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On the list Lord Fermoy submitted to the Earl of Essex on promise of pardon as provision to his entering into rebellion is James, son of Thomas McAdam dated 21 Aug. 1599. Both Thomas and James McAdam appear on the Tithe Applotment list, Vol. 7, dated 1558-1603 relating to Counties of Cork and Kerry.


MacAdam of Blackwater House

The MacAdam of Blackwater originally are from ancient Scottish origin to the McAdam of Waterhead. The first known in the family who obtained footing in Clare was the Cromwellian officer, Col. John MacAdam, who held Bunratty Case and most gallantly defended it during its protected siege in 1641. He was ultimately killed there, and under its walls, it is said, still lie his remains.

Philip MacAdam of Churchland House purchased the Blackwater property from John Craven, his father-in-law. The MacAdam family previously held title to the adjoining land that passed out of their hands and title was lost. A portion of the old family lands was re-acquired in 1684. Philip had 3 sons, Philip, John, and Thomas. Philip died unmarried in 1729. John, a naval officer, unmarried was killed in the South Seas, and Thomas inherited the estate.

Every now and then we get a bit of information that unlocks new information. It was thought that Thomas McAdam, as son of James MacAdam of Waterhead went to County Clare in about 1598. He is first listed in 1599 promoised a pardon for entering ito a rebellion, obiously he was in the military. This date is before Scotland and England was the United Kingdom. He was there with his son, James in 1603 relating to the counties of Cork and Kerry. Between 1626 - 1640's members of this family were in the military stationed at Antrim. Thomas and Philip McAdam cb. 1635, are stated to be sons of Col. John McAdam who was killed at Bunratty Castle. Andrew, John and James McAdam are also listed in Co. Antrim in this time peroid.

Philip has always been listed as a resident of Co. Clare, but the fact is that he also lived in Co. Antrim. It was not until 1684 when he purchased the Blackwater Estate from John Craven and retuned to Co. Clare where he is buried. His son, John Craven McAdam became heir to his father and remained in Co. Clare. Some of the family of Philip, his brothers, only one known, Thomas and sister Rebecca who married Tobies Wilson, remained in Co. Antrim, but there were probably others. The fact is that records in this family is found in both Co.Clare, Co. Clare and Belfast. Out of these families comes familar McAdam given names not used in Scotland. It appears to be the origin of Hugh, Isaac, Henry, Charles and Thomas. Thomas is a fairly common name in Scotland, but is not that common outside this family.

Hugh McAdam, born 1759, a son of Thomas and a grandson of John Craven lived in Co. Antrim. His children William, b. 1795, Mary Ann, b. 1797 and Teresa, b. 1799.

Philip McAdam, b. 1635 married Margaret Craven amd established the McAdam of Blackwater House but came from Co. Antrim. Children were:

i. Margaret , b. 1686
ii. Philip, b. 1688
iii. Rebecca, b. 1690
iv. John Craven, b. 1692 - moved to Co. Clare
v. Eleanor, b. 1695

Co. Clare

Philip McAdam of Gortatogher, cb. 1688, d. 1729, married Ellen Nash, d/o Windawn
and Marrige Nash. His will mentions his brother, Thomas and his children were:
1. Mary, married William Edomon Bolam
2. Phillip
3. Maurice
4. Margaret married William Meroney
5. Ellen married Michael R. Byan
John Craven McAdam, son of Thomas married Margaret McGee in 1723. Their children were:

i. Thomas, b. 1724, married Cathriene
ii. Philip, b. 1726, married Cathie in 1756
iii. Charles, b. 1730 married Catherine Susan Ellis 1753

Philip McAdam, son of John Craven McAdam of Co. Clare died 3 May 1785 and estate went to wife Catherine and children not named. He owned lands of upper Gortatacgher that was under lease to Mr. Nash.


Cathrine McAdam of the City of Limerick, d. 1 May 1794 at Churchland Co. Clare, adm. to Rev. Joseph Baylee D.D., also the estate of Mary McAdam, her sister, dated 14 April 1863 filed in Belfast.

Mary McAdam of Harbour, Terr., Queenstown, Cork, at Queenstown, d.8/16/1863 filed in Belfast.

