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Scotland Help

Moira Acton (nee McAdam) Jimoira at Is the the eldest of eight children of George McAdam (from Larkhall, Lanarkshire, Scotland). He was one of 11 children of William Wood McAdam.

William Wood McAdam was the son of a Mr and Mrs McAdam. Mr McAdam died and Mrs. McAdam married a Mr. Wood and begat more children whose surname was Wood. William McAdam adopted the name William Wood so that he would not have a different surname to the rest of the family. When he grew older he changed his name back to McAdam but inserted the name Wood. He married a Margaret Hill. As previously mentioned, they had 11 children:
Jean, Mary, Margaret, Katie, Agnes, Cissie (who went to live in Hamilton, Canada), William, David, Archie, Nielson (Sonny) and George (her father).

"Wendy Jones" Her husband (David Stevens) is connected with the McAdam(s) clan through Agnes Ann Mary McAdam who married William Otley, October 17, 1896 in Selby, Yorkshire, England. Agnes Ann Mary was born circa 1870's to David McAdam and Jane Ann Halliday. She died September 14, 1956 in Selby(uncertain).

I would like to find the ancestors of David McAdam, so if anyone is researching the line that he comes from, I be pleased to contact them.

Carspairn, Scotland Help

I am descended from a John McAdam, born in Scotland (possibly Glasgow?)c. 1770 died in London Ontario Canada c. 1840. He was married to Ellen McKenzie who was christened in Carsphairn Galloway March 5 1784, parents John McKenzie & Elizabeth McCready. If it helps I have the birthdates of John Mckenzie in Carsphairn: Born March 15 1727 died Aug. 19 1817, his wife, Elizabeth McCready born Feb 22 1745 died ? Their children Agnes, Jane, Mary, Andrew and Helen (or Ellen , she used both)

John McAdam, his wife Helen and there seven children emigrated to Canada in 1819.
My problem is in pinpointing John's family in Scotland. Do any of your sources list a John McAdam being born in Scotland in 1770? Or perhaps record his marriage to an Ellen McKenzie of Carsphairn?

Thanks for your interesting site.
Peter Stevenson

Garland Letcher McAdams

Looking for any information on a Garland Letcher McAdams, Sr. Lived in Meridian, MS. until his death about 1985, his wifes name was Pearl, and I think her maiden name was Diaz. Thanks in advance for any information.
Jerry McAdams

Need New Jersery Help

Michael Joseph McAdams

My grandfather, Michael Joseph McAdams, was born in Ewing Twp. Mercer County, New Jersey Dec 25, 1869. His parents were Patrick McAdams b. Ireland abt. 1834 and Mary Jane Walker b Scotland or Ireland (records vary) abt. 1847.
They can be found on the 1870 New Jersey census. Patrick worked "at the quarry." Patrick died between 1875 and 1880. Mary Jane remarried a Mr. Baker is listed on the 1880 census with Micheal and his sister Hannah McAdams, residing in Hammonton, New Jersey. Michael served as a Sergeant in the Spanish American War, was wounded in action in the Philippines and released from service in California where he married my grandmother. He is buried at the Yountville Veterans Cemetery, Napa, CA. We have been unable to find any other information on Patrick or Mary Jane (Walker) McAdams, and hope that someone may find this familiar and be able to help. Thanks Kathleen Garner

Alan J McAdams is Seeking

I would like to trace my branch of the McAdams family as far back as is possible.
What I do have at this time is the following:
My name is Alan Joseph McAdams (born 3-15-66 in St.Augustine FL) and I am one of three brothers (my brothers are James John II born 6-5-56 in Philadelphia PA, and Christopher Eric born 4-15-61 in St. Augustine FL). Our father is James John McAdams (born 12-25-31 in Burlington, NJ).
His father was Francis McAdams (who was born about1904-5 in NJ or close and lived in Burlington, NJ from at least the1920's to the mid 1980's when he passed away at the age of 80. His wife (my grandmother) was Alice (I don't know her maiden name at this time) who passed away a few years later at the age of 81. I'm not sure what Francis' middle name was at this time. My father was one of eight children: Francis (Brod), Richard (Dick), James (himself), Joseph (Joe), Alice (Sis), Rea, Teresa, and Betsey.
Alan J. McAdams, 145 Madelyn St., Gray, TN 37615 Home Phone: (423) 477-2735

