The folks around Waterhead say the last McAdam to live in the area sold out in the 1920's and moved to Australia. The people at the Heritage Center in Carspairn, Scotland have been contacted a few times by McAdam folks from Australia, but not much has been collected on them from this part of the World. Family records from here would be welcome which we will post to share with others.

Dr John Macadam

Dr. John Macadam was the son of William born at Northbank, near Glasgow May 1827. He became a medical student at the University of Glasgow. He first studied chemistry and be an assistant to Professor Gregory at the University of Edinburgh. He went of Melbourne in 1855 to fill the post of lecturer on Chemistry and Natural Science in the Scotch College in that city.

He was one of the first members of the Philosophical Institution of Victoria. He represented the District of Castlemaine in the Legislative Assembly of Victoria from 1859 to 1864 and was postmaster general in 1861. In May 1865 he met with an accident which greatly enfeebled him. In the autumn, however, he sailed for New Zealand to give evidence in a murder case. He died 2 Sept. 1865 of sea sick-ness on board the Alhambra. He left a widow and one son.


Sharon Ainsworth has provided some information about McAdam in Omeo where William and Margaret had settled. William Amos McAdam was the son of James McAdam and Margaret Ormiston of Haddington, East Lothaian, Scotland and in about1821 worked there as a farm hand. William married Margaret Young on 29 th May 1855 in East Lothian. They were in Liverpool on 4 June 1855 and boarded the Donald Mackay for Australia and arrived in Melbourne in August 1855. William died in 1900 at the age of 81.


Dorothy Parkes is a descendant of Margaret McAdam in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. She married John Pine. Dorothy can get back to Alexander McAdam, b. 1746 in Co. Monaghan, Ireland who married Isabella McConnal. Alexander died in Castle Douglas. Their son was Robert McAdam born in 1791 in Co. Monaghan, Ireland and he died in 1856 also at Castle Douglas, Scotland.

Anthony Forster McAdams

We have information on Anthony Forster McAdms, b. 11 Aug. 1861 who married Jane Harrop in Berwich-on-Tweed England 30 June 1884. He died in 1930 and is buried in London. He had a brothers, George and Joseph who apparently went to Australia. -
See marriage and birth records of Scotland as this family came from Gladsmuir.


George McAdam (b.1823) son of Robert McAdam 1786?-1856 and Agnes Campbell,
1790-1878 buried at the Castle Douglas Cemetery (Kelton?) in Scotland. married Mary
in Glasgow bound for Australia in 1855 aboard the ship "Ultonia" arriving in Melbourne,
Victoria in May 1855, where they settled in Lethbridge, near Geelong ,Victoria, and remained
there for most of their life.
If any one is interested in the Australian part of this McAdam line please let us know
and we will provide you with what we have at this stage.
Ken Thatcher

McAdams Australia from Co. Armagh, Ireland

Pat Rawlings Can anyone help me to progress further back into my families history as I seem to be struck at this moment and would there be any interest in our complete Australian family tree (extensive). I would love to link this tree back into Scotland.

Henry McAdam, b. 1798 Cloncore, Co. Armagh, d 1879 Cloncore married 4 Oct 1825 Cloncore to Mary Ann Wilson b 1804 d 11 April 1877 Cloncore. Their known children are:

i. Agnes b 1827
ii. William b 1829
iii. Elizabeth/Olivia b 6 Mar 1831 married 20 Nov 1866 to David Geddes
iv. David b 1833 Cloncore Ire. d 1908 Lillimur, Vic married 13 Oct 1854 Ann Jane Castles b 26 Apr 1831 Cloncore d 16 Mar.1904 Penola, South Australia. Emigrated to South Australia in 1855 on the "Constantine". They had eleven children.
v. Henry b 1835, Cloncore married 14 Nov 1859 Ireland to Martha Forbes. I think that Henry emigrated to Australia the same year as David but did not like the country and returned home to Ireland at some stage to marry one of the girls next door. One of his sons died in Glasgow in the early 1900's
vi. Eliza Ann b 1837
vii. Sarah Jane b 1840 Cloncore d 1881 Richmond, Melbourne, Aust. married 19 Mar 1868 to John Forbes (Brother of Martha) Emigrated to Australia in 1870 and arrived in Brisbane. They then travelled to Victoria and settled in Melbourne. There were seven children born here and the eldest of these, David, raised his siblings when their mother died not long after the youngest child was born.
viii. Racheal b 1842

I know that my ggrandmother visited relatives in Scotland and never went to Ireland and that one of Sarahs daughters returned to visit Ireland. She told a relative that the family came from Balquidder in Scotland at some early stage and then moved to Ballachulish before some members moved to Ireland

