Lineage of McAdam before Waterhead

Patrick and Andrew McAdam appear in documents dated 1512. Patrick appears only once so he may have been Andrew's father or at least his brother. Andrew was born around 1450 about the time Adam MacGregor is said to have changed his name to Adam McAdam and fled to Galloway. If family tradition is correct they could he his sons, but no later than grandsons. If you have McAdams line some of the people listed here had to be your ancestor. Andrew McAdam had title to Land of Overgrief in Cumnock in 1512 and died in 1512. His wife was Janet Campbell. Their children were: 1. John McAdam living in Watherhead by 1512 was his heir 2. Donald in Erwy (Dalmellington area) had posession of tenant lands in Erwy. He married Elizabeth Sinclair and was dead by 1522. Their children in documents were: a. Andrew, his heir, married Marion Grier or Grierson and had title to Old Craigengillan. b. Alexander- exc. to his father. c. Donald 3. Jonet w/o Mr. Campbell Also named in documents and were probably children were: 4. Gilbert 5. David The Waterhead McAdam family includes Smeaton, Craigengillan and the Upper Ken Valley. 1. John McAdam, (abt. 1490 ­ died before 1569) was a tenant in Waterhead of Geich. In 1521, Lord Catheart held title to the Waterhead property. John McAdam is documented as living there by 1512 and was his tentant in 1523. Some children are named in the testament of his son, Andrew McAdam are: i....... Andrew, died 1587, wife Christiane Kennedy ii...... Quintine of Knockengorroch and Smeaton, died 11/3/1605, iii..... Duncan in Mylntoun, Burgess of Ayr, died 3/1/1604 iv.... William of Bow and Brownhill v..... David of Bow and Brownhill vi.... George in Longford deceased before 1595 vii... Thomas, may have moved to Ireland viii.. Sibbie (Elizabeth) married Robert Acannane (2) John Greir ix.... Margaret married — McCa x..... Agnes xi.... Eleanor married John Cunningham.

Will of Andrew McAdam 1590

THE TESTAMENT OF ANDREW McADAM - 14 May 1590 TESTAMENT OF ANDRO McCADEM of WATTERHEID in STEWARTLY of KIRKCUDBRIGHT who died 15 Oct.1587 given up by himself & Christine Kennedy, relict & Gilbert McCadem, his son-in-law. Executors under latter will dated at Watterheid of Geich 24 April 1587. Dejunct owed sums to: 1.........Sibbie McCadem in Bardaochat, sister 2........ Gillespie McCadem in Bow 3.........William (John) Cunynghame of Pollquhasne per marriage contact between the said William and Janet McCadem, defunct's daughter. 4........ William Cunynghame of Capaington for byoun maills (rents) of lands of Garrivz. Andrew's sister, Ellinor was married to this William Cunynghame. 5....... The parson of Dalry for teinds of Watterheid 6........ Quintin McCadem of Knokingenoche, brother to dejunct 7........ John Chalmer of Trognhane 8........ Thomas McCadem, brother to defunct 9....... John McCadem, grandson to defunct, a horse left to him by Janat Hannay, son of Gilbert & Margaret McCadem. Appoints said executors with John Chalmer of Trognhane, Quintin McCadem of Knokingerroch, his brother, and Duncan, his brother, as oversmen. 1........ He leaves Nancy McCadem, daughter natural to William McCadem, his brother, a cow. 2........ To David McCadem in Achoa, 40 merks provided he give discharge and remit all action for the goods of the deceased, John McCadem, his brother. 