McAdam Wills and Sasine Records

Records of Scotland

Thanks to Hugie Adamson and the Carspiarn Heritage Center, Carspiarn, Scotland who has located and transcribed many McAdam's testaments and estate records starting from the1500's that accurately defines the history of the McAdam family. Additional ones have been provided by Rosemary Bigwood. These wills and sasines go back 500 years.

All prior writers on the McAdam family history had made some assumptions that have proven to be incorrect, plus research has uncovered information that confirms several new facts. Every new item seems to prompt a stream of questions to be follow up. This is the most complete and accurate documented record on the origin of the McAdam family that dates back somewhere between 12 to 16 generations ago.

Hugie has sorted out family members by location. One such location was Lemmochitie. It was incorrectly recorded and she spent 3 hours searching old maps and could find no such place. It turned out it was Lamnochie, which was her home at the time.

The chronological list summary of McAdam records starting from 1508.

14 - 16'th Century Records for the Stewarty of

1508 -This is the first written record of the any McAdam in any document located to date that has a continuing family.
---McAdam oppression done to him by Gordon of Lochinvar in a court case.

The References to the McAdams extracted from the "Protocol Book" of Gavin Ross 1512-1532. The numbers refer to entries as given in the printed Protocol Book.

1512 - #22 - 7 January - Andrew M'Cadam agreed to quit claim rights over lands of Overgrief and Gelt if paid £20 before Martinmas. The first confirmed named McAdam on any document.

1513 - #43 - August - Reference to Andrew M'Cadam.

1513 - # August - Andrew and Patrick M'Cadam witnesses.

1513 - #58 - Ref to Donald M'Adam of Erwy.

1513 - 59 & 60 - John Crawford of Drongan, superior, giving sasine to John M'Cadam son and heir to Andrew M'Cadam of the lands of Over Gerreyf and Wellis of Gelt in barony of Cumnock, and the lands of Baneberynach.

1514 -#78 - May - Donald MacAdam and Jonet Campble, relict of Andrew MacAdam, acknowledge they have received 360 merks for release of lands of Chaneriston and Banberynath and oblige themselves to use the money on behalf of John MacAdam, son and heir of Andrew MacAdam and Jonet Campble. Witnesses - Gilbert M'Adam, David M'Adam.

1517 - #197 - November - Sasine of Lord Cathcart Witnesses - Donald, Alexander and Andrew M'Cadam.

1517 - Donald McAdam redeemed merkland of Over Longfourde to
Greirson of Lag for marriage contract probably for the marriage of their children, Andro McAdam and Marion Grier.

1518 - 230 - 19 May - Alexander M'Cadam, son of Donald M'Cadam in Erwy paid £20 for redemption of lands of Barngor money paid by Lord Cathcart.

1521 - #467 - 9 April - Instrument by Allan Cathcart of Watterheid promising to pay to Alexander M'Cadam and Giles (Egidie) Cathcart his spouse 20 bolls meal yearly from lands of Gallowhill until Allan redeems the lands.

1522 - #588 - 25 August - Alexander M'Cadam, son and heir of the late Donald MCadam in Arvy, exonered his mother Elizabeth Sinklar (Sinclair) of all heirship goods at Dalmellington.

1522 - #589 - 25 August - Alexander M'Cadam (above) executor to his father, Donald M'Cadam.

1523 - #673 - 23 June - Dated at Ayr, Instrument narrated by John M'Cadam - he had received 20 merks belonging to Janet Hamiltoun, spouse of the said John, by reason of terce, through decease of her first husband, John Wilson in Newmains. This sum was to be paid to John Wilson junior after the death of said Janet. John M'Cadam in Watterheid, cautioner for said John M'Cadam in Lowis, now her husband. Witness Donald M'Cadam.

1524 - #827 - abt. - John M'Adam son and heir of Andrew M'Adam asking various persons to remove from Lowis belonging heritably to said John.

1524 - #924 - 24 February - Alexander M'Cadam and his wife Egidie Cathcart leasing lands of Gallowhill to David Crauford.

1530 - #1060 - 1530 - Reference to breve of terce of Egidia McAdam, relict of late John M'quho (sic)

1530 - #1093 - 14 Dec.- Bartholomew Crauford of Kerse acknowledges payment by Donald M'Cadam of the rents of Overpennyarthour

1530 - -Andro McAdam & Marion Greir spouses Court case over tutorship
of McQuharry Children.

