Neal McAdams, Alexander McAdams, James McAdams, Joseph McAdams, William Mackadon, Hugh McAdams, Samuel McAdams, Quintin McAdams and John McAdams were all early settlers in South Central Pennsylvania and Western Virginia who died between 1770 and 1788. They were all probably born in either Scotland or Ireland.

Some of the McAdames who brought their families to America between 1730 and 1760 are among the above lists. There were others such as Samuel and William McAdams of Windham, New Hampshire. No doubt, there maybe more we have not located because there is not any surviving record. However, this is a core group of early McAdams Scotch-Irish immigrants that helps us understand and connect our Irish and Scottish McAdams lines.

Family tradition and evidence is that most earily arrivals to America had come from Ireland. Records suggest they had relatives in Ayr, Scotland. James Campbell married Jean McAdam in Ayr in 1691 and Dorothia McAdam married James Cunningham in Ayr in 1692. Both a James Campbell from Northern Ireland and James Cunningham appear in Col. Armstrong and Hance Hamiliton's Chanceford military unit in 1756. These men had family in Ayr and were McAdam relatives. Other family associated "Clusters" that reach across the water are: John Logan, Henry Wilson, Robert Hill, William Lindsey, and Thomas Scott. These families first arrived in Philadelphia and Chester Co. but soon moved into the southwest part of Pennsylvania.

Some McAdams came from Ireland after 1820 went to Allegeney Co. The immigration list has several, but only one or two families remined in that area.

Philadelphia City Directory Pittsburgh City Directory


Almost all the early "Scotch-Irish" immigrants arrived in America at Philadelphia. Only a few remained in the area as most took to the back country as soon as they arrived. The first record of a McAdams in Philadelphia was Hugh McAdams appears in 1738 and married Elizabeth Van Hurst in 1739 at Christ Church. They moved to Little Cove in York County.

A James McAdams died in Philadelphia in Feb. 1762 but only Letters of Administration granted to Henry Turner to settle his estate has be located. John McAdam, cb. 1716 may have been a related to James as he died in Philadelphia in 1788. James Stewart was the administrator of his estate. An inventory was requested by the Orphans Court in 1789 suggesting he had minor children, but this record has not been located.

Robert McAdams, cb. 1738 also died in Philadelphia in 1814 suggesting he was a member of this family. We speculate he was the Revolutionary War soldier from York County and the one in Chester Co. census of 1790. His wife was Marion Andrews and they had 3 children, Mary, James, and William, all who lived in Philadelphia. They were associated with Howell Hopkins and William Hughes

Other McAdams records in Philadelphia is Rebecca McCaddames married William Williams at Bethel Church 28 Nov. 1754. Elizabeth McAdams married William Jennings in Philadelphia, 26 July 1774. Listed on Ben Franklin's' undelivered mail list were Robert McAdam, Feb. 1761 - John McAdam, March 1764, William McAdam, Oct. 1773 and Tim McAdam, Jan. 1776. George McCadon (McAdams), arrived in Philadelphia from Belfast in 1773 form Ireland and later moved to Chester County. He may have been the George McAdams who served in the R/W as a sailor in Charleston, South Carolina in 1777.

Robert McAdams, who appears to have been the Revolutionary Soldier fromYork County, died in Philadelphia in 1814. He is listed as a ferry carpenter and lived between 6th and 7th streets in 1800. His Administration papers were signed by Robert Andrews and John Hall. Marion (Andrews) McAdams, his wife died in 1816. She named her daughter, Mary McAdams and Howell Hopkins his executors. Her will was witnessed by Francis Berthe and Mary Henson. She named 3 children: i. Mary, ii. James, iii. William who married Mary Magdaline.

Thomas H. McAdams, cb. 1765 lived at Westgrante is said to have been a Revolutionary Solider but his parents is unknown. His wife was Mary — and they had five children: i. Catherine Symmes, ii. John, iii. Thomas H., iv. William R., v. Margaret. This family remained in the Philadelphia are as they are found in the Philadelphia directories along with some McAdams arrivals who landed in Philadelphia after 1800's.

Chester Co

The first Irish who came to America were Friends (Quakers) who settled in Chester County in 1713. Some were originally from Carslise, Cumberland County, England during the plantation. Some of the first were Andrew Moore from Antrim, Ireland who came in 1723. These Moore's were allied to the Whitesides. The Whitesides were from Londonderry, Ireland. In this family was Joseph Moore who married Mary Henderson, James Moore, Jr. who married Susan Whiteside in 1701 in Ballymoney, Ireland and Elizabeth Moore who married Joseph Whiteside in 1705. Another family in this group was James Lindley of Carlow Meeting House in Ireland who came to Chester Co. in 1713. His son Thomas, b. 1706 married Ruth Hadley who later moved to Orange County, NC.