Dublin Records

Grantors Index of Deeds in Dublin

Philip McAdam to Carnody - 1708 to 1729
Henry McAdam to Conne 1730 - 1745
Thomas McAdam to Nash 1746 to 1758
James McAdam to Hutchinson 1758 - 1768
Philip McAdam to Broning, Halfpenny, Holland and other - 1758 - 1768
George McAdam to Moore, Isaac McAdam to Ferguson, Thomas McAdam to Craig
and Sinclair all dated 1768 -1776
Isaac McAdam to Ferguson, Philip McAdams to Browing, Thomas McAdams to
Ferguson 1777- 1785
Edmond McAdam, cb. 1775 married Bridget McInnery in 1807. Children listed:
i.... Joseph, b. 1808
ii... Mary, b. 1810
iii.. John, b. 1820, married Caroline Richardson, children: John Augusta, b. 8 Sept. 1855, Robert Lewis, b. 1857, and Mary, b. 1859

Co. Donegal

Muster roll of Co. Donegal dated 1626
At Barony de Rapho - Lord Duke of Lynox listed is John McAdam with arms of sword
and calleuer.
At Barony de Rapho - Lady Cunningham widow of Sir James Cunningham is listed James
McAdam with sword and pike. This is entry may have been mis-read from McAdome an
old McAdam spelling due to the fact that these Cunninghams were McAdam cousins and
James is listed with Ninia Fullerton, and others who appear to be McAdam cousins.
At Barony de Rapho - James Cunningham listed is Mathew McCadame along with many
familiar names appearing in McAdam records such as: Gilmore, Rogers, Smith, Brown, Muir,
Gills, Lockhart, Robinson, Galbreth, Alexander, Willy and others.

Donald McAdam on Hearth Money Rolls of 1665 in Parish of Killemard.

Robet McAdam son John was baptised 19/2/1807 in Rathmelton, wife not given.

John McAdams, a shoemaker married Milly McAfferty in Rathmelton. He died in
Ballyhoe 6/5/1864. Some children were:
i.....Alexander bt. 04/7/1841
ii....Robert bt. 22/11/1843
iii...Catharine bt. 30/8/1846

William McAdams married Elizabeth Taylor 10/11/1809 in Rathmelton

Robert McAdams children at Bridge-end, wife not given.
i.....Jane bt. 2/5/1821
ii....Nancy bt. 2/5/1821
iii...Jane bt. 11/12/1825

Alexander McAdams married Margaret Stewart 2 June 1808 in Rathmelton.
i....David bt. 15/8/1808

David McAdams married Sarah Jane Coyle 2 Jan 1828 in Rathmelton. The family lived at
i.... Robert bt. 24/12/1831
ii....Matty bt. 14.12.1833
iii...John bt. 15/10/1835
iv...Elizabeth bt. 6/12/`840
v....John bt. 5/4/1843

James Hamilton and Martha McAdams of Woodside son, James McAdams bt. March 1831.

Joseph McAdams married Biddy Murray 17 July 1848 in Rathmelton and lived at Bridge-end.
Briget died 14 Aug. 1900 at age 56.
i.....Mary b. 18/5/1851
ii....Robert b. 4/11/1855 died 23 Aug. 1911 age 45
iii...Anne b. 27/7/1856 married James Cartin 25 Dec. 1891.
iv...Leticia b. 3/8/1862
v....Thomas b. 21/1867 in Londonderry, d. 15 March 1960 at age 93. Married Mary Ann Gillespie
16 Dec. 1895. Mary Ann died 16 July 1961 age 84 and was the daugther of Frances and Annie Gillespie
of Derry.
Thomas was a promient figure in soccer circles on the old Derry Celtic eleven.
i..... Thomas died 3 June 1902 age 1 year 6 mo.

Robert, Mary and Margaret left for America in 1854 from Rathmelton on Bark Argentina bound
for Philadelphia.

William McAdams a labourer living at Bridge-end married Jane Morrison 17/2/1857

Robert McAdam, a shoemaker married Eliza Alcorn and lived at Bridge-end.
i.....Elizabeth b. 6/5/1864.

