Virginia was the starting point for many Scotch-Irish. Western Virginia was settled by families from central North Carolina and South Central Pennsylvinia.

Northumberland County

Dr. Joseph McAdams,our most notable and oldest Virginian was Dr. Joseph McAdams, a resident of
St. Stephens Parish, Northumberland County, Virginia. His name appears in the Congressional records as
having military service in the Indian /Wars. He was in his 80 's when the Revolutionary War came and he
rendered his services as a surgeon to ships and naval personnel in 1776. He died in 1777, testate. He married
Janet Muir in 1712. He came to America before 1740. In 1769, he recorded in his Bible, published in1698
now in the possession of the Broun family who came from Dumphries, Scotland abt. 1740, the names and
ages of his 7 sons: They were:

i......James, b 21 April 1813
ii.....John, b. 18 March 1815
iii.....James, b. 8 Oct. 1717
iv....Joseph, b. 28 May 1719
v.....Hugh, b. 5 July 1720
vi....Charles, b. 8 Nov. 1722
vii...Robert, b. 18 Sept. 1723

Joseph McAdams, b 1719 is the only son that can be identified as he remained in the area.
He was a physician and surgeon. He married a widow, Sarah Ann (Gaskins) Pinkard,
11 July 1744. Like his father he served in the Revolutionary War as Surgeon's mate about
the age of 60. His will was probated 9 Dec. 1788. His children were:

i.....John.....cb. 1745 died unmarried, Capt. in the R/W land issued in Green Co., Ohio
ii....Charles, cb. 1748 died unmarried
iii...Marthia, cb. 1750
iv...Janetta, b. 1751 married William Bourn 1771
v....Charlotte, b. 1752 married Thomas Taylor
vi...Sarah C. cb. 1753 married Col. Edwin Conway moved to S.C.
vii..George T., b. 1755 married Sarah Eustace Gaskin
viii. Anne, cb. 1758 married Thomas Keene
ix...Elizabeth ct. married Lindsey Opie
vii. George Thomas McAdams married Sarah Eustace Gaskin, d/o Thomas Gaskin about 1775.
He wrote his will 11 April 1793 and it was proved 1794. They had one son, John.

John McAdams, cb. 1780, son of George Thomas and Sarah was a Physician and surgeon
and served in the War of 1812. He married Lousia, d/o David Ball, 27 Dec. 1814. They had
one son, John P. John P. McAdams was a minister and in 1844 married Margaret Delaney
Towles, b. 1826 in Va. They moved to Charition Co., Mo. Margaret died in 1871 and John
died in 1894. They had 9 children and 6 members taught school in Chariton Co., Mo.

A Joseph McAdams b. 1782 in Northumberland Co., Va. is on the Louisiana tax toll and census
from 1809 to 1819 and then disappears. No other members of this family has been identified.

A John McAdams is listed on the naval rolls in the Continental Service on the ship "Defense" in
1777. He was recruited by an act furnishing troops from the State of Maryland. Due to the fact
that Dr. Joseph McAdams' family serviced ships, this John may be from this family.

Augusta County, Virginia

The very early Kentucky area was considered part of Augusta Co. and later Fincastle which was divided into
Montgomery, Washington, Fayette, Jefferson and Lincoln Co., Ky. Between 1752 and 1792 a person may be
listed in 9 counties but did not move one foot. This area was settled mainly by the "Scotch-Irish"

1759 - Alexander and William McAdams are listed on the rent rolls of Fredericks Co. Va. William appears on
the same rolls in 1764 and Alexander appears on the military records. William and Alexander may be the
same person, William Alexander McAdams. All years for these rent rolls have not been indexed. This
Alexander is believed to be the father of Samuel McAdams of Logan Co., Ky. plus William and John
McAdams of Northumberland Co., Penn. This family appears to have come to America from Antrim,
Ireland in the service of the military in French and Indian Wars about 1755.
1762 - Samuel McAdams cb. 1712 signed a petition for road improvements in Augusta Co. It appears they
did not fix the roads as he signs another petition in 1765. Samuel died in 1774 and left a will in Fincastle Co.
He had property located along the Holston River near the Tenn. border. He probably married a Davis, but had
no children. He left gifts to his brothers, James and John plus sister, Susanah. No family connection is known,
but Thomas McAdams of Washington Co., Tenn. and James McAdams of Pendleton District, SC. lived in this

1768 - Joseph and Samuel McAdams are witness to land sales in Augusta Co. In 1773 Joseph and his wife,
Mary purchased land from George Campbell in Boletourt Co. on Elks Creek of the James River. Joseph
died before 1782 as his wife, Mary remarried Francis Allison and either lived or moved to Washington Co.,

1775 - Samuel McAdams of Logan Co. Ky and John McAdams of Northumberland Co., Pa. appear on the
Pittsburgh payroll records of Virginia Troops from Augusta Co.
1780 - Samuel and Alexander McAdams appear on the R/W records in Yohogania County.
1786 - John McAdams married Sarah, d/o Samuel Blackwood in August Co. A son, Samuel is mentioned
in the will of his grandfather. In 1788, he purchased a bond boy - Cornueails Brown.
1796 - Joseph McAdams purchase land from John Childress in Amherst Co. He is listed in the 1800 tax polls
with 2 male is his household.
1800 - William McAdams, son of William is on the Brooke Co. tax roll. He shortly there after moved to
Jefferson Co., Ohio.

The Virginia State Archives has been collecting Bible records since 1928 and
encourages original Virginia families to place their records in the Archives. Virginia
Family Bible records as family registers are frequently the only source of birth and
death records for Virginia prior to1853 when Virginia began recording vital statistics.
From 1896 to 1912 their was no requirement for these registrations. Placing a copy
of Virginia Bible records helps ensure that the information will be available to future
generations. Bible records should include Virginia Counties of residence of the
families add sent to Archives and Records Division,

Virginia State Library and Archives
11th Street at Capitol Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219-3491.