The account of our Chester Co., Pennsylvania McAdams families in "Sons of Adam" contains lineage errors and is lacking information. To correct this problem we have re-researched the Pennsylvania Archives records for Chester County.

Hugh McCaddam who was living in Donegal, Chester County is the earliest Scotch-Irish McAdams documented. He may have come from Essex Co. N.J. He is found in Ben Franklin's Pennsylvania Gazette notice of having undeliverable mail in 1738 and again in 1741.

Hugh married Elizabeth Van Hurst in Philadelphia at Christ Church in 1734. They appear to be the same family living at Little Cove, near the Maryland and Virginia border in l762 when Elizabeth was captured by the Indians and returned by Virginia Troops. Hugh died in Londonderry, Chester County about 1774 as Elizabeth is listed as a landowner there. Widow McAdams appears and she is listed as Elizabeth McCadin in 1774. Apparently, their children, Robert, Henry, and Hugh.

These records document that Henry McAdams was a cordwainer, age 23 born 3 May 1735 in America. He was a member of Capt. Singleton"s Company stationed at Camp Carslise on 28 June 1758. Others on the list were: John Armstrong, 22, b. Ireland, John Blair, 30, b. Ireland, John Hanna, 22, b. Ireland, Richard Hudson, 27, b Ireland, John Rice, 28 b. Penn, Henry Sample, 18, b. Ireland and Wm. Wilson, 23, b. Penn.

Henry was a resident of Londonderry in Chester County, a small village named after Londonderry, Ireland. He married Mary Robins 19 July 1767. He is listed in the Londonderry tax list from 1767 through 1769. In 1771, Henry McAdams appears on the tax list in 1779 and 1780. Robert appears in 17891 through 1785. Robert and Hugh both served in the Revolutionary War in the Londonderry Company under Capt. John Ramsey and Leiu't. John Gardner. Robert was a 2'nd Leiu't. and Hugh was a private. Hugh McCadams of Londonderry is recorded to have taken the Oath of Allegiance in Chester County, 25 May 1778.

Robert is listed in the 1790 census with a wife and two children. This Robert appears to be the Robert McAdams who died in Philadelphia in 1814. His wife, Marion Andrews died in 1816.

Robert McAdams of Chester County also appears on the War of 1812 roster as a private of the 6'th class, 56'th Reg't under Capt. Henry Garber, Leiu't Clements Barnes . (Ref.: Penn. Archives, Vol. 7, 6'th Series, pg. 119)

The Hugh McAdams of Chester County has not been located and may not have had a family. (The spelling of McAdams in the Penn Archives ranges from McAdam, McCadom, McCadomes, McCadden, McCadin and etc. But by following the information and the tax list it can be confirmed these listing are McAdams.

"Sons of Adam" states George McAdams was from the family of Henry McAdams, which is not correct.

George McAdam and James McNeagh arrived in Philadelphia on 17 Sept. 1773 from Belfast, Ireland indentured to James Montgomery and his assigns. Immigration records state he came to America to learn the trade to work on sailing ships. He married Martha White. Their children were: George, Henry and Thomas and most remained in the area.

This fact that George McAdams worked on sailing ships gives reason that he was the sailor at the Battle of Ft. Sullivan in Charleston, S.C. who served as a sergeant. Penn. Archives does confirm that this George McAdams did serve in the War of 1812. He is listed on a roster of Lancaster Co. Militia dated 12 May 1812 of the 97'th Reg't detached infantry under Capt. Lockhart , Capt. John Jamison, and Leiu't. James Brown. He is again listed in the Lancaster Co. Militia serving under Major Alex. Scott, Col. Willder Bevilns' Reg't in 1796. (Ref: Penn. Archives Vol. 7 6'th series, pg. 221 - 369)

Robert McAdams and his wife, Jane came from Carlisle, England to New Jersey on 1 May 1840. They moved to Phoenixville, Chester Co. in 1846.

Bucks Co.

In Bucks County a John McAdams married Jane Armitage, 14 July 1783.

Cumberland Co.

The Quakers of Bucks County gave the township its name and almost all the settlers were Quakers with a few Germans. John McAdams who died in 1761 and his were witnessed by Brice Blair, a minister from Cumberland Co. who witnessed the will of John McAdams of Monaghan Twp. He is listed as a single man owning 100 acres in Warrington Township in 1783. Warrington was laid out in 1744. Richard Egllston, Jeremiah Org, and Slosses who were associated with John McAdams.

Neal McCadams was a mason when he was arrested for assault and battery on Denis Sweney, one of the constables of the county in execution of his office. This record is dated 18 May 1754. We also have Rebecca McCaddomes who married William Williams at Bethel by Rev. John Casper Stoever on 28 Nov. 1754.