David McAdam, 4 May 1833 Cloncore, Co. Armagh, Ireland-d 11 Jan 1908 Lillimur,Vic.Aust m 4 Oct 1825 Ann Jane Castles 1831-1904 Penola.SA

David and Ann McAdam arrived in Adelaide (called at that moment in history Port Misery because of the conditions) on 1 July 1855 aboard the ship 'Constantine'. Within a short time Ann had had their first child and they found themselves in desperate straits, having to rely on the help of the destitute asylum in Adelaide to support them for about eighteen months. In 1856 David secured a job on a sheep station in Victoria called Bringalbert (situated near Edenhope) and four children were born in this area. The family then moved to Penola Sa where they settled permanently.

i. William McAdam 20 Sept 1855 Never married
ii. Sarah Jane McAdam 1857-1952 m 1877 to James Childs
(history available)
iii. David McAdam 1858-1944 m Jane Jones (history available)
iv. Racheal McAdam 1861-1947 m 1884 Edward John Smith 1862-1910
i. Edward John Smith 1884-1951 m Sophia Olive Cox
ii. John Edward Smith 1884-1951 m 1912 Elfreda Adelaide Whitebread (history available)
iii. Ann Jane/Alma Muriel Smith 1886-1980 m 1910 Victor William McLaren (history available)
iv. David Smith 1888-1968 m 1914 Catherine Munro (history available)
v. Catherine Smith 1889-1963 m 1911 Alfred Herman Presser
i. Clement Alfred Presser 1913-1977 m 1963 Margaret Vera Hudspeth
ii. John Hedley Presser 1915-1980 m (1) 1944 Anna Jessie Smith
i. Patricia Ann Presser 1945 m (1) 1966 Brian George Sprake
i. Belinda Ann Sprake b 1969 m 1995 Matthew John Vitiritti
i. Scott Keith Vitiritti b 1996
ii. Christine Judith Sprake b 1970
iii. Martin John Sprake b 1973 m 1999 Lisa Carol Johnson

m (2) 1996 Maxwell George Rawlings
ii. Catherine Reay Presser b 1949

(2) Thelma Jean Dart
iii. Hartley Arnold Presser b 1918 m 1943 Linda Eugenie Kraus
i. John Clement Presser b 1944 m 1971 Kathryn Dorothy Clelland
i. Jennifer Louise Presser b 1971 m 1995 Julien Yaxley
ii. Kirsty Ann Presser b 1974
ii. Adrian Robert Presser b 1946 m 1971 Marie Elizabeth Bounds
i. Sage Julien Micheal Presser b 1971
ii. Justin Adrian Presser b 1977
iii. Clare Heloise Presser b 1980
> iii. Diane Lyne Presser b 1950 partner Charles Filet
> i. Simon Filet b 1979
> ii. Aistia Nade Filet b 1982
> iii. Sophia Filet b 1987
> iv. Rex Presser b 1920 m 1946 Letty Marie Alton
i. Margaret Lynette Presser b 1947 m 1970 James Cassidy
> i. Elise Margaret Cassidy b 1973
> ii. Robert James Cassidy b 1975
> iii. Andrew Paul Cassidy b 1979
> iv. Micheal Stephen Cassidy b 1980
ii. Jennifer Lesley Presser b 1950 m 1973 Peter James Burchfield
> i. Katherine Ann Burchfield b 1975
> ii James Geoffrey Burchfield b 1978
> iii Elizabeth Margaret Burchfield b 1981
> iv Richard Leigh Burchfield b 1986
iii. Richard Ian Presser b 1952 m 1983 Ewa Wieczorek
> i. Samantha Ewa Presser b 1986
> ii Alexandra Cara Presser b 1989
> iii. Stephanie Amanda Presser b 1991
> iv. David Richard Presser b 1995
> vi. George Smith 1891-1916
> vii. Arthur Raymond Smith 1853-1957 m Vida Doris Whitbread (history available)
viii. Edna Sarah Smith 1896-1970 m Thomas Lewis
viiii. Irene Racheal Smith 1896-1963 m 1920 Charles Edwin Hicks history available
x Rex Smith 1899-1961 m 1925 Coral Palmer (history available)

v. George Wilson Mcadam 1862 -1951 m 1886 (1) Margaret Rankin
(2) Elizabeth Taylor Elllison (history available)
vi Robert McAdam 1864-1867
vii Dawson Hazelton Mcadam 1866-1958 m 1903 Louisa Emma Von Einen (history available)
viii. John McAdam 1868-1961 m 1892 Isabella McCalman (history available)
viiii Eliza Ann McAdam 1860-1947 m 1892 James Morrison Ross (history availbable)

x James McAdam 1872-1937 m Johanna Jones (history available)
xi. Martha Lavinia McAdam 1874-1959 m David Balnaves (history available)