Kentucky was orginially part of Virginia, so records of Kentucky, Ohio
and Virginia are not clear as to the locations as borders were redrawn
several times. Western Kentucky and Virginia was claimed by both
Penn. and Virginia.

Nelison Co.

1775 - Samuel and John McAdams appear on the Pittsburgh payroll records of Virginia
Troops from Augusta County.
1779 - Samuel sold his land in Yohogania Co. In 1780, he and brother William Alexander
appear in R/W records of Yohogania Co., Virginia.
1787 - Samuel McAdams on tax list also the tax to Samuel Wilson was charged to Samuel
McAdams. On list was Jonathon Irons (listed as Isons), James Craven, Lees and Lewis.

Samuel McAdams, b. 1749 in Virginia who married Sarah ? Samuel appears to be the
son of Alexander McAdams listed on the military roll in 1761 in Fredricks Co., Virginia and
who sold his land in Westmoreland Co., Penn. This the same area as the old county of
Yohogania was located and where Samuel sold his land in 1779.

In 1778 Samuel was awarded 400 acres for his Revolutionary War service and took up
residence on Pottinger's Creek in Jefferson Co., later Jefferson Co., Kentucky. He held
warants for a total of 1509 acres of land excuted on 12 June 1786. He held the rank of
Lieuteant in 1790. In 1812, he and his family moved to Harrison Co., Indiana. Samuel
had remarried Jemina d/o James Cravens in 1819. He wrote his will 29 Sept. 1824.
and names his children:
i......John, cb. 1775 married Rebecca Irons d/o Jonathan Irons
ii.....Mary, cb. 1776 married Michael Summers
iii....Daniel, cb. 1778 married Rebecca Hinton
iv....Alexander, cb. 1780 married Catherine Jupin
v.....Sarah, cb. 1786 married Ignatius Thompson
vi....William cb. 1788married Adria Nottingham
vii....Samuel b. 1790 married Eliza Nottingam
viii...Stephen cvb. married Eleanor Dinsmore
For more family records and information see:
"Some Ancestors of Eugene Perrot McAdams" or "Sons of Adam"

Alexander McAdams, cb. 1759 appears in records with Samuel McAdams in Yohogania
Co., Va. and is probably his brother. Her served in the Revolutionary War for 3 years in the
Contintenal Line of Virginia. He is referred to as William Alexander, his wife was Mary
and he had two children. He was issued land grants in New Jersey, but does not to
appeared to have lived there. This William Alexander is believed to be one of the
Williams of who lived in Northumberland Co., Penn. His children were in Brooke Co.,
Virginia and after 1800 moved to Jefferson Co., Ohio.

John McAdams, cb. 1757 is first found in the records with General Clark's militia in 1775
with Samuel McAdams. He was in Lincoln Co. and was on the 1797 Nelson Co. Ky. tax
roll. He and his son, John are listed in the 1800 census. This John is believed to be the
family in Northumberland Co., Penn. and later in Hamilton Co., Ohio.

David McAdams, cb. 1750 first appears when he purchased land from William McAdams
in Tyrone Co., NC. in 1770. He served with General Clark's militia. He was a resident of
Findlay Twp, Penn. in Allegheny Co. where he settled Charles Morgan's Estate in 1808.
He died in1830 leaving an estate to his children: Alexander, James, and daughter, Jane.

Joseph McAdams, cb. 1765 was born in North Carolina. He appears in the Lincoln Co., Ky.
marriage records when he married Nancy, the daughter of William Baley on 15 Jan. 1789.
He then disappears from the records.

Jocob McAdams, cb. 1783 in North Carolina married Polly Ryan 1 Oct. 1807 in
WashingtonCo., Ky. He appears in the 1810 census with a son and daughter living
in Meade Co. but is gone by 1840.

George McAdams, cb. 1790 appears to be the son John McAdams in Overton Co., Tenn.
He served in the war of 1812 as an Ensign from Maury Co. Tenn. He married Elizabeth (Betsy)
McGee, daughter of John, 28 Nov. 1816. They moved to Christian Co., Ky. He died in 1832.
Their children were:
i.....Samuel C., b. 1819 married Sarah Minis
ii....James Monroe, cb. 1820
iii...Mary, cb. 1822
iv...Elizabeth A., cb. 1825
Living nearby but not named in his will was Edward D. McAdams, b. 1818 in Ky.

Robert McAdams, b. 1800 in Ireland was in Greenup Co., Ky.
James McAdams, b. 1830 in Ireland was in Campbell Co., Ky.