In Cumberland County at Carlisle Court Ann McAdam married William McMurry in 1795. John McAdam from Ireland was naturalized 4 May 1798 who we believe later removed to Harrison County, Ohio. William McCaddams appears in the 1790 Cumberland County

York Co.

The history of York County was featured in our Vol. 53, 1994 newsletter which gave the background of the Scotch-Irish settlement here known as the "Barrens". Migrants from Chester County settled this area in 1734. They were the better order of Scotch-Irish background who came to America between 1717 - 1735. The Newberry area included Manchester, Monagham, Carroll, and Fairview Townships were mostly Quakers, but were also connected to the "Barrens" settlements. This area was not changed until 1783,

Chanceford Township

Chanceford was first known to history in 1745 upon a petition to the court of Lancaster by Scotch-Irish settlers. Most settlers here had arrived from County Antrim, Ireland between 1724 to 1729, but a few of them came from Scotland. Rev. John Cuthbertson from Scotland, a friend to William McAdams, of the Presbyterian Church visited and preached in this locality and wrote in his diary that he traveled and stayed with William McAdams. Some early church members there in 1774 were William Wilson, George Buchanan, Hugh Ross, William Smith, James Anderson, Samuel Dickson, Samuel Nelson, Alexander Ewing and others.

James Cooper of Chester County granted 2 acres of land for the Old Scotch Presbyterian Meeting House in 1773. In the taxable list of 1783, Martin Armstrong, who is later found in McAdams records, is listed with 5 persons in his household.

David McAdam, cb. 1758 appears on the 1779 -80 tax rolls. He was Revolutionary War soldier received depreciation pay for his services as a private in 1780. He moved to Allegheny Co by 1783. In 1808 he was a member of persons settling the estate of Charles Morgan. He died in 1824 and names his children: Alexander, John and Jane.
William McAdam, cb. 1750, of Chanceford Township married Helen McGowan of Martich at the home of John McGowan, 19 Dec.1775 by Rev. James Clarkson. (Records of the Guinston Muddy Creek Presbyterian Church in York County). The McGowans appear in McAdams in the will of William McAdams who died in Northumberland Co. Penn. His wife, Eleanor and Authur McGowan were executors of William's estate in 1818.

In Dumbarton, Scotland LDS records list the relatives of Elizabeth Graham McGowan for several generations as follows: Patrick McAdam 1703, Thomas McAdam 1707, Janet McAdam 1712, Margaret McAdam 1718, Walter McAdam 1729, Janet McAdam 1766 - 1792 - 1799, William McAdam 1784, Mary McAdam, 1789, Robert McAdam 1791, and Margaret McAdam 1799. Also in Dumbarton are listed the McAdam relatives of Alexander Nelson during the same time period. Most of the same names appear as above with some additional ones: David McAdam, and Edward McAdams who married Mary McKinley in 1782. Since the same names and dates appear it would be likely that this was a family group and the information comes from an estate record.

Monagham Township

Monagham was settled by the Scotch-Irish and is bounded by Cumberland County, Fairview Twp., and Warrington Twp. It's greatest length is 5 miles. It was organized in 1745 and receives its name from a county in Northern Ireland. The first settlers were the McMullins, Dares, Baileys, Parks, Elliots and others.

Monagham Township was established by the Dill family from Scotland and later Tryone Co., Ireland. From 1755 to 1758 the French & Indian Wars threaten the area with hostel Indians. As late as 1780, several residents could not be taxed because they were drove out by the Indians. In 1783 there was only 106 houses in the township and the population was 781.The Dillsburg Presbyterian Church or known as the "Monagham Church" actually was in Carroll Township and was pastored by Mr. Duffield from 1761-1772 when he moved to Philadelphia. He was the Chaplain for the Continental Congress and a Col. in the Revolutionary War. His 2'd wife was sister to Gen. John Armstrong a sister to Nancy Ann Armstrong who married John McAdams of Northumberland County, Penn.
John McAdam, husband of Sarah Sloss, died in Monagham Township in 1761. Sarah
moved with her four sons, Samuel, Joseph, James and William and her brothers to
Orange Co., N.C. They show up there about 1770.
(see Orange Co. NC for family records)

John McAdams, cb. 1751 married Marian (Mary Ann Fisher), 18 Sept. 1768. Alice Fisher, a resident of Monaghan Twp. was mother to Marian and left a will dated 7 June 1788, probated 2 May 1800 and names her children: Jane, w/o Caphes Alkinson, James, Isaac, Marian, w/o John McAdams and Elizabeth, w/o William Randel and their da.'s, Mary and Hannah.