1530 - #1101-2 January - Andrew M'Adam, husband and procurator for Mariota Grere, relict of the late Thomas M'Quharrie - re heirship goods of Thomas.

1531 - #1189 - 18 July - Reference to late John M'Adam in Ayr - son of Duncan?

1532 - #1286 - April - John McAdam witness

1534 - #1317 - Abt. - Payments made for rents of Pennyarthour in the Barony of Dalmellington - discharge to Donald M'Cadam. Andrew M'Cadam now resigned the lands of Pennyarthur into the hands of the superior.

1541 - -Alan or Alex'd McCaddum in Closeburn, Dumfriesshire
1544 - -John McAdam and son, Andro Tenants of Waterhead, Andro McAdam in Mossdaill, Dalmellington, John McAdam in Clauchane of Dalmellington.

1549 --John McAdam and John Turner accused jointly of violent occupation of merkland of Granane. Accuser Andro McMillane, tacksman. Filed so no claim to land ownership.

1560 - -John McAdam in Waterhead mentioned
1568 - -James Stewart, Regent of Moray, the acting King of Scotland spent the night of 14th June at Holm of Dalquhairn the residence of Andro McAdam.

1569 - Andrew McAdam was issued a Crown Charter by James Stewart, Regent of Moray for the lands ofWaterhead.

1569 - -Testament of John Gordon in Benbrek mentions, John McAdamin Litill Auchrae and Jonet McAdame who was bequeathed a cow.
1570 - -John McAdam in Carminno, Testament (Keremanno 10/11/1570
Elizabeth Stout, with, sons, Cuthbert, John and Margaret his daughter. John McAdam in Over Knokgrie mention who was son of "Little John" McAdam
1570 - -Isabell MakCaddam 20/lands of Blackcrage witnessed by James Cunningham and son, William
1571 - -John McAdam in Ye Stromis, Testament of John Espye witness by John Steinstoun
1574 - -Quintin McCadame mentioned in Testament of Bessie Sinclair
1575 - -John McKadame in Mosdaill testament of John Turnour in Carnevill

1576 — John McAdam in Little Auchre died 10/11/1576, test. dated 1577.
mentions 7 children, only 5 are named.

1. David, eldest get Littil Auchre
2. Thomas, has John McAdam in St John's Clachane as adviser
3. John, has Andrew in Waterhead as adviser and left 8/lands of Bow
4. Janet, eldest daughter
5. Marion, testament dated 9/111/1601
6. Unnamed daughter married Adam McAdam in Ye Home
7. Unnamed daughter married Thomas McCourtie
Bessie Anderson, sister in law, David McAdam in Craigengillan, Andro/Adam McAdam in "Ye Home present at signing of the will. Andrew McAdam of Waterhead and John McAdam in St. John's Clachane and John Greirsoun in Longford were his executors.

1578 - -Andro McAdam in Craigengillan now in Auldcrogo
1578 - -Giles McAdam and husband Gilbert Schaw, son of John Schaw of Halile received 1 merkland of Lamnocht.
1579 - -Downy McAdam owed money to Isobell McDowell
1580 — David McKill and John McCaddum occupied 2 merklands of Carminnows charter of Gilbert Grier of Castlemaddy, Alexander McCaddom in Largerie witness
Robert Acannane estate dated 17 Nov. 1581 in Mardroquhat in St. John's Parish of Dalry, who was slain about 6 March 1580, wife Sibylla McAdam and children: Gilbert, Richard, George, John, Fergus, James, Marie, Bessie, and Margaret Acannane (Cannans) 15 Oct. 1582, Janot Greirsoun, wife of William Makfadzeane owed sums to her on the list was David McCadam of Craigangilane.

1581 - -Sibilla McAdam relict of Robert Acannane in Mardroquhat
1581 - -David McKcaddam owed money to John Sinclare of Erliston
1582 - -Janet Grier , tenant in Knokingerochie and Smeton spouse of
Quintine MaKadam in Knockingeroche, Quintin son, daughters,
Elspeth and Margaret. David McAdam in Littil Achrais, David in Bardanock, Donald McAdam in Kirkgrie or Knokgray all mentioned. Sibilla, her sister in law, Quintin's sister, William McAdam his brother and William McAdam his servitor, Marion McAdam relict of John Wilson in Smetoun.