3........His relict is to maill the 1/3 part of 2 merklands of Bow and Schelloch, called ye Watterheid, the merkland of Bromehill and 1/2 merkland of Fingland according to infeftments made by him to the said Gilbert and Margaret, his daughter, his spouse, and their heirs, and ordains his spouse, the said Gilbert and Margaret, his daughter, to dewell together as long as they can agree. Otherwise, his relict to have full entry to the Bow which is a third of the said 2 merkland of Watterheid presently occupied by himself, and prejudicing her of 1/3 of Bromehill and Fingland. The rest of his part to be divided between his wife and two daughters and he ordains the said Gilbert McAdam "To stand guide and kind to all friends that come of the House of Watterheid." Witnessed by John Chalmer of Troguhane, Quintin McCadem of Knokingarroch, and Duncan McCadem in Myltoun, his brother, the said Gilbert McCadem and John Andeisonn, notary. This document identifies the children of John McAdam of Waterhead and the family of Andrew McAdam. It also clearly shows there were other McAdam cousins in the area. It clearly explains what happened to the Waterhead property rights to the head of the family. The belief that the oldest son inherited the property is not correct. Sons and daughters all inherited property rights which could be passed to their children. Daughters were married with dowries which often included such property rights, passed on from several grandparents. At the end of his life, Andrew only occupied 1/3 of the original Waterhead Charter, Bromehill and Fingland which is in Dalry Parish some distance away. The rest was equally divided between his wife and two daughters. The apparent arranged marriage with a McAdam nephew, Gilbert kept 1/3 of the property and title of Waterhead in the family and combined two McAdam family lines. 2. Andrew McAdam, cb. 1520) obtained a Crown Charter to the Waterhead property in 1569. He died in 1587. He married Christine Kennedy who died in 1602. Their two daughters were: i.... Margaret married first cousin Gilbert McAdam, son of Quintine of Smeaton about 1580 ii... Janet married William Cunningham of Polquare, Ochiltree, Ayrshire. She died in 1604 3. Gilbert McAdam, son of Quintine McAdam of Knockengorroch and Smeaton was the husband of Margaret, daughter of Andrew McAdam of Waterhead. Gilbert died before 1624. Donald McAdam in Waterhead was his Servitor who died in 1605. Donald's heir was Gilbert McCaddame in Waterhead who married Miss. Dun. The known children of Gilbert McAdam of Waterhead: i...... William, heir to Waterhead ii..... John (Ancient valuation roll has John listed as owner of Wathehead who had son, William of Knockengorroch, however the next heir was Gilbert's son, William. iii.... Quintine of Craigengillan, his son, John of Craigengillan get liferent of Waterhead. iv.... Janet married William Shaw, son of George Schaw of Glenmure v..... Margaret possibly married Alexander Gordon in Nether Knockgray vi.... Christian, b. 1595 married 1624 John Gordon of Ardwall, Lady Cardoness, died 1628 4. William McAdam was the next heir to Waterhead and had sasine in 1621 (d. 1662) He married married Bessie Fullerton. Their children were: i.... Gilbert, younger of Waterhead ii... Jean married Alexander Gordon, younger of Knockgray 7/4/1659 John, listed as owner on valuation rolls 1642 - 1682 was son of Quintin of Cragengillan 5. Gilbert McAdam, (cb. 1598 ­ d.1685) was the son of William McAdam and Bessie Fullerton. Gilbert, fiar of Waterhead died before 1682 and is buried at Carsphairn. He married Jean Cunningham, d/o John Cunningham of Aikett. He was killed at a prayer meeting in Kirkmicheal. Family records write that Gilbert* married Miss. Dun and Roger Dun is referred to as his father-in-law. However, documents where both men are listed confirm that this Gilbert was a servator of Gilbert of Waterhead, who was the son of Donald, also a tenant at Waterhead. Their known of children of Gilbert McAdam owner of Waterhead and Jean Cunningham were: i.... James born 1615 ii... Daughter born 1618 iii. Christina b. 1624 married John Gordon (This Gilbert in Waterhead was the one arrested for harboring famous John Welsh and other leaders who fled from Bothwell field and sent to America. His father-in-law, James Dun purchased his freedom. This family is from the original Craigengillan line who lost title that may have been be tied to liferents at Waterhead for at least 3 generations.) 