Newberry Township

Newberry Township was officially laid out by the Court in Lancaster in 1742, which included Fairview and Conewago. In 1783, the population of 1,704 were mostly English Quakers.

John McAdams was a signer of a petition dated May 1741 with James Elott, John Rice, John Webb, Hugh Garretson, William Underwood, Richard Wickersham and others.

John McCadam of Newberry purchased 50 acres from Timothy Murphy in 1752. This land was located next to John Rice, Abraham Elliott and Samuel Jones. This John McAdams was witness to James Frazier's will dated 10 March 1752 along with Joseph Willy and Mark Foster. His wife Rebecca and John Garretson were the executors.

John McAdams was issued a land warrant of 50 acres in Newberry, but is recorded in a document containing 124 acres with allowances of six acres for roads. It states a true copy of the original remains in the Surveyor Generals office in Philadelphia as it was recopied 28 Aug. 1769 and signed by Robert Dills. The land was next to Christ Hutton, Lewis Lewis, Henry Rosenberry and a track surveyed for Caleb Ygarnak(?) probably Yarnall in 1771. The road started near the Newberry meeting house. The road was opened by John Blackburn, Ellis Lewis, Charles Coleson, Robert Nelson and James Rankin. This may have been the same 50 acre warrant James McAdams had held who died in 1762.

This 50-acre track of land seemed to have grown as John and Rebecca Frazier, McAdams of Newberry sells 100 acres to Caleb Yarnall in 1767. Part of this land was from a Providential grant to Timothy Murphy. The land was next to Henry Rosenberry and James Gaily. The deed was recopied in 1797. John McAdams is also listed in York County, Newberry TWP in 1767. His wife was Rebecca and they appear in the land deeds and other places. Supreme Executive Council records dated 31 March 1781 has John McMaster of York Co. had purchased the estate of James Rankin which Philip Hare, Samuel Flide, and Rebecca McAdams were in possession of the premises and refuse to deliver it up.

Both, John and Thomas McAdams appear on the l767 Newberry Tax list but John is gone by 1779. Thomas does appear on the 1790 tax list but not the census. John and Thomas McAdams were in Rutherford Co., N.C. by 1790.

Thomas McAdams is listed as a resident whose profession was a weaver in 1767. Records date his birth date before 1745. Thomas appears on he tax list from 1779 through 1782 when he owned 250 acres of land. In 1783, he is listed but owns no land with 5 people in his household. This matches the family record of Thomas McAdams who left his will in Washington Co., Tenn. in 1811.

Thomas appears in the 1790 census of Rutherford Co., North Carolina with no wife and 2 sons, Hugh and Robert. His son, John is nearby with a wife.

Warrington Township

Quintin McAdams, cb. 1700 is found at the Manor of Maske in Warrington Township as early as 1741. This area was described as being settled by the Quakers and the poorest of the Irish. Quintin's wife was Eleanor (probably Kerr). They later moved to Hamilton's Bann Twp. near present day Gettysburg in Adams Co. where he died 13 Oct 1787. His children were:
i.. Gilbert, ii..Archabald, iii..Jane, iv.David, v..Lettice, wife of James Marshall. Most of this family had moved to Washington Co., Penn. before 1790.

Windsor Township

There are two land warrants issued to James McAdams dated 14 March 1755. One is for 159 acres and the other is for 50 acres. This is a sizable warrant as most warrants were about 80 acres or less. James' 159 acre warrant was No. 1 and was actually in Windsor Township located next to William Predue, River Hill, Isaac Herrington, and Aaron Recbsnider. The fifty-acre warrant was issued in Philadelphia and surveyed by George Stevenson, a resident of Windsor. This track was adjoining Edward Pennic and William Perdue in the "Barrens". It was recorded 1 April 1761.

Washington Co

The first McAdams in Washington Co. were from the family of Quintin and Eleanor McAdams of Hamilton Bann, York Co. The family moved there before 1790 and lived in Mt. Pleasant and Robinson Twp.

Westermorland Co

Alexander McAdam who was a member of Capt. Lewis Moor'e Co. stationed in Fredericks County, Virginia 10 Oct. 1761. In this Company was John Lindsay, Moses Nelson and Robert Eaton when they were fined 2 shillings for missing a general muster. (In the Chester Co. records we note the Moores were allied to the Whitesides, some who migrated into Virginia and later to Orange Co., N.C.).

Dated 9 Dec. 1774 Alexander McAddams, a farmer in Fairfield TWP sold to Robert Porter, a weaver in Fairfield TWP 300 acres plus improvement in Fairfield, lying 1/2 mile north of the Great Road, known as "Lick Run" adjoins lands of Richard Johnston on the northwest, the mill Creek to the northeast and Laurel Hill to the east, being about 5 miles from Liqonier, paid in Pennsylvania currency. Alexander signed with his mark. The witness was James Pollock and Charles Clifford. (Ref.: Westmoreland Co. Deed book A-1, pg. 48).