1582 - -David of Craigengillan owed Janat Grierson, relict of W. McFadzeane
1583 --Margaret McCaddam and Robert Gordon, spouses in Cassinvery
1583 — Donald in Lochenbrek deceased, relict Janet McLlvey, Thomas in
Lochenbrek, Balmaghie Parish, John in Roddings, Balmaghie Parish,Thomas as cautioner and Barnard Welsche.

dated 9 July 1584

Quintine Makadam in Knokingeroche in the Parish of Dalry, was a son of John McAdam of Waterhead and brother to Andrew McAdam. He died 24 Dec. 1582 and his wife was Janet Greir

. Their children were: 1. Quintin, 2. Elspeth and 1. Margaret Makadam.

When Quintin McAdams, brother of Andrew, died his wife was heavily in debt which debt was passed on to her children. On the debt list were:

David McAdame in Litill Achrais, another David McAdam, Donald Makadam of Knockgray, Sibilla McAdame, sister to Quintine, William McAdame, brother to Quintine, a William McAdam his servitor, Marion McAdam wife of John Wilsoun in Smetom, the Earl of Bothwell her master for the maills of Strahannack.

1584 - -William McAdame in Knokingeroche mentioned in will of Grills Greirson, wife of John McMillane in Broklock, John Greirson in Longford her brother.
1585 --David McAdam in Kirkingirrow test. of A. Logane in Knockreoch also William McAdam and brother David. Thomas Logane, his heir give to Sandy (Alexander) McAdam's daughter money to help her to marry.
1586 --Andro McAdam living in St. John's Clachane mentioned in testa of Margaret Lyntoun.
1586 — Andrew McAdam, merchant dwelling in Lamnochie in test of Roger McMillane.
1587 — Charter of Sale of lands by David Craufurde of Blackcraig precept directed to John McCaddam in Knokstayltht witness Thomas Dun, servitor of Quintin McAdams

1587 — Andrew McAdam of Waterhead died 15 Oct. 1587, test 14/5/1590.
Christiane Kennedy his relict and Gilbert McAdam, his son in law were his executor. Margaret their daughter married Gilbert McAdam now of Waterhead. Janet their daughter married William Cunninghame of Polquharne. Brothers mentioned, Quintin McAdam in Knokingerroch, Duncan in Myltoun, William, Thomas, Sibbie his sister, John McAdam, grandson and son of Gilbert and Margaret, David McAdam in Achra and his deceased brother, John, Nancy, daughter to William, Gillespie McAdam in Bow.

1587 — Gilbert McAdam of Waterhead cautioner to John McMillan in Broklock.
1588 — Elizabeth McAdam (Sibilla) relict of Robert Cannane, Quintine McCaddum in Knokingerroch witness
1590 - -Andrew Makadame in Lamnochtile sells his merkland to William
Crauford the son of Quintin Craufurde.
1590 — Margaret McCaddam dies daughter by first marriage, Elizabeth and Margaret McKae, 2'd husband Robert Gordon in Knockgray, son Alexander Gordon, brother George McCaddam in Longford, Quintin McAdam of Smetoun, Donald McCaddam in Knockgray a witness.

1590 — Issabell McCaddame (Sibilla) marriage contract 15/5/1590 to John Grier of Carminnows, Quintine McAdam of Knockengorroch, Robert, his son witness.
1591 — John McAdam servitor to John Haliday in Glen
1592 — Testament of Malcolm Fergusson in Ketloch, Gilbert McAdam at Brig o'Ken, and David McAdam in Craigengillan.

1593 - 12 March, Testament of John Makneische, merchant in Kerymanock, John McCaddam in Over Kerymanoch (Carminnows) alias "Little John" was witness. On the list is 52 names including several local McAdames: John McCaddam in Over Kerymonoch alias "Little John", John Greir in Kerymanoch and wife Sibilla McAdame her 2'd husband, John McCaddam not specified, Gilbert Acannane, son of Sibilla McAdame, John McCaddam in Mosdaill, John McCaddam in Craiglingell, Janet McAdame spouse of William Greir, Jok McCaddame, Alexander McCaddam (first Alexander to appear), and John McCaddame in Knolgrie. (In other words, this M'Adam line was doing busines with this particular merchant.)