James McAdams wife Anne Connor lived at Ballyhoe
i. Mary b. 29 Jan. 1866

Eliza McAdam of Woodside died 5/6/1863
Martha McAdamsof Ballyhoe, widow died 5/9/1867 at age 90.
Martha McAdam, parents not given bt. 10/11/1867
Martha McAdam of Bridge-end was the mother of Walter b. 28/4/1888.
Nancy McAdams, spinster died 10/1/1889 at Rathmelton, her sister Jane was informant.
Jane McAdams, spinster died 30/3/1890 at age 67. Martha her niece was informant.
Martha McAdam of Rathmelton died 17/12/1895
Martha McAdams, husband not given, son, James b. 11/6/1899 at Bridge-end.

Daniel McAdam, was a resident of Inshwen, Fahan Upper Tievebane in 1841 - 1851.
His wife was Elizabeth, children:
i. Margaret 18
ii. Daniel 16
iii. William, 14
iv. Hannah 8
v. Andy 5
vi. John 5.

Edward Joseph Macadam, born 10 May 1830 in Glentiles was son of Francis Macadam born
in Liverpool in 1799. Joseph married Mary Bradshaw i n 1856. Their children all born near
Liverpool between 1857 and 1870 were:
ii. Joseph Francis Mcadam b. 18 Jan. 1859 married Mary Hughes and moved to
Buenos Aires, Argentina. Their children were:
b.....Evelyln Mary
c.....Lorine Mary


Bernard McAdam died in Cavan Co. His son, James was born in Co. Monoghan in 1800 and
migrated to Georgia in America. His sons, Barney, b. 1832 and James all arrived in New York
abt. 1840.
Terrance McCadam married Margaret Herbert, da. Eliza b. 14 March 1865 - Belturbet
William McAdam married Margaret Graham - Ashfield - no dates

McAdam of Gartenane

The first known is William McAdam (b. 1796 - d. 1852) who lived on a farm called Gartenane near
Bailieboro in County Cavan. He married Mary Thornton (b. 1806 - d. 1848) The Thornton
family lived in Ardragh, Co. Monoghan and her brother was, David.

Mary & William McAdam had a son , Thomas. When his uncle, David died, he left the house to his nephew, Thomas, so
he was the first McAdam in this line to live in Co. Monoghan. Thomas had 3 brothers and sisters,
none of whom married....John, James, Margaret and William. Thomas married Mary Ann Fleming,
and their son was, John James Thornton McAdam who married Christina Scott,and their children:
Thomas & Mary. Family records of David McAdam - mcadamd at

Co. Mayo

1623 Register of Land Holdings in Ireland from the Straford Inquistion
of County, Mayo
Gilbert Duffe McAdam with 5 Gnives in Ballymcadam.
William McAdam with 2 Gnivens in Ballymcadam.
Richard McAdam with 2 Gnivens in Ballymcadam,
Moyler Duffe McAdam with 3 half Cartons in Ballymcadam at Orsaid.
Herbert, Boyle, and Richard McAdam owned 1 carton of Ballymcadam.
Thomas McAdam had 1 carton of Ballymcadam.
The name Ballymcadam is found near Tralee and Cogheen. There two townlands in Ireland named Ballymacadam, really three. There are Ballymacadam East and Ballymacadam West, adjacent townlands. They combine an area of over 600 acres and lie in the Parish of Caher (Cahilr) in the Union of Cologheen, in the county of Tipperary in the South of Ireland about 40 miles east of Cork. The other Ballymcadam is about 172 acres in the Parish of Castleisland about 8 miles east of Tralee and about 10 miles north of Killarney. These lands were issued to settlers in the Elizabethan Plantation of Munster in the 16th Century. These McAdames here are probably the decendednts of Thomas McAdam, the son of John McAdam of Waterhead.

Other Records

William McAdam married Ann McEwin, a daughter, Eliza Jane b. 30 Nov. 1818 in Thurlo.
William McAdam married Elizabeth Askin 30 Nov. 1820 in Kilmoremoy.
William McAdam wife not recorded children - Isaac, bt. 3 Apil 1820 Ballinsam died Longafoil 12 April 1906 age 54, William bt. 7 Sept. 1820 Ballyhover.