Westmoreland County, Penn and Yohogania County, Va. borders were in dispute during this period of time. Location and dates places Samuel McAdams of Jefferson County, Kentucky in this area and makes Alexander McAdams a likely candidate as Samuel's father. Samuel had a brother and a son named Alexander to further support this evidence . Samuel was probably born in the Yohogania Co. Virginia area and followed his fathers profession in the service of the military.

Other Westmoreland Co. Penn . records. John McAdams, a native of Ireland now living in Greensburg Borough, Westmoreland, Co. arrived in U. S. as a minor under 18. Has Lived in Penn. John C. Williams vouches for him, admitted 18 Nov. 1828.

Capt. Benj'm Geiger, s/o John and Margaret McAdams Geiger - John b. 1791 in Lancaster County, Margaret b. 1806 in Ireland, d. Somerset Co., Penn., 1889.

Robert Winter married Hannah McAdams in Berwich-on-Tweed England came to Westmoreland Co. Hannah died in 1904.

Nothumberland Co

Northumberland County was settled by the Scotch-Irish from Chester and Lancaster County. The McAdams here were also associated the Lewis family of the "Barrens". The Lewises came to Chester Co. in 1658. Additional family "Barrens" in Chanceford connections was Rev. John Cuthbertson who arrived from Scotland 1751 mentions he traveled and stayed William McAdams in his diary.

John and William McAdams were early settlers in Northumberland Co. and came from New Jersey where they were living in 1765. They were allied to the Armstrongs and Stewards. Family tradition states they were from Co. Antrim, Ireland and there were 3 brothers who came, John, James and Archabald. John moved to Hamilton Co., Ohio, James stayed in Philadelphia, and Archabald went to Kentucky. Records establish that they were familiar with the Chanceford, Faun, Hopewell and Muddy Creek Scotch-Irish Presbyterians.

They appear to have migrated from New Jersey into Lancaster Co. as William McAdams was a private in Capt. James Watson's Co. in Col. Thomas Porter's Battalion of Lancaster Co. under the command of Lieut. John Patton on their March for the camps in the Jerseys, dated 15 Aug. 1776. He also appears on rosters dated 1781 and 1783. He was issued land warrants for 400 acres of land in 1792. From 1789 to l782, William is listed in Buffalo TWP and lived next door to Gen. James Irwin. He also appears from l783 to 1787 in the same location. In 1794, Henry McAdams was named corner of the county. In 1795, William McAdam was elected county corner. In the years 1783 to 1787 another William McAdams appears in Augusta TWP.

In 1788 he appears as a resident of Penn TWP. Lt. William McAdams of the 1'st Company served under Capt. Baldyh with ensign John Lawrence as listed in officers of the Militia of Northumberland Co. dated 1 June 1792.William McAdam, a resident of Cumberland County, over 18 but under 45, appears as a member of the 4'th Battalion from 1790 to 1800. There appears to be more than one William McAdams in Northumberland Co. One may be William Henry and the other William Alexander McAdams, the brother to Samuel McAdams of Jefferson Co., Kentucky. John McAdams appears with Samuel McAdams on the roster at Ft. Pitts in Gen. Clark's Militia in 1775.

The records seem to say there was two William McAdams in Northumberland. One married Eleanor Hillling and was a tailor by trade. They are recorded as buying and selling property in Sunbury, Turbut, and Augusta Townships between 1785. The federal census is the only information on his family. He had 3 sons and 4 daughters. He left a will dated 1818 but only names his wife, Eleanor and his friend, Authur McGowan as executors. Joseph and Williams of Jefferson Co., Ohio are children of one of the William McAdams.

John McAdams married Ann Armstrong in New Jersey in 1765. John was a Northumberland Co. Volunteer on the 5 and 6'th Battalion of Lancaster Co. Militia commanded by Col. John Rodgers dated 1778 and 1779. John appears on the Mahoning TWP in the count in 1778 through 1782. In 1783 through 1786 the was in Muncy TWP and in 1787 he is listed in Loyalsock TWP and taxed on 150 acres of land. On warrants dated 3 March, 1794 John, and his sons, Ephraim,, and Thomas McAdams were each issued 400 acres of land in Luzerne County (part of Northumberland). His son John McCadams, Jr. was issued land warrants for 400 acres dated 17 Dec. l792.