Re: McAdams in in Carlisle, Whitehaven and South Africa

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Help - Ayrshire McAdam

I am looking for help to establish, hopefully, the parents of my G.G.grandmother, Elizabeth McAdam.
According to the 1841 census taken in Straiton Ayrshire, she was 50 years of age, born in the county of Ayr and living with her husband, John Muir, also 50 years of age and born in the county of Ayr.
This would put their births at 1786-1791. I have noted an Elizabeth McAdam being born in 1787 to James McAdam and Margaret Allason, but have been unable to verify this information.
I have also been unable to find a marriage for John and Elizabeth, but do know they lived in Kels KKD. and at least three children were born to them :- Menzie 1810, Mary 1812, and John 1813. The family returned to the Straiton area. Can any one in the McAdam clan help me solve my problem?
Lilias Goddard in Sydney

Macadamina Nut

Does anyone know of Dr John Macadam Science Lecturer at Melbourne University Australia...Member of the Victorian Parliament,....Later Postmaster General...The "macadamia" nut discovered in Brisbane Australia in 1857, was named after him.
Briar L McKeown,

Isabell McAdams

HELP - From:
Subject: Isabell McAdams
Born in 1775 from New Castle, DE. Married 1795 Elijah Cole, son of Cordelia Cole and ?, grandson of James Cole, Nichols NY.

She was a tenant at the Coryell Mansion in Nichols NY prior to marriage to Elijah Cole. She had (7) children.
Need to know where she comes from and who her family was.
Thanks a lot. Rosemarie Richards

HELP - South Carolina and New Zealand

Ship"Jane and Lilla"
Owned house and Lot on Sullivans Island - Executors of will brother Peter Macadam and brother in law John Grahame. Jane Macadam married Alexander Todd in Glasgow, April 18 1832.
They emigrated to New Zealand in 1849, with 6 children, on the ship "Mooltan" Jane`s sister Janet Graham Carolina Macadam accompanied them.
They built a house at Andersons Bay Dunedin, and had 3 more children.
Later in 1859 they built another house, naming it "Islington" after the Macadam house in Charleston, South Carolina. The house still stands, but no "family 'own it. It was sold in 1998 for nearly $1million.The Todd family are my Great Great Grandparents.
Briar L. McKeown,
3 Reynella Drive ,
Massey, Waitakere City
New Zealand.

Australian Help

My Full Name is Duncan William Henderson McAdams (Austalian)
My father - Robert Henderson McAdams (English)
My Grandfather - William Henderson McAdams (Scotish)
How do I find out stuff - history - help - etc.
Kind Regards
Duncan McAdams ->

Help - Canada

From: (Gary McAdam)

Hi: My name is Gary McAdam: My father Albert Donald McAdam born Mar 3, 1890 in Prince Edward Island Canada. His father was James McAdam born in Prince Edward Island in 1847 married to Helen MacKinnon. My grandfather was Thomas McAdam
born in Ireland married toSara McKenna born in Ireland. Both Roman Catholic.
SEEKING: Where in Ireland my great grandparents may have come from and if possible around when born. They died in Prince Edward Island unknown date. Any help is appreciated. When I finish my reasearch I would like to submit my tree to your group.

Help - Canada

My name is Robert McAdam from Watson lk. yt Canada, As my grandfather died when i was fairly young idon't really know where my family fits into the picture. I know that my great grandfather (Robert McAdam) was brought over to Canada with his brothers & sisters and placed in an orphanage in Ontario after their parents were killed in a buggy accident in Edinbrough in the late 1800's according to my grandfather.His name was Jack Lloyd McAdam born in Edmonton alta then they moved to southern B.C.where he stayed till he died in 1980.

If you think you can help me with some information or know someone who could would you please let me know.
Thank you.
Rob McAdam

Help - Cork Co. Ireland

Hi, I'm researching the ancestory of a Hugh James McAdams who arrived in the US (PA) around 1900 from County Cork, Ireland. The only information Ihave is that he had a brother Bill and possibly a sister Mary (who died as a child) and that they were orphans at St. John's orphanage in Phil., PA. (The records from there have been burned). Hugh married a Mary Ellen Quigley Mcconaghy who was born in PA, and they had a son James John Adams born 2-6-1911 in PA. I know this isn't much but I've pretty much run out of leads. Thanking you in advance,

Help - Indiana

Vicki McAdams Goodin
I am in the process of trying to obtain a little more information on my father's family, but have run into some blocks. I did, however, find something that said that Dad's father's name was Joseph E. and he was married to Mary A. Davids. They had 5 children, Jim, Shasta, Tot, Bill, and Daryl, my father. It also said that Dad was born in Forest, Indiana.
My father was Rev. Daryl Dare McAdams born in 1903 in Indiana. He passed away in 1993, and I have never had much information about his family. Dad always said that he was from Kokomo, Indiana, but I know that at some time he was around Frankfort.

