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Fraser's Highlanders was raised in Scotland early in1757 to fight the French and Indian Wars. The troop sailed with Montgomery's troops to Halifax arrived there on June 1757. Fraser troops lead the battle of Plains of Abraham and they participated in the battle of Sillery. They saw duty in American in Lancaster Co., Penn. The troop returned to St. John's in Newfoundland and were disbanded in 1763. Officers and solders were given land grants in Canada. On the list discharged was George McAdam.

Settlers at Carlisle, New Carlisle, Quebec
Muster roll dated 21 Nov. 1797 - William McAdam

McAdam Junction, Canada

McAdam, New Brunswick, Canada. The villiage of McAdam is named after Hon. John McAdam. John, born 28 March 1807 in Co. Anrim, Ireland. This John emigrated to New Brunswick when he was 10 years old (1817). In early manhood he was in the lumbering business tha was prosperious. On 19 April 1835 her married Jane Ann Murchie, daughter of Daniel Murchie and Janet Campbell, both of Scotish origin and a resident of St. Stephen. John took active part in politicts, serving Charlotte Co. N.B. as a MLA for several years.

The villiage of McAdam was origniallly called City Camp. The junction of the European and North American Railway and the New Brunswick and Canada Railroad situlated on the parish of Prince William County of York. Connections were made here for St John, Frederecton, St. Andrews, St. Stephen, Woodstock, Newton, Maine and to Mattawanking. There was an uncompleted section of the European & North American Railroad between St. Croix and Mattawanking for about a distance of 50 miles which was opened around 1871. This line was to give St. John direct rail communications with the major cities in Canada and the United States. On December 16, 1941 the name of the town was changed from McAdam Junction to McAdam. W.A. Radstone states that no McAdam lives here now, but in St. Croix there were some appearing at later dates, namely: Hugh, John, and William McAdam who reported their occupation as laborers.

Miscellaneous Records

Henry McAdam came to Canada in 1787 to St. John. He died 12 Jan.1828 intestate adm. granted to his widow, Amelia McAdam, signed McAddam, bondsmen, Nat. Knight and Ellist Dyer all of St. John. Amelia states dec. left 5 children eldest 15, yougest a 2 year old daughter.

Jessie McKeel Stymest of St. John will dated 10 Nov. 1828 names daughters Cathrine Stevens, Elizabeth Hutchinson, Amelia McAdam, Sarah Watts, and Debera Spence. In the will of William Fraser, parish of St. Steven will dated 1826 names grandson, William McAdam.

John McAdam was witness for John Grace 1832 estate claimed by Mary Grace and paid by William Kelly.

The McAdams House of Blackwater claim that Henry MacAdam who married Helen O'Reilly migrated to Canada and was a judge of Upper Canada, London Co. in the 1850's.

Prince Edward Island

Michael McAdam, 289 Latourelle #3, Quebec, Canada, GIR IC7
Lauchin MacAdam is believed to arrived on Prince Edward Island, Canada in about 1770. He and his wife had 11 children.

i. Christina married Alan MacMillan ....................ii. Angus married Elen MacDonald
iii. Hugh married Miss MacIntyre ........................iv. Catherine married J. MacDermett
v. John married Miss MacIntyre Mary married John Foley
vii. James married Margaret MacIntyre ...............viii. Donald married Miss MacKinnon
ix. Nancy ...........................x. Alexander ...............xi. Sarah married Duncan MacIntyre

The name Donald, James, John, Hugh, and Alexander seems to be important names in this family. It may be that this family came from Perth, Scotland.

Ontario from Co. Mayo, Ireland

Berkeley Allen has been searching the McAdam family in Canada. His mother's people, McAdams were among the original settlers in the Ottawa Valley region of Ontario. The central person in his research was said to have been born in Antrim, Ireland of parents who immigrated to Ireland from Scotland. They were in Ireland only briefly before some or all of them immigrated to America.

The central person, William McAdam, allegedly born in Antrim, Ireland on Jan. 1, 1797 (the date has been confirmed) He married Annie McKeown (McEwin) born 1802 presumably in Ireland. A daughter, Liza Jane was born in Turlough Parish, Mayo County, Ireland Nov. 30, 1818 and a son, William born 1820. The family immigrated to Perth, Ontario Canada, Then Canada West on 9 Feb. 1821. From the 1842 census he found that two members of the family immigrated to Ontario from some location in the United States. One cousin, William McAdam of Traverse City, Michigan has exchanged information with him in recent years, but unfortunately he died .