John moved his family to Colulmbia, Hamilton Co., Ohio around 1800. He wrote a will dated 8 Set. 1809 and named his wife and children:
i......Ephraim, b. 25 May 1767 married Charity Britt, 2 Catherine Hartman, Martha Boyd
ii.....John, c. 28 March 1769 married Katharine Stewart
iii....James b. 7 May 1771 married Mary---
iv....Catherine, b. 7 Sept. 1775 married Mr. Boner
v.....William, b. 17 Sept. 1779
vi....Armstrong, b. 1786 married Prudence ---
vii....Sutor, b. 11 Sept. 1790 married Ann Downey 2 Elizabeth Holcraft
viii..Thomas, b. 1793

Some of the McAdames who first settled in South Central Pennsylvania began to migrate into Washington Co. Penn. Western Virginia and North Carolina.

Allegheny Co.

Allegheny County McAdams first appear from the family of Gilbert McAdams of York Co. but were there only briefly. After 1820 it was the destination of several McAdams immigrants from Ireland, England and Scotland. These families were sponsored but only Robert McAdams who sponsored William McAdams in 1841 was connected to any know McAdams there.

James McAdams cb. 1806 in Ireland arrived about 1839 is the only one who left much in the way of records. He married Sarah Fagan, b. 1810 Ireland d. 1854 (2) Elizabeth d. 1888. He left his will dated 24 June 1862 and left gifts and property to his wife, Elizabeth and children. His brother Robert was his executor. The children were:
i.....William, ii......Susan Murphy, iii......Isabella, iv.....Sarah Ellen., v. Erwin, vi....Rosanna N. Murphy, vii.......James Emmet m.Mary Ellen Keally d. 1876 (2) Catherine Sullivan.

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Montgomery Co.

Robert McAdams of upper Dubbin Township, Montgomery Co. first appears in 1830. His will was proved 6 Feb. 1849. His wife is not mentioned and gifts to children: i....Thomas ii.....James....iii.....Julia Ann iv......Mary White. A daughter, Elizabeth was left lifetime care.

The following is the directories found in the Philadelphia Historical Society:

City of Philadelphia

Thomas MacAdam (b. Nov. 18, 1832 in Troqueer, Scotland) and his wife Catherine Black (b. 1838, Dumfries, Scotland) wedding date as March 18, 1859, who emigrated in1868-70 and settled in Philadelphia. Their son, Samuel David MacAdam, was born in Oak Lane, a suburb of N. Philadelphia, on September 16, 1871. His older siblings Agnes b. 1860, Jessie b. 1861, Thomas b. 1864, Robert b. 1865, Catherine b. 1868, were born in Scotland.

Philadelphia Directory
Philadelphia Directory - back

1820 - Thomas McAdam owned flour and Liquor store at 3d & High Street
William McAdam was an Inn Keeper at S/W corner of Cyr & Coates

1844 - James McAdams was a tavern owner at SE corner of Veron & Cedar
Thomas McAdams was a teacher and lived at 11th - 12 City Row. He was a
son of Thomas H. McAdams.

1846 - James McAdams the Tavern Owner
Thomas McAdams the teacher

1847 - James and Thomas McAdams as above
James McAdams a weaver lived at GT road between Jefferson
Thomas McAdams a weaver lived on Phoenix about 2'd & K Streets
Thomas McAdams a shoemaker lived at Clinton about Franklin & K

1848 - Robert McAdams a weaver lived at Linn Ct. north of Fairmount
William McAdams a silverplater lived at 193 N. Shc. at 7th (probably
came from Ireland in 1845)
Robert McAdams lived at Shackamaxon about Franklin
Robert McAdams, gentlemen lived at Master between 4th
Samuel McAdams, cordon lived at Clinton about Franklin at the same
address as Thomas McAdams, the shoemaker listed in 1847.

1849 - Most of the above listed plus:
James McAdams, a wheelwright lived at Pink between Jefferson
Terrence McAdams, a tailor lived near 88 N. 11th, (from Monahghan Co.

1853 - William McAdams the Silverplater
James McAdams the wheelwrilght GT at Rd. & Camac, lived at Apple &
Samuel N. McAdams, a librarian at 140 S. 8th, lived at 330 Pine.
Margaret McAdams lived Sch. 6 th about Locust, d/o of Thomas H.
Thomas H. McAdams, clerk lived Tower near Sch. 2'd, s/o Thomas H.
William R. McAdams, teacher lived 12 City Row, s/o Thomas H. McAdams
Bernard McAdams, Shopkeeper, 80 1/2 Locust, arrived from Ireland in