Martha McAdam married Thomas Carson 13 Feb. 1846 in Bellysakerary.
Letitia McAdam married Robert Henderson, Co. Sligo, 2 April 1844 wintesses Robert Rossbotham and John Guer.

Elizabeth McAdam of Balyguin married James Beckett of Mohina, 12 March 1850.

Suzanna McAdam of Longafoil married Robert Hall Evans of Ballylahan, 22 July 1864 witnesses William and Essie McAdam.

Hugh McAdam married Ellen Robinson in 1867 in Knock. (Ellen is buried in Belfast.)

Mary McAdam of Turlough married Samuel McLean of Knockanower witnesses Thomas Williams and Margaret McLean. - no date.

James McAdam wife not recorded da - Jane bt. 2 Sept 1819, Letitia bt. 5 Nov. 1821.
James McAdams (recorded as Adams) and Hannah McCartey, some children - Thomas,
bt. 9 March1846, James bt. 1849, David Boyd bt. 13 Sept. 1852, Joseph, bt. 19 Feb. 1855
James McAdam died 10 July 1859 age 92
James McAdam died 12 July 1859 age 85

The names of Samuel's and Sara's seven sons are:
William, Stephen, Samuel, Alfred, Joseph, David, and Charles.
Copied from website:
Samuel McAdam & Eliza Henderson/Sarah Wiggins White of Huron Co. Canada
Samuel McAdam was born in Scotland abt. 1826 and at the age of two his family moved to Co. Mayo, Ireland. Samuel married Eliza Henderson 1845 in Co. Sligo and they had four children - James, Robert, Sidney, and Mary The family emigrated to Huron Co., Ontario about 1855. After Eliza died Samuel married Sarah Wiggins White, a widow with two children. She died in 1878. Samuel and Sarah had 7 sons - Sidney, Catherine, William, Stephen, Samuel, Alfred and Joseph.

Samuel McAdam wife not recorded, b 1776, d. 10 Aug. 1852 age 70, son, Samuel who died
12 Jan. 1862 age 86, David McAdam, b. 1810, died March 1884 age 74, also a son John bt. 9 April
1822 Caramore.
Samuel McAdam, Jr, Esq (farmer and miller) wife Ann, a son name not recorded born in
Lakeview, Nov. 1850, Sydney, b. 1 Setp. 1851 at Park.
Samuel McAdam, b. 1824, died 2 Oct. 1872, age 48, wife Jane died 5 Aug. 1874, da Elizabeth died
1874 age 20, Rebecca d. 1876, age 16.

Robert Nesbitt McAdam and Ellen Hawkshaw lived in Logafoil - some children, Jane, b. 9 Aug. 1882,
Eleanora b. 15 Dec 1887, James Henry b. 4 Feb. 1893, Lucy Maria, b. 10 Sept. 1894.

Research Material from Francis Dowling

Research material from a Francis Dowling, a genealogical researcher with the Irish
Professional Genealogists near Dublin. It was a long two year struggle to get this material.
The following baptisms were listed:
Sept 2 1819 in Ballyquin, Jane dau. Of James McAdam.
April 3 1820 in Ballinsam, Isaac, son of William McAdam.
Sept 7 1820 in Ballyhover, William, son of William McAdam.
Nov 5 1821 in Ballyquin, Letitia dau. of James McAdam.
Apr 9 1822 in Coramore, John son of Samuel McAdam.
April 5 1855 Eliza dau. of Samuel and Jane McAdam.
June 2 1857 Robert Nesbitt, son of Samuel and Jane McAdam.
May 16 1859 Alexander Thomas, son of Samuel and Jane McAdam.
Feb 7 1861 Rebecca dau. of Samuel McAdam & Jane Jenkins in Loganfoil.
Feb 4 1893 James Henry, of Robert Nesbitt McAdam & Eleanor Hawkslow.
May 10 1893 Lucy dau. of Robert Nesbitt McAdam & Eleanor Hawkslow.