McAdams Australia from Co. Armagh, Ireland

Pat Rawlings

Can anyone help me to progress further back into my families history as I seem to be struck at this moment and would there be any interest in our complete Australian family tree (extensive). I would love to link this tree back into Scotland.

I will only sent basically my direct family line I would be quite happy for anyone to contact me and find out about any of the other branches of this line of the family.This is our history as I have recorded it

Henry McAdam b 1798 Cloncore, Co. Armagh, d 1879 Cloncore married 4 Oct 1825 Cloncore to Mary Ann Wilson b 1804 d 11 April 1877 Cloncore. Their known children are:
i. Agnes b 1827
ii. William b 1829
iii. Elizabeth/Olivia b 6 Mar 1831 married 20 Nov 1866 to David Geddes
iv. David b 1833 Cloncore Ire. d 1908 Lillimur, Vic married 13 Oct 1854 Ann Jane Castles b 26 Apr 1831 Cloncore d 16 Mar.1904 Penola, South Australia. Emigrated to South Australia in 1855 on the "Constantine". They had eleven children.
v. Henry b 1835, Cloncore married 14 Nov 1859 Ireland to Martha Forbes. I think that Henry emigrated to Australia the same year as David but did not like the country and returned home to Ireland at some stage to marry one of the girls next door. One of his sons died in Glasgow in the early 1900's
vi. Eliza Ann b 1837
vii. Sarah Jane b 1840 Cloncore d 1881 Richmond, Melbourne, Aust. married 19 Mar 1868 to John Forbes (Brother of Martha) Emigrated to Australia in 1870 and arrived in Brisbane. They then travelled to Victoria and settled in Melbourne. There were seven children born here and the eldest of these, David, raised his siblings when their mother died not long after the youngest child was born.
viii. Racheal b 1842

Subject: Caerlavrock "Liz White"

There is a castle under this name lying South East of Dumfries. Between Shearinton and Blackshaw near NITH Estuary. It is on B725.
I beleive that Samuel McADAM and Catherine Gibson are on our tree. In the 1841 census of TERREGLES Kirkcudbright there is a James, Jessie Agnes and Susan. James I beleive is 18. There are no parents listed. The farm is called Kirklands.
You have Jessie McADAM marrying M .William. She actually married James McWilliam. There is also a Agnes McAdam bap 1836 she married John Carrick in Terregles on 13 th November 1855 and on 1881 census is in Wales.
My records from Jessie MCADAM (give or take some birthplaces and dates!!) actually takes me to present day. It is her daughters husband I am struggling with.

Mary McClave McAdam

Hope this might help someone and would be grateful if anyone can provide any more information on this family. From Wigtownshire Free Press Index:15/12/1881 - Marriage notice - At Revenstone Moor, Glasserton, on 29th ult.,by the Rev. John GORDON, James KIRK, Galloway House, to Mary McClave McAdam,
Newton Stewart.
4/3/1886 - Birth notice - At Balcraig, Glasserton, on the 18 th ult., the wife of James KIRK, of a son.1/11/1888 - Death notice - At Pouton, Garliestown, on the 21st ult., Mary McAdam, wife of James KIRK, shepherd, aged 35 years.
From the 1882 Births Register GLASSERTON (32)
Baird Kirk b 18 November 1882, Drumjin
Parents: James Kirk, shoemaker and Mary McAdam. Married Glasserton 1881.
Adrienne Kirk Alcock
Kirk Family History Project (Scotland)

Mary McAdams

I am working on the Hall family genealogy--particulary the descendants of Deacon Richard Hall (Abt. 1644-1730).
I have a Samuel Hall (b. 13 Nov. 1766 in Salem, NH d. 1829 In Washington, NH). He married Mary McAdams (b. 25 Apr. 1771 birthplace and death unknown) daughter of Samuel McAdams and Mary Gilmore.
I have only one child for Samuel and Mary: Sabrina Hall (b. 12 May 1812) who married Daniel McAdams (b. 19 March 1812). I have Daniel's parents as James McAdams and Jane Clyde.
Do you have any more information on this line: Other children for
Samuel and Mary Hall? Parents of James McAdams? Dates and places for Mary McAdams? Etc.
I'd appreciate any information you have on this line. Merrie

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