ? McAdams, b. 1840 - d. 1893, and Hugh Lee McAdams, b. 1903, d. 1927. A James E. McAdams, b. 2 June 1856 - d. 12 May 1915 and wife, Mary F., both born in N.C. are buried at Eads Chapel. Others buried there are Samuel C., and Eddie F., sons of James E. McAdams. In Wester Co., Mo. Marshfield Cemetery is Martha C. McAdams w/o of H.H. - believed to be Hugh Haywood.

Ilene Sieck first McAdams ancestor she knows was Robert Lee McAdams. Her great-grandfather was William James McAdams who married Sarah Matilda Melvin, 25 Oct. 1868 in Missouri, by Rev. Hardy Holman. They had children: James Kelly, Perry Elmer, Arminda Caroline, Nettie Ann, Bartha Gazetta, William Purl, Alta May, and Charles Oller. Her Grandfather was Willie Purl McAdams. Nettie Ann married Archie Leroy Wilson in Wilbur, Neb. on June 7th, 1922. Robert came from Raleigh and Greensboro, North Carolina. They came up to Nebraska by the way of Missouri on 11 Nov. 1869 which is in the family Bible.

Jeff Reece believes Anne, d/o James and Rebecca (Hill) McAdams who married James Hopkins in 1789 is a descend of their son James Hopkins who married Margaret (Peggy) Wood in Orange County in 1809. Margaret Wood separated from her husband in 1820's and went to live with her brother, Hugh Woods in Bedford Co., Tenn. Jeff descends from James and Margaret's son, Wiley James Hopkins (1826-1897) . He is aware there was a number of McAdams living Bedford, Marshall, and Lincoln Counties and is sure they were Margarets relatives. Jeff would appreciate any information a member might have on the Hopkins family of Orange County, North Carolina.
Burke and Rutherford County

John McAdams cb. 1735 was appoined Consitable in 1779 in Burke Co. John appears in the Morgan District, Burke Co. with 4 females, 3 males over 16, and 3 males under 16 in the 1790 census. His estate of 100 ac. is listed on the tax list of 1800.

1. John McAdams, Jr. was born in Guildford Co. in 1760. He served in the R/W and recieved several land grants. He married Seby (Sebbe) in 1782 and died in 1824 in Rutherford Co.

A. John McAdams, Jr., b. 1784 married Sarah, said to be the d/o of Chief Ross, a Cheerokee Chief, in 1804. They lived on the Joseph Phillips Reservation in Monroe Co., Tenn. John died abt. 1840. Their children were:
a...... John, b. 1809 married Celia Galtonney, b. 1809 Tenn. Their children:

i. John, b. 1831 ii. Samuel, b. 1832 iii. Mansal, b. 1834 vi. Mariah,
b. 1836 v. Sarah A., b. 1838 married R.L. Wilson

b.......Lebba (Sebbe), b. 1807, d. 1889 married in 1841 Elias Lynn (1810-1846)
c....... Robert, b. 1810 Va. unmarried living with brother Isaac in Hamilton Co. Ill.
d....... Isaac, b. 1822 married Abedence, b. 1823 Tenn, children were:

i. Sarah, b. 1846 ii. John, b. 1848 iii. Miriam, b. 1842 v. Robert, b. 1856
(all born in Hamilton Co., Ill.)

e....... Sarah E., b. 1829 NC, d. 1868 ma. Jacob Martin (1825-1899), da. Isabell Beard
f........ Maria, cb. 1831 NC married William Coker

B. Joseph McAdams cb. 1790 NC, d. before 1850 married Delilah Griffith, b. 1795 abt. 1822. She is said to be 1/2 Cheerokee Indian. The family was in Meigs Co by 1823. Their children were:

a...... Polly cb. 1823 m. John Davis - 19 Dec. 1839
b..... James b. 1825 m. John Davis 19 Dec. 1840
c..... Tilitha c.b. 1827 m. John Wood 3 Oct. 1839, d. Texas
d..... Malvina b. 1829
e..... George W. b. 1831 moved to northern Arizona and was an Indian trader and never married.
f...... Nancy cb. 1835 married James Taleefaro, 7 Jan. 1855
g..... Margaret b. 1837
h..... Alexander b. 1838 m. Mary E. Gorden in Poke Co. Mo. 1858
i...... Deborah b. 18390 m. James C. Gorden 9 May 1858
J.. ...John W., b. 1840 m. Rosa Lee Neil

John McAdams, Warrant #1324, Dated 24 Oct. 1784, entered 31 Dec. 1778, issued 1787, for 150 acres survey wit: John Jones and John Mopey.
Grant # 1053, entry No. 1324, entered 31 Dec. 1779, issued 7 Aug. 1787, for 150 acres on both sides of Muddy Creek next to Benj. and John Jones, including improvements by Thomas Sharp on 31 Dec. 1776 or 8 and transferred to said McAdams.

Grant # 2842 entry 342 filed 5 March 1793, issued 12 March 1800 for 50 acre on Muddy Creek, wit: William Moore, Isaac McAdams

Grant #4050 entry 6442 filed 3 July 1815, for 100 acres on Kennedy Fork next to his land on Silver Creek, wit: Joseph Griffin.

1781 - Court appoints John McAdams Constable qualified before Mel Lamkin, Esq.