1594 --Testament of John Makneische, merchant in Keremanno, John
McAdam in Kerymanoch, alias "Little John" testament 3/1/1604, Sibbia, spouse to John Greir, John McCaddam, John McCaddam in Mosdaill, John McAdam in Craigengillan, Janet McAdam spouse to William Greir, Jok McCaddame, Alexander McAddam, John McCaddam in Knokgray all owed money.

1594 — Quintin McCadame in Knokingerroch owed rents for Strachannay
1594 — John McAdam servitor to Cunninghame of Tourlands- May have gone to Ireland with the Cunninghams

1594 — Testament of Gilbert "Hannay, merchant in Darnscaw, Gilbert
McCaddam of Watterhead, David McAdam in Brownhill, Duncan, Burgess of Ayr, John, servitor to the Laird of Bairquhir were present of signing of will. He had stock in 11 local farms at, John McAdam in Mosdaill, Gilbert in Waterhead, William in Brownhill, Mark in Longford and was owed money by, Gilbert of Waterhead, Andrew in Arrow, David in Clavinoct, David in Brownhill, Gilbert, Andrew and John Greir in Lamloch. He owned money to, Janet McAdam, Mark McAdam or Adams, and John Ahannay for fies, John McAdam in Netther Mosdaill, his son in law?, Gilbert son of said John, his grand son, Janet McAdam and Janet Hannay his granddaughters

1595 — John McAdam in Burnhead
1595 — George McAdam in Longford deceased, Christian, his daughter also deceased, David his brother.
1597 — Agnes McAdam servant to William Chalmer in Woodhead, Kells Parish.
1598 — 11 Dec., William Chalmer of Woodheain in Parish of Kells, Agnes McCaddam was a servant and was bequeathed a cow.

1599 — John McAdam, son of Thomas on pardon list of Lord Fermoy to Earl of Essex.
-----Both John and Thomas appear on the Tithes list in Co. Cork, Ireland

Records of the 17 th Century

1601 - Marion McAdam d/o the late John McAdam in Auchra, test.
1601 - Janet McAdam wife of William Cunninghame of Polquharne, Ayr Sasines
1601 - Margret McAdam spouse of Robet Gordon of Knockgray
1601 - Duncan McAdam, Burges of Ayr spouse Elizabeth Mason mentions Margaret McAdam spouse of James Tourk?, Sally McAdam and Marrion Dobbie mentions a date of April 1653

1602 - Janet McAdam spouse of John Cunningham of Porterhill - Ayr Sasines
1602 - Robert McAdam of Smeatoun, witness

1603 - Peter McAdam in Glenhead sasine in Ayr.

1604 - Janet McAdam d/o Gilbert McAdam of Waterhead and spouse of William Schaw, son of George of Glenmure

1605 - Quintin McAdam of Smeaton, test in Glasgow dated 11/3/1605
1605 - David McAdam in Craigengillan, dec., John his son in Craigengillan

1607 - William McAdam in Auldcrago, Parish of Straiton in Carrick, Ayr, Grecuia
Dunbar, alias Grekie, his deceased wife, her test.
1607 - Andrew McAdam, in Arrow Parish of Dalmellington - missing document
1607 - Andrew McAdam mentioned as occupier of the land Dalquherne parish of Dalry,
signs in Holme, lands belonging to Thomas Gordon of Crogo
1607 - John McAdam, Merchant in Edingburgh spouse Marrion Geichane
1607 - Donald McCaddam in Waterhead died, servitor to Gilbert McAdam of Waterhead, His son and heir, Gilbert McCaddam was servitor to Quintin of Knokingoroch possibly married Miss. Dun. Possibly the Donald McCaddam on the tax roll in Parish of Killemard, Co. Donegal in 1665 was his son.

1608 - Robert and George McAdam of Smeaton mentioned in Raid to Isles
1608 - William McAdam of Craigengillan, Raid to the Isles
1608 - John McAdam in Over Knockgrey
1608 - David McAdam in Low, test.