Samuel McAdam & Eliza Henderson/Sarah Wiggins White of Huron Co.

Samuel McAdam was born in Scotland abt. 1826 and at the age of two his family moved to Co. Mayo, Ireland. Samuel married Eliza Henderson and they had four children - James, Robert, Sidney, and Mary The family emigrated to Huron Co., Ontario about 1855. After Eliza died Samuel married Sarah Wiggins White, a widow with two children. She died in 1878. Samuel and Sarah had 7 sons - William, Stephen, Samuel, Alfred, Joseph, David, and Charles.

After the death of Sarah Samuel followed his sons James and Robert to Manitoba and North Dakota. Robert later moved to Lousiana where Samuel died about 1890. Robert and James spent their last years in Southern Calilfornia. For additional information contact Robert McAdams or Claire Schneider at .

McAdam from Craigengillan

John McAdam, son of Alexander and Jane Dick married Janet Blair in 1805 at
Kirkoswald, Ayrshire. The original OPR on film shows her name as Blane/Blain/Blair
but the marriage is definitely Blair. Three of the children from this marriage were
registered in Maybole/Straiton/ Kirkoswald parishes. The children were:

i. Alexander, b. 1805,
ii. James, b. 1807
iii. Sarah, b. 1809
iv. Susan/Annie, b. 1812. Annie was originally named Susan or Susann,
Annie married James Davidson in 1833, their daughter, Sarah, b. 1848
married Robert Kerr.

Annie was born in Ayr where her parents, John and Janet moved to about 1810 or
11 where they remained to their death. Janet was alive in the 1841 census at about
67 years old but John was deceased.

Our McAdam of Craigengillan family records were given to James McAdams of
San Predro, Calif. by the present owners of the Craigengillan property when he visited
Scotland a few yearsback. These records include Karen's family line and states John
and Janet McAdam had sons, James and John.


Wm. McAdam died at Wigton married Elizabeth Thompson he would have had to be born around
1716 married 1736?

Thomas McAdam son of William died at Whitehorn possibly born around 1736 married ??

William McAdam son of Thomas died at Palnackie in 1832 born possibly around 1756 married
possible Jean Brown?

James McAdam son of William died at Gatehouse 1853 possible born around 1776 married possible
Janet Lawrie (Troqueer)

William son of James died at Camforth 1886 born 1796 and married Grace Hannay July 19 th 1825
Their children were:

Margaret 1828 Girthon
James 1831 "
John Long 1834 "
Margaret 1836 "

James McAdam son of William born 1831 married Agnes McKeand July 17th 1853
(Whithorn) their children were:

Elizabeth 1854
Robert 1856
James 1861
William 1867
David 1869
Nellie ?

Robert McAdam son of James born 1856 married Agnes Wright in 1880 in Glasgow their children
are my great aunts and uncles I have found all their birth, marriage and death cert except one.
This is where I need help. It has been told and handed down that Agnes Jane Batchelor
McAdam was born in Chicago Ill USA on October 01st 1880 in Cooks Co. in Chicago. He did take
a picture of the McAdam home in Abbotsford where they raised race horses.
Karyl Richards"

Hastings Co., Ontario, Canada

Thomas McAdam born in Ireland and Margaret McAdam moved to
Hasting Co., Ontario Canada before 1851.
Generation No. 2
2. THOMAS MCADAMS JR. (THOMAS1 MCADAM, SR.) was born 1825 in Greece,
and died 1858. He married AGNES NANCY STEWART, daughter of ISAAC STEWART
and AGNES MCKEE. She was born Bet. 1813 - 1817 in Scotland, and died September
19, 1883 in Huron Township, Bruce County, Ontario.

Children of THOMAS JR. and AGNES STEWART are:

i. WILLIAM JOHN MCADAM, b. Abt. 1851.
ii. ELIZABETH MCADAM, b. September 05, 1853; m. THOMAS GRAHAM,
April 22, 1874,
Thomasville, Huntington, Hastings County, Ontario.
iii. ISAAC MCADAM, b. November 03, 1855.