There are no McAdam marriages recorded in the early years of the
Turlough register. The first ones recorded are as follows:
March 12, 1850 - Elizabeth McAdam dau. of James Mcadam of Ballyquinn to
James Beckett.
July 22 1864 - Susanna McAdam age 15, dau. of Samuel McAdam of Loganfoil
to Robert Hall Evans.


Aug. 5 1874, Loganfoil, Jane widow of Samuel, age 47.
Dec. 26 1874 Loganfoil, Lizzie, dau. of Samuel McAdam.
May 29 1876 Loganfoil, Rebecca McAdam, age 15.
July 19 1856 - Mrs. ? Mcadam age 80.
July 10 1859 - James McAdam age 92, a native of Saintfield, Co.
Down, came as one of the first colonists.
Jan. 12 1862 - Samuel, age 87, an elder of the church.
We pay special attention the record above because it offers clues to McAdam relationships in different parts of Northern Ireland, especially to Co. Down, Mayo, and Belfast. This records is a unclear as if James was a colonist in Co. Sligo, Mayo or his family was a colonists in Co. Down. Mrs. McAdam looks to be the wife of James and Samuel was his brother. There is a consistent record that the McAdam in Co. Down lived to a very old age.
July 19 1856 Mrs. ? Mcadam age 80 b. 1776
July 10 1859 James McAdam age 92 b. 1767 a native of Saintfield, Co.
Down, came as one of the first colonists.
January 12 1862 Samuel, age 87 b. 1775 an elder of the church.


These wills are listed in the Belfast records.
Jane (Jenkins) McAdam of Logafoil Co. Mayo, widow of Samuel, d. 5 Aug. 1874 at
Logafoil will proven at Ballina oath by Rev. John Gairns and Robe Evans.
(Will no. 123) Some children of Jane and Samuel - Eliza, bt. 5 April 1855, Robert Nebitt,
bt. 2 June 1857, Rebecca, bt. 7 Feb. 1861.
David McAdam, Carrowkoen, Newport, Co. Mayo farmer d. 21 March 1884 Adm. to James McAdam of Carrowkoen a farmer, his only child. (Will no. 14)

Giffith's index list McAdames at, Tawley, Burrreshoole, Carra, Turlough Parish, Castbar Union, Kilmoremoy Parish in 1857.

James M'Adam in Ballyguin Twp, Turlough Parrish, Castlebar Union
(James is listed twice in a row, so does he have 2 adjoining parcels or are there two James?),
Samuel M'Adam in Lugaphuill Twp, Ballyhean Parrish, Castlebar Union,
William M'Adam in Westland Twp, Ballyhean Parrish, Castlebar Union,
David M'Adam in Carrowkeel Twp, Burrishoole Parrish, Newport Union,
William M'Adam in Cloontykillew Twp, Kilmoremoy Parrish, Ballina Union
(David is listed twice in a row, so does he have 2 adjoining parcels or are there two Williams?)

Co. Monoghan

see Monoghan and Fermanagh in Northern Section as most families are related

Co. Meath

John McAdams, cb. 1791 lived in Moortown and married Mary Tighe Hopkins abt. 1815.
They migranted to America abt. 1850 and settled near Decatur , Michigan. Their children were:
1. William b. 1816 married Elizabeth Reay from Colpe, 4 June 1846
2. Mary married Nicholus Duggan, 1845,
3. Susanna married William Neil 1856
4. Eliza

Co. Sligo

County Sligo and Co. Mayo
The McAdam in Co. Sligo and Co Mayo were related.
William McAdam married Susanna Allen 26 June 1815 in Co. Sligo, St. Johns.
Samuel McAdam, age 24, married Elizabeth Henderson, age 24 on 7 August 1845 in Co. Slligo. At the time of the ceremony, Samuel was a farmer, resident in Ballyguin, parish of Turlo. Samuel's father is James McAdam, farmer. Elizabeth's rank is listed as farmer's dau, residence at Bally. Her father is Robert Henderson, farmer. The witnesses for the marriage are Thomas MacAdam and Robert Henderson Jr.

James McAdam of Turlough Parrish, Ballyguin.
Robert Henderson and Letitia McAdam also in County Sligo for 2 April 1844. Letitia's father is also a James McAdams. Leititia is Samuel's sister and Elizabeth is Robert's sister.