1609 - Donald McAdam in Watterheid, parish St Johns Clachane, test.

1610 - John McAdam, merchant in Lamochtie
1610 - Margaret McAdam in Dalshangan purchased by Gilbert Cannan of Mardrochat

1614 - William McAdam in Waterhead spouse Bessie Fullerton
1614 - Peter McAdam in Glenhead, maybe son of Andrew of Craigengillan?
1614 - David McAdam in Straiton spouse Gillis Woods, mentions James McAdam in Ayr,
William McAdam to direct and Thomas Anthony.
1614 - David McAdam in Knockconnell spouse Cu Besonne mentions Marrion McAdam
in Longford and James McAdam in Ayr.
1614 - William McAdam in Ayr for David McAdam mentions Janet McAdam spouse of
Thomas Anthony.

1615 - John McAdam son of Peter in Glenhead married Janet McAdam d/o William of
1615 - James McAdam born in Carsphairn son of Gilbert of Waterhead

1616 - Quintin McAdam in Kirkcudbright
1616 - John McAdam of Kirkcudbright listed with John Broun and
wife Jonet Muir, Robert Bell and Robert Hunter.

1617 - Quintin McAdam in Kirkcudbright,
Thomas Broun, James Bell, William Gordon and others absent from Court.

1618 - Gilbert McAdam of Waterhead daughter born
1618 - Peter McAdam in Graiglure, Carrick, Ayrshire
1618 - Robert McAdam in Smetoun
1618 - John McAdam in Hall, deceased mother was Janet Sinclair
1618 - Margaret McAdam deceased, relict of Robert Gordon in Garvarie
1618 - Janet McAdam deceased relict of John McCornok in Carminnows

1620 - William McAdam of Waterhead confirmed owner of 6.5 merkland of Earlston and
William McAdam in Auldcraig confirmed owner of 8/ land of Craigengillan.
1620 - John McAdam, Burgess of Ayr spouse Janet Muir testiment in Glasgow to James
McAdam Burgess of Ayr, mentions Jonet and Sally McAdam.
1620 - William McAdam of Waterhead and John McAdam in Lamochtie were former
joint owners of Bennan
1620 - Duncan McAdam merchant in St John's Clachan

1621 - Quintin McAdam in Smetoun
1621 - John McAdam in Smetoun reversion to William McAdam
1621 - Margaret McAdam in Dalmellington and Janet Acannane her daughter
1621 - Ninian McAdam in Kirkmichael s/o Quentin McAdam
1621 - Gilbert McAdam of Waterhead estate
1621 - Janet McAdam spouse of John McAdam, son of Peter McAdam of Glenhead

1623 - Christian McAdam d/o Gilbert of Waterhead and spouse of John Gordon of Ardwell
1623 - Gilbert, William, Richard, and Herbert McAdam registered lands in Ballymacadam, Ireland
1623 - Thomas McAdam early resident of Virginia

1624 - George McAdam in Benbeuch reg. of Test in Glasgow
1624 - Christian McAdam in Stair, Parish of Stratoune d/o of George mentions Jonet
Wallor and brother, James McAdam
1624 - Christian McAdam d/o of Gilbert of Waterhead spouse of John Gordon of Ardwell
1624 - Margaret McAdam relict of Gilbert McAdam spouse of Quintin McAdam, son of
Robert McAdam of Smytoun
1624 - Quintin McAdam spouse Margaret Steinstoun, son of Robert McAdam of Smytoun
1624 - Euffame McAdam spouse of John Fergusone, tailor burgess of Edinburgh

1628 - John McAdam son of John in Bew Parish of Blar
1628 - George McAdam, merchant Burgess of Ayr, estate, sons seem to be George, John
and David McAdam, Brother John in Dalmellington mentions Margaret McAdam
in Longford, Janet McFarland, John Anotony, John Buchannan, James McAdam in
Glasgow, William McAdam, Thomas Wilson, and Galm? McAdam in Orrley
1628 - William McAdam in Auldgrogo
1628 - John McAdam resident of Edinburgh, son John also resident

1629 - Robert McAdam of Over Smytoun
1629 - Mathew McAdam in Barony de Rapho, Ireland with James Cunningham, Esqr.
1629 - John McAdam in Barony de Rapho, Ireland with Lord Duke of Lyrox