Generation No. 3
November 03, 1855.
He married MARY ANN WIFE OF ISAAC MCADAM December 29, 1875 in Huron
Township, Bruce County, Ontario. Children of ISAAC MCADAM and MARY MCADAM are:

i. AGNES MAY MCADAM, b. August 18, 1876.
ii. MARY ANN MCADAM, b. March 23, 1878.
iii. ELIZABETH JANE MCADAM, b. December 01, 1886.
iv. MARTHA ISABELLA MCADAM, b. October 25.
v. THOMAS JOHN MCADAM, b. December 25, 1885.
vi. WILLIAM ANDREW MCADAM, b. August 26, 1890.

Thomas McAdam witnessed the wedding of Martin Johnson and Hope Moore.
Thomas was an Innkeeper at Perth dated 10 July 1824.

1857 Directory of Ontario

James McAdam- Pakenham, Lanark, Hotelkeeper
John McAdam Pakenham, Lanark, prop Commerical Hotel
William McAdam, Frankford, Hastings - Innkeeper
William McAdam, London, Middlesex, Turner
William McAdam, Pakenham, Lankark, One of the early pioneers on the Mississippi.
William McAdam, Whitelake, Renfrew, Inkeeper

Ontario, Canada from Scotland - McAdam- McKenzie
Peter Stevenson
is a descended from a John McAdam, born in Scotland (possibly Glasgow?)c. 1770 died in London, Ontario, Canada c. 1840.
He was married to Ellen McKenzie who was christened in Carsphairn Galloway March 5 1784, parents John McKenzie &
Elizabeth McCready. John McAdam, his wife Helen and there seven children emigrated to Canada in 1819. His problem is
in pinpointing John's family in Scotland. We found no list a John McAdam being born in Scotland in 1770? nor a record
his marriage to Ellen McKenzie of Carsphairn, Scotland.


My name is Bob Jackson and I live in New Hampshire.
I'm not blood related to the McAdams, but Ebenezer McAdam of Montreal
married into my Brainard family of Hyde Park, Mass back in 1885. He
married Ednah Brainard, and their daughter Edith was born in 1892.
According to the Doggett/Brainard genealogy, Edith (Brainard) McAdam
died in Montreal in May 1893.
I have perhaps several photographs of Edith, and one anyway of Eben.
I have posted my favorite image of baby Edith McAdam with her
grandfather, Amos H. Brainard,
on the Ancient Faces web site. Please visit:


Thomas McAdam (born 9 June 1867 or 69 Cockermouth, England Died 14th February
1957 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada married Betsy Reay) - see Cockermouth, England
for family records.


Immigration Records to Canada.

1784 Donald McAdam to Nova Scotia
1787 Henry McAdam to St. John
1790 Hugh McAdam to Nova Scotia
1800 Archibald McAdam to New Brunswick
1800 John McAdam to Prince Edward Island
1814 Donald McAdam to Nova Scotia
1819 John and Elizabeth McAdam from Carspairn, Scotland
1822 Thomas McAdam to Ontario
1823 William McAdam, age 39 to Ontario
1833 James McAdam, Ontario
1841 James McAdam, Prince Edward Island
1853 William McAdam, Ontario
1886 J.M. McAdam to Vancouver, BC
1891 Peter McAdam age 68 to Prince Edward Island

Migrated to Ontario, Canada in 1871:
David McAdams, age 70
Daniel McAdam age 24
Robert McAdam, age 65
Samuel McAdam, age 57
John McAdam, age 52
Michael McAdams, age 41
Nathaniel McAdam, age 40
John McAdam, age 34
Robert McAdams, age 28
Alexander McAdam, age 22
Isabell McAdam, age 45
Quintin McAdam age 52
Thomas McAdam age 26
William McAdam age54
Isabella McAdams age 20
Mary Jane McAdams age 54,
John McAdams, age 46

To Toronto in 1871

Elizabeth McAdam, age 76 to Toronto
Isbella McAdam, age 39 to Toronto

The web-site of family of Samuel and Eliza Brown McAdam who emigrated from Ireland to Ontario, Canada in the 1820's.