Co. Galway


Catherine McAdams, daughter to Patrick McAdams, first gunner Royal Artillery, of Meelick Batty, Co. Galway. She married at home and came to America in 1840 to settle in the State of New York. Should this meet the eye of any person knowing her, they will confer a favor by writing to her brother, Patrick McAdams, Orono, Maine.

Irish McAdam Death Records before 1870 (all counties)

Name Ref. No. Date .

Margaret McAdam at Knocksticken 153198 02/05/1839
Bridget McAdam at Gilford 2400691 10/14/1869
Eleanor McCaddam at Gilford 1015876 08/08/1756
George McCaddom at Gilford 1185379 01/29/1766
Mary McAdam at Quay 926343 02/05/1746
Elizabeth McCaddam at Quay 1012072 08/24/1755

Strip search of Irish Marriage records before 1870

Name - Re. - I.D. No. - Date married

Abigail CP 2013567 04-12-1852 ---
Annie CI 955193 03-11-1865 Servant
Ann Jane PR 767472 04-10-1828 ---
Agnes PR 698352 05-09-1857 ---
Catherine PR 767130 10-05-1821 ---
Catherine PR 768096 04-19-1822 ---
Catherine PR 704252 04-06-1867 ---
Daniel RC 213875 01-30-1851 ---
David CP 2013548 02-01-1851 Confer.
Dalzell CP 1185923 06-14-1763 ---
Elisabeth CI 944225 10-04-1862 ---
Ellen CI 1073151 12-06-1855 ---

Hugh Henry PR 2156103 07-27-1859 Clerk
Jane CI 525038 01-23-1849 ---
James CP 2221249 03-01-1848 Labour
James RC 465288 10-29-1849 Mason
James CI 541188 11-04-1860 Flax
James PR 2622234 03-02-1865 Mason
James PR 1332493 03-18-1864 Bookkeper
James CI 504348 04-18-1851 Labour
James CI 961037 02-17-1857 Labour
John PR 1690276 07-12-1847 Cabin
John CP 2216377 09-13-1849 Labour
John CI 524478 03-26-1854 Labour
John CP 2092415 10-03-1856 Labour
John CP 2007890 09-25-1849 Labour
John CI 2668788 08 01-1860 Weaver
John CI 2087135 10-10-1864 Labour
John PR 1548839 04-19-1865 Labour
Joseph PR 702653 07-29-1845 Carpenter
Mary RC 532160 02-28-1835 ---
Margaret PR 702768 07-29-1850 ---
Martha CI 50589 04-08-1852 Spiner
Nathanial CI 2670954 01-15-1870 Weaver
Richard CI 517494 10-17-1856 Ironworker
Robert CI 1078268 03-03-1853 Labour
Robert CI 18847318 01-11-1857 Halter
Robert CI 559586 08-07-1866 Writer
Robert CI 373001 07-19-1862 Mechanic
Robert CI 2674428 04-16-1870 Weaver
Robert CI 2672874 03-28-1873 Weaver
Russel PR 744872 11-07-1757 M'Cadam
Russell PR 768623 08-14-1840 ---
Sarah CI 633162 09-01-1856 ---
Samuel PR 745166 01-27-1743 ---
Samuel CI 2674002 12-14-1868 Weaver
Samuel CI 2666142 07-14-1856 Carptner
Samuel CI 2674062 07-24-1871 Carptner
Samuel Ni. PR 1190132 07-13-1847 Merchant
Stewart CI 1942109 04-10-1865 Mechanic

Thomas PR 2008244 03-09-1850 Farmer
Thomas CI 731874 06-18-1850 Servant
Thomas PR 906472 10-15-1859 Farmer
Thomas PR 1333093 06-18-1865 Painter

William PR 767945 12-23-1812 ---
Willilam J. CP 2008892 04-05-1850 Pork
William J. CP 1508011 05-11-1855 Pork
William PR 899638 01-25-1861 Farmer
William CI 549203 11-08-1862 Labour
William CI 551297 02-10-1868 Labour
William J. CI 2643612 12-26-1862 Farmer

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