1630 - Peter McAdam in Glenhead spouse Joan Crawford
1630 - Patrick McAdam, merchant Burgess of Glasgow test in Glasgow
1630 - Andrew McAdam in Bieoche sasine in Ayr

1631 - Jonet McAdam spouse to John McAdam in Arrow Glein, Parish of Dalmellington
mentions Peter McAdam in Longford, James and Janet McAdam in Dalmellington
1631 - Majory Gicken spouse of John McAdam of Previk (near Ayr.)
1631 - Margaret Steinstoun spouse of John McAdam in Erff

1632 - Elizabeth McAdam d/o Gilbert McAdam spouse Miss Dunn reg. in Ayr. Elizabeth
married Adam Wright in 1651, brother was James, b. 1638

1633 - Gilbert McAdam late of Mertland nominates Gilbert, Joan and Janet McAdam
1633 - Gilbert McAdam in Kirbryld, spouse Elizabeth Boyle

1637 - James McAdam resident of Edinburgh, son Tom who had 3 wives. Andrew,
writer in Edingburg appears to be his son
1637 - William McAdam married Rachel Slymesditch in London, his brother John married
Kathrine Peddin in 1645 in London

1639 - Andro McAdam in Arrow Parish of Dalmellington mentions John and Andrew
McAdam of Ayr, sister Sally spouse of Thomas Gnontony?

1639 - Peter McAdam nominates John Crawford and Anthony McAdam in Lanark, his
brother is William. He names Andrew, Peter, Gilbert Janet, Margaret, Sibbe or
Sally, Thomas in Ayr, John McAdam in Waterhead, John in Cerrano, Cro?,
Enonfromo and Jnew? McAdam in Longford, names John McAdam, notar
1641- Col. John McAdam, a Cromwellan officer was killed at Bunratty Castle, Ireland. His
remains are said to be buried beneath the Castle walls.

1645 - Patrick McAdam, son of John and Janet Muir maried Isobel Miller in Glasgow

1647 - Jonet McAdam wife of John
Sim, sadler in Maybole mentions William McAdam, Margaret Crawford and Jean McAdam

1652 - David McAdam married Bessie Mitchell reg. in Dalmellington

1653 - Lt. James McAdam in Antrim
Quarters and Ensign Andrew McAdam in Coleraine Quarters, Ireland

1654 - Christian, spouse to John Paigigny, cordiner burgess of Carlisle

1655 - John McAdam, son of John and Janet Muir married Jonet Anderson in Glasgow
1655 - Tom McAdam, son of James married Margaret Mungall in Edinburgh. Both died
1664 and 4 children died same day 1667
1655 - Alexander McAdam, son of John and Janet Muir married Isobel Anderson in
Edingburgh. Remarried Mary Reid 1661.

1657 - William McAdam merchant in Newtown of Galloway

1658 - Lt. John McAdam is listed in Liskilte, Co. Tyrone

1659 - Jean McAdam, sister to Gilbert, younger of Waterhead, William McAdam older of
Waterhead, her father marriage settlement agreed for Alexander Gordon, younger of

1660 - Jean Cunningham spouse of Gilbert McAdam fiar of Waterhead
1660 - Gilbert McAdam fiar of Waterhead

1661 - Jenett McAdam married John Lockhart in Derry, Ireland
1661 - Bessie McAdam spouse to James McAdam in Sluk, Parish of Dalmellington
1661 - John McAdam coalheaner at Carntyn City of Glasgow

1662 - Sasine record granted by William Gordon, Baron of Earlston to:
John McAdam, son and heir apparent of Quintian McAdam land in Craigengillan,
James McAdam nephew and heir of Quintian of Over Smeaton, Gilbert McAdam
of Waterhead land in Over Smeaton and land of Craignene, Strahannay and
Glenlie. Quintian McAdam of Nether Smeaton land in Nether Smeaton. John
McMillan of Knokingurroch land in Nether Knokingurroch wittned by William
McAdam of Over Knokingurroch and others. All charters done on the same date