1855 - James McAdams, Wheelwright, GT Rd. & Camac, home Apple & Carmac.
James McAdams, Tavern Keeper
John McAdams, Storekeeper, 80 1/2 Locust (Probably John William who
came from Ireland with Bernard in 1845)
Margaret McAdams, 17 th at Locust, d/o Thomas H. McAdams
Pat McAdams, Labor, at Hogg's Court
Samuel N. McAdams as listed before at 193 S. 11th Street
Thomas McAdams the weaver living at 2 Ashton Place
Thomas H. McAdams, clerk, lived at Tower & N. 21 St., s.o Thomas H.
William McAdams, grocer, 427 N. Front Street
William R. McAdams, teacher, 12 City Row, s/o Thomas H. McAdams
Patrick McAdams, contractor, at Walnut & Rose
Thomas McAdams, cord winder, 65 Howard
Thomas McAdams, cater lived at Phoenix about 2'd

1859 - Bernard McAdams, Shopkeeper, 840 Locust
Elizabeth McAdams, Confectionery at 2216 Callowhill
James Wheelwright, GT Road & Carmac
Robert McAdams, Labor, at Thompson (R)
Robert McAdams, Labor, Fitler about 2'd Street
Robert McAdams, plaster carrier, about 2'd Street
Robert McAdams, weaver lived at Filter and 2'd Street
Mary McAdams, Mrs. Hamilton, Street (Myk)
Thomas S. McAdams, Engr, 314 S. 16 th Street
William McAdams, grocer, NE Diamond & Palethrop
William R. McAdams, teacher, l104 Market Street, home 252 N. 11th
William McAdams, brick maker, Singlup Row
Michael McAdams, Stone Cutter, 820 Locust (came with family from Ire
in 1840)
Michael McAdams, labor, 1410 South
Nelson McAdams, carpenter lived 315 Gaskill
Patrick McAdams, molder lived 727 Enue
Thomas McAdams, shoemaker, lived Bodilne about Oxford Street
Thomas McAdams, grocer, NW 7th & Poplar Street
William McAdams, weaver lived 1055 Beach Street
William McAdams, policeman lived 1431 Howard Street

1865 - Alexander H. McAdams, Medical Doctor, 881 N. 5 th Street
Mary McAdams lived 123 S. 16 th Street
William R. McAdams lived 252 N. 11th Street
Alexander McAdams, plaster, lived 209 Thompson Street
Ed McAdams, Wheelright, 209 Thompson Street
James McAdams, Wheelright, 411 Columbia Street
John McAdams, Wheelright, 209 Thompson Street
Mary McAdams, Shopkeeper, 820 Locust (wife of Bernard McAdams)
Michael McAdams lived 1426 Bedford Street
Owen McAdams, bookmaker lived at 1212 Poplar
Patrick McAdams, labor lived 519 Marriott
Robert McAdams, labor lived 206 Jefferson Avenue
Robert McAdams, plaster lived 218 E. Thompson
Robert McAdams, plaster lived 215 E. Thompson
William McAdams, brick maker, lived 173 Master
William McAdams, grocer, lived 514 Dramond Street

Pittsburgh City Directory

Pittsburgh City Directory - back

1813 - No McAdams listed
1815 - No McAdams listed
1819 - McAdams & Brown grocers N side of 2nd between Wood & Smithfield Streets
McAdams, William do (ditto)
1826 - No McAdams listed
1837 - No McAdams listed
1839 - McAdams, James - Plasterer Quarry b OíHara and Walnut (b. 1806 d. 1862)
McAdams, Robert, Plasterer, Coal Lane above OíHara
1841 - No McAdams listed
1844 - No McAdams listed
1847 - McAdams, James, plasterer, d h Quarry 5 th Ward
McAdams, James lab (laborer) Irwinís ay
McAdams, Robert, Plasterer d h Webster bn Crawfordís

1850 McAdams, James, Plasterer 54 Quarry
McAdams, Robert 46 Pasture Al

1852 MíAdams, Robert shoemr 51 Washington St. H 72 Prospect St.

1856 McAdams, Edwin Plasterer 54 Quarry (son of James McAdams b. Circa 1835, d. 1878)
McAdams, James, Plasterer h 54 Quarry
McAdams, Jane, Milliner h 36 Prospect
McAdams, Robert, paper hanger h 25 Fulton
McAdams, William, Plasterer, h 54 Quarry (oldest son of James McAdams, b circa 1833)

1857 McAdams, Jane, Widow of James 36 Prospect
McAdams, Robert, Plasterer, 25 Fulton
McAdams, Robert, Shoemaker, 18 Poplar Ay
McAdams, William, Plasterer h 16 Clark

1858 McAdams, James, Plasterer, h 54 Quarry
McAdams, Jane, widow of James h 36 Prospect
McAdams, Robert, Plasterer, h 25 Fulton
McAdams, William, Plasterer h 13 Mercer