6. James McAdam (born 1615, d. 1687), son of Gilbert, married Dorothea Cunningham d/o of James Cunningham. James served heir in 1681 and was active in the Covenanter movement. He is buried at Carsphairn next to his father, Gilbert in the McAdam crypt. His tombstone reads" "Reader behold in death so cold Two Waterheads here ly, Who in our night yt. give light Truth's champions in their day Protectors brave lo here yr. grave In ......of day Their souls above the .... With saints do sing for Ay" Their known children of James McAdam and Dorothea Cunningham were: i.... James McAdam cb. 1636 married Janet Crawford. ii... Elizabeth, possible daughter cb. 1632 married Adam Wright 29 May 1651 iii.. Adam of Brekinsyde possible son 7. James McAdam, (cb. 1662) son of James and Janet Crawford of the Crawford family in Loudon in Ayrshire, married in 1715 to Margaret Reid d/o John Reid of Mid Helliar, Ayshire, late in life and their children were: A/i...... James married Susanna Corchrane B/ii..... Gilbert of Merkland, married Sarah Kilby Cunningham C/iii.... William married Anne Dey - was a merchant in New York died there 1774. E/iv......John, died before 1750, daughter Mary McAdam w/o Robert Maitland died in New York City. F/v......Mungo born 1700 8. James McAdam heir succeeded in 1744 was the son of James and Margaret Reid. A. James (cb. 1723, d. 1770) married Susanna Corchrane in 1745, d/o John Cochrane of Waterside and Hannah de Witt. He was one of the founders of the Bank of Ayr and died in 1770. Due to bank failures in Scotland and other poor investements James sold the ancient Waterhead property which no longer remained in the family. Their children were: i...... James, Capt. in the Army died in the South Seas unmarried ii..... Jocobina, died unmarried iii.... Gissel marred Adam Stewart iv.... Elizabeth died unmarried v..... Catherine died unmarried vi.... William Hannah married Capt. Shaw vii... Sarah b. 1759 died unmarried viii.. child died young ix.... child died young x..... John Loudon b. 1756, d.1836 married Golriana Margarita Nicoll. The Children of John Loudon and Golriana McAdams were: a. ... .William, married Jane d/o Capt. Pichard, children were: i. William, ii. Christopher, iii,George, iv.Selina, v.Susan, and vi.Jane. b......James Nicol, c..... John Loudon, jr., d..... Glorana Margaretta e..... Georgiana Keith f...... Ann, w/o James Sanders. B. Gilbert, cb. 1715 In Scotland he was known as Gilbert of Merkland. He married 25 Sept. 1757 Sarah Kilby Cunningham d/o Christopher Kilby in New York. The Kilby family had been in New York since the early days of the Dutch. They had accumulated large property holding and much wealth and social position. Gilbert was a Captain in the military and "aid to Camp" the Earl of London. Before the end of the war the family returned to Scotland. i..... Clarke Kilby married Joanne Rachael Nicoll, heir to 1/3 of Blue Point in Islip. ii.... James married Miss. McKinly, d/o Robert McKinly master of Ship Cornwallis iii... John died before 1771 iv... Christopher v.... William married Sarah Smith vi... Martha C. William, born 1725 married Anne Dey 12 Dec. 1764 in New York City. He died there in 1779. The family had no issue. William was a member of the "Committee of Correspondence of 51" organized by Samuel Adams and Paul Revere. When the war came he remained loyal to the Crown. D. John died before 1750 and his estate was settled by his brother, Gilbert. A daughter believed to be Mary McAdam in New York, married Col. Richard Maitland, Adjutant General of the British Forces in America. They had 3 sons, Richard, Peter, one unkown. Mary died in New York in 1787. F. Mungo born 1700 .