1782 - John McAdams, Robert & John Anderson witnessed a land sale near John Smith's mill from James Wilson to William Corneluis both of county. Appears on Capt. Abel Lamkin Company list with 100 ac.

John McAdams on tax list of 1803, He appears in 1805 with 100 acres next to him held in trust for John McAdams. 1807, appears John Sr., Jr. and Isaac McAdams and he appears up to 1814.

North Carolina Marriage Records

Isaac McAdams - Peggy Whitesides - 15 Dec. 1800
Hugh McAddams - Jean Teare - 24 Dec. 1800
Elizabeth McAdams - Jacob Bason - 23 Oct. 1806
William R. McAdams - Sarah Patterson - 25 Sept. 1810
Hugh NcCaddams - unreadable - 30 Nov. 1810
David McAdams - Peggy Morrow - 25 Jan. 1815
Tinnin McCadam - Ann Armstrong - 28 March 1815 - father, Joseph Armstrong
Samuel McCaddam - Sarah Hall - 23 Dec. 1819
Mary McCadams - Perry Mitchell - 23 Jan 1819
Hugh McCaddams - Elanor Ray - 26 Feb. 1821
Sally McCadams - Joseph Shaw- 2 April 1823
Catey McCaddams - George Thomas -21 Nov. 1824
Lytle McCaddam - Nancy Faddis - 28 Dec. 1825
Martha McAdams - John P. Reddins - 3 Jan. 1825
Rebecca McCaddams - Moses Shaw - 11 Aug. 1826
Nancy McCaddams - James Muray 7 Jan. 1827
Francis McAdams - James McCrorey - 9 Jan. 1829.
Joseph McAdams - Mary Hancock - 18 March 1830
John McAdams - Martha Faddis - 28 Jan. 1830
Martha McAdams - John Albert - 7 June 1832
James McAdams - Harriett Faddis - 2 Aug. 1832
Richard McAdams - Catherine Iddings - 4 Oct. 1832 - d/o Mark Iddings - Guilford Co
Polly McAdams - Thomas Compton - 4 Jan. 1833
Mary Ann McCaddams - James Rippy 13 Nov. 1833
Catharine McCaddams - John W. Ripy - 7 July 1834
Joseph McAdams - Abi Dickey - 25 March 1835
Rebecca McAdams - Jocob Nease - 27 May 1836.
Hannah McCaddams - Westly Durham - 14 Feb. 1836
Elli McAdams - Margaret Bradford - 8 March 1841
Catharine McAdams - Thomas Faucett - 15 Sept. 1842
Sarah Jane McAdams - William C. Murray - 17 Dec. 1844
Louiza McAdams - David T. Harvey - 16 Oct. 1845 ..........Person Co.
Mary F. McAdams - John Ward - 3 Jan. 1846
Leveny McAdams - Chlarles F. Murray - 25 Feb. 1847
Robert McAdams - Nancy Fonville - 22 May 1847
Joseph McAdams - Laura Boon - 12 Aug. 1848
Benjamin McAdams - E. Catherine Trolinger, 15 Jan. 1849
John T. McAdams - Mary Frances Scott - 16 May 1849
James R. McAdams - Martha E. Shearwood - 23 May 1854 - Guilford Co.
Andrew F. McAdams - Elizabeth Christopher - 22 July 1856
James F. McAdams - Martha J. Carden - 29 April 1857
James McAdams - Malinda Murray - 17 Feb. 186?
William McAdams - Perlina Durham - 16 Jan. 1860
Levi W. McCadams - Rebecca J. Witaker - 14 Oct. 1865

Orange Co. Cemetery Records

Mt. Zion Cemetery

Harriett McAdams w/o James McAdams, b. 29 MArch 1810 - d. 5 July 1858
J.E. McAdams b. 14 Oct. 1859 - d. 17 March 1907
James McAdams b. 6 May 1820 - d. 6 Dec. 1896
Martha Jane McAdams w/o James F. McAdams b. 27 Jan. 1831 - d. April 1883

Bush Arbor Baptist Church Cemetery - Caswell Co.
Mary Ann McAdams Walker d/o David and Margaret McAdams b. 28 Aug. 1815 - d. 1 Jan. 1896

Guilford County

William Adams, b. 1780 NC is said to changed his name from McAdams. He left his will in Raleigh dated
12 Dec. 1834. He was a resident of Greensboro and owned a Hatter Shop and much property. He names
his wife, Martha d/o George and Elizabeth Kirkman (Curkman). They married 18 April 1801 and children:
i. George married Malinda Harvey - 5 April 1838
ii. Peter, b. 1804 married Sarah Webb - 22 Jan. 1833
iii. Dr. Benjamin, b. 1806
iv. Martha Ann , b. 1810
v. Elizabeth, b. 1812 married a Mr. Horney

Richard McAdams, b. 1810 married Catherine, b. 1803 d/o Mark and Liz Iddings, 4 Oct. 1832. Peter
(McAdams) Adams was his bondsman. The Iddings were from Wales and were Quakers. Their children were:
i. James Jackson b. 1837 married Martha E. Sherwood, 24 May 1854
ii. Richard, Jr.
iii. Elizabeth b. 1833
iv. Susan, b. 1837
iv. Louiza married David Harvey 16 Oct. 1845 in Person Co., NC

Deep River Friend's Church Cemetery

Mary McAdams - died Dec. 1800
Elizabeth McAdams - 27 March 1830 - 23 Jan. 1863