1859 McAdams, James, Plasterer 54 Quarry
McAdams, Jane, widow of James r 75 Poplar ay
McAdams, Robert, Paper Hanger 25 Fulton
McAdams, Robert, Shoemaker, 50 Prospect

1860 McAdams, James, Plasterer 54 Quarry
McAdams, Jane widow James 48 Prospect
McAdams, Mark Switch tender cor Walnut and Cedar
McAdams Robert, Paper Hanger 25 Fulton
McAdams, Robert, Shoemaker, 48 Prospect
McAdams, William, lab 72 Roberts

1861 McAdams, Jane, widow James 48 Prospect
McAdams, Robert Paper Hanger 25 Fulton
McAdams, Robert, Shoemaker, 48 Prospect
McAdams William, Lab Western Washington

1862 McAdams, Edwin Plasterer 54 Quarry
McAdams, James, glass blower Hill n Fourth
McAdams, James, Plasterer 54 Quarry
McAdams, Robert Paper Hanger 25 Fulton
McAdams, Robert Jr. Glass Blower Hill n Fourth
McAdams, William lab 6 Prospect
McAdams, William, Plasterer, Quarry n Walnut

1863 McAdams, James, Paper Hanger 25 Fulton
McAdams, Robert Glassblower, Soldier 63 P V Hill N Shingiss
McAdams, Robert, lab, Bank Lane Allegheny (the north side of Pittsburgh, originally its own listing with its own city directory before being annexed into Pittsburgh proper)
McAdams, Robert, Plasterer, Quarry n Walnut
McAdams, Robert, Shoemaker, Hill n Shingiss
McAdams, William, Glassblower Hill n Shingiss

1864 McAdams, Robert Plasterer Laremenís
McAdams, Robert Sr., soldier 19 Shingiss
McAdams, Robert Jr., Soldier, 19 Shingiss
McAdams, William Plasterer 77 Franklin

1865 McAdams, Elizabeth 28 Quarry
McAdams, Elizabeth, widow of James, Pasture ay n Logan
McAdams Margaret Wid William Spruce Ay n Taylor
McAdams, Robert 63 d p v r 13 Shingliss
McAdams, Robert, Paper Hanger Larrimer Ave E L (East Liberty)
McAdams, William, Glass Blower, Hill

McAdams, Eliz, Widow James 69 Franklin
McAdams, James E. Machinist 69 Franklin (Third son of James McAdams, b. Circa 1847, died 1898)

1870 McAdams, Elizabeth Webster Avenue
McAdams, James E. Machinist Webster Ave.
McAdams, Robert, Glass Blower bds 1141 Penn
McAdams, Robert Jr. Glassblower Fifth Ave
McAdams, Robert lab Walnut A
McAdams, Robert, Shoemaker Fifth Ave. And Madison
McAdams, William, lab Fifth Ave 14th Ward
McAdams, William lab Soho 14th Ward

McAdams, Elizabeth, wid James, 347 Webster Av
McAdams, E J Plasterer, Forty-second and Davidson
McAdams, Jas E. clk, 3604 Butler
McAdams, John, of McAdams & Wade, Mt. Pleasant, PA
McAdams, Martha, wid Wm., Smallman n Twenty-Eighth
McAdams, Robert, Larimer Ave ee
McAdams, Robert, Lab, 28 Morgan, A
McAdams, Robert Jr., plasterer, Station n Sheridan Av
McAdams & Wade lime dealers, opp 149 Walter

McAdams, Edward J Plasterer, Forty-Fourth and Davidson
McAdams, Elizabeth, wid Jas., 347 Webster Ave
McAdams, James E., clk 1314 Penn Av
McAdams Margaret, wid Wm - Penn Ave and Main
McAdams, Robert, Fireman, 2 Madison
McAdams, Robert, Machinist bds Twenty-First and Fortieth
McAdams, Robert B. Larimer Ave
McAdams, Wm., glass blower 5 Madison

McAdams, Elizabeth wid Jas 11 Franklin
McAdams, Margaret, wid Wm South ab Thirty-Eighth
McAdams, Robert, Fireman, 2 Madison
McAdams, Robert, Larimer Ave
McAdams, Robert Jr., plasterer, Station n Hiland Ave


McAdams, Elizabeth, Widow James 11 Franklin
McAdams, James E. Mach bds Liberty n Thirty Fourth
McAdams, Robert Fireman 2 Madison
McAdams, Robert B Larrimer Ave 19th Ward
McAdams Thos. Plasterer Centre 21st Ward
McAdams, Wm. Constable 5 Madison


McAdams, Aggie C. Teacher 6023 Station
McAdams, Alex 210 Jane
McAdams, James E. Machinist 137 Forty Sixth
McAdams, Robert, Plasterer 6023 Station