John McAdam, tenant in Waterhead - had 7 sons and 4 daughters. Quintin was his second son and brother to Andrew McAdam of Waterhead. 2. Quintine McAdam of Knockengorroch and Smeaton was the son of John McAdam, tenant of Waterhead and brother of Andrew McAdam owner of Waterhead. His son, Gilbert married Margaret, daughter of Andrew. He married (1) Jonet Grier, d. 1582 (2) Elizabeth Ferguson, d. after 1602. Known children were: a.... Gilbert who married his cousin Margaret, daughter of Andrew of Waterhead. b.... Quintin of Smeaton, younger heir in 1630 c.... John d.... George e.... Robert, Over Smeaton, Nether Smeaton, son Quintin of Nether Smeaton 1662 had married Margaret Stienstoun in 1624 and they had son, Robert b. 1629, his son , Quintin b. 1671. f.... Sibilla (Elizabeth) g... Janet, d. 1618 married John McCornock, was servitor to Quintin until 1602. h.... Margaret When Quintine McAdam died in 1602 his eldest son, Gilbert of Waterhead had inherited farms from his uncle/father in law Andro of Waterhead. His father's properties were divided up between his 3 sons. 1.... John of Waterhead got Over Knockengorroch, son William married Jean McMillian, children, Jean, Margaret, Robert and William. 2.... William of Waterhead got Strahanna, Craignane, Glenlee, 3.... Quinten of Craigengillan got Over Smeaton 3. Duncan McAdam, son of John McAdam of Waterhead married Elizabeth Mason. He was Burgess in Milton, Stair and moved to Privick near Ayr where he died in 1601. He had title as Burgess of Ayr. Thomas Kennedy owned a merkland of Milton. Milton and Privick were the only mills listed in Ayrshire where Ducan probably dealt in farm products from the Waterhead estate. A document dated 1601 mentions Margaret McAdam spouse of James Tourk, Sally McAdam, Dowie McAdam and Marrion Dobbie. Elizabeth's estate names children: 1. Andrew 2. Maybe Duncan McAdam, a merchant in St. John's Clachan who died in 1620. 3. David 4. Jonet 5. Margaret 4. George McAdam, son of John McAdam of Waterhead died in Longford before 1595. His daughter, Christian was also decesed and her brother, David McAdam is named to handle the family afairs. 5. Thomas McAdam, son of John McAdam of Waterhead believed to have moved to County Cork, Ireland before 1595. A Thomas and his son, John McAdam are mentioned in records in 1599. 6. William McAdams, son of John McAdam of Waterhead lived in Brownhills with David McAdam of Brownhills found in 1594. John and George McAdam appear there in 1611.

Other McAdam family members

Peter McAdam b. 1603 in Glenhead married Jean Cathcairt abt. 1621 Their children were: a. Janet b. 1621, b. John cb. 1631 c.William, b. 1632 Peter, b. 1621 and his son Peter was born in 1646. Several family members moved to Glasgow. John McAdam a merchant in Edingburgh 1607 married Marion Geichane. John McAdam in Enff (Arrow) in 1622 son , John married Margaret Steinstoun in 1631, their children: a. John, cb. 1635, b. Andrew, born 1638 married Agness Cinklar. George McAdam in Bow married Grisel M'Millian estate in 1694. McAdam of Dalmellington Andrew McAdam had title to Land of Overgrief in Cumnock in 1512 and his wife was Janet Campbell. One of their sons was Donald who had posession of tenant lands in Erwy (Dalmellington area). He redeemed a merkalnd of Over Longford to Greirsons of Lag dated 1517. He married Elizabeth Sinclair and was dead by 1522. Their children in documents were: 1. Andrew, his heir, married Marion Grier or Grierson and had title to Old Craigengillan. 2. Alexander- exc. to his father. 3. Donald married Janet McIlvery who lived in Lochenbrek and was deceased by 1583. In Lochenbrek the same year was John McAdam and Thomas McAdam his cautioner along with Barnard Welsche. Donald and his son, Quintin probably were the one who appear as servitors at Watehead . In early records of the family, Andrew McAdams, a resident in Mossdaill, Dalmellington signed on a document with John McAdam of Waterhead and his son, Andrew and John McAdam were in Clauchane of Dalmellington dated 1544. The McAdam of Dalmellington cross reference in records with the McAdam of Knockgray, Carminno, St. John's Clauchane. In the valuation rolls the Gordon's owned Knockgray and Carminnos and the McAdam on these farms were tenants in the 1560 's through about 1640. George McAdam in Dalmellington is listed with his sons, Andrew and William in 1657