1663 - Matthew McAdam married Jane Lockhart in Derry, Ireland

1664 - George McAdam wife Mary Forrester in Gartleffen mentions Isabel and Patrick
McAdam, Pohomne McAdam in Glasgow Robert Campbell, signed by George
McAdam, William Hanney, and John Forrester
1664 - Patrick McAdam merchant Burgess of Glasgow, son of John and Janet Muir
McAdam, wife of Isobell Miller

1665 - Janet McAdam, d/o John and Janet Muir married Andrew Buchanan in Stirling
1665 - William (Bill) McAdam in Gartleffen, Parish of Dalry test in Glasgow mentions
Quintin McAdam in Waterhead of Gavin, Porconoin McAdam in Dalmellington,
Quintin McAdam in Grimmits, John McAdam in Maybole, Gilbert McAdam,
Mungo McAdam, signed Quintin and William McAdam
1665 - Donald McAdam on tax list in Killemard, Co. Donagal

1666 - Henry McAdam on tax list Culrevog, Clonfeacle Parish, Co. Tyrone
1666 - Pontuis McAdam, a martyr of the Covenantant Movement buried at Churchyard in Ayr
1666 - William McAdam s/o John McAdam and spouse Agnes Kirkwood reg. in Ayr

1668 - Gilbert McAdam in Waterhead and Quintin in Smiton obligation to John Hunter
1668 - Quintin McAdam in Neither Smition, obligation to Alexander McCulloch and his wife, Margaret Rae
1668 - Quintin McAdam in Smition
1668 - Isobell McAdam, d/o of James and Margaret Ure was born in Ayr

1669 - Jon McAdam married Kathrine Phorbus in Northumberland Co., England
1669 - James McAdam, Merchant in Belfast, Ireland
1669 - William McAdam in Sheill
1669 - Sibilla McAdam, widow of Edward Gordon of Barmarke with James Gordon of
Kirkillbryd cautioner, William Gordon of Barmarke her son
1669 - Quintin McAdam in Smetoun bond to George Henrie minister of Dalry
1669 - Quintin McAdam in Waterhead.
1699 - Gilbert and Henry McAdam Ballyharry, Is Magee, Co. Antrim, Ireland
1669 - John and James McAdam, Mazareene, Parish Killeade, Co Antrim, Ireland
1669 - Widow McAdam and 5 sons, Ballyrobert, Parish Belfast, Ireland

1671 - Quintin McAdam of Smetoun and John Wyllie, obligation
1671 - Jonet McAdam spouse to John McMillan
1671 - Jonet McAddam spouse to John Sim in Ballantree

1672 - Quintion McAdam of Smeithstoune obligation with John Wyllie cautioner to repay Margaret Wyllie
1672 - Alexander McAdam in Craigmichael with wife — McCubbin, d/o Alexander bond
cautioner Roger Gordon
1672 - George McAdam in Over Holm Dalquhairne bond witness James McKill (Gill) & James McMillan
1672 - James McAdam in Wnderhill witness to obligation
1672 - George McAdam with his son in law, George McAdam in Holme of Dalquharne
obligation to James Roane
1672 - Sybil McAdam spouse to Edward Gordon, mother of William Gordon of Barmeck
1672 - Quintin McAdam in Waterhead, obligation mentions Joseph McAdam in Cantill,
James McAdam in St. Johns, Agnes Graham in Ayr, James Lockhart in Cantill and John Cubbinson
1672 - James McAdam indweller in Sanchor (Sanquhar) test.
1672 - Jonet McAdam spouse to Gilbert Hanney in Knockskaith, Parish of Dalmellington names sons; John and Gilbert, mentions Andrew McAdam, notar, John Johns writer in Glagsow
1672 - Bessie McAdam spouse of James McGill (McKill) in Sluk, parish of
Dalmelllington mentions Andrew McAdam, notar and John Slowan
1672 - James McAdam married Janet Wallet or Wallor reg. in Dalmellington
1672 - Mary McAdam married George Good reg. in Dalmellington

1673 - Marie McAdam married James Cubbisone reg. in Dalmellington
1673 - Annipill McAdam married James Jaffray reg. in Dalmellington
1673 - Adam McAdam, Merchant in New Galloway with James McAdam of Dalry obligation witness Alexander Gordon
1673 - John McAdam in Eggertoune with James Turner bond to Helen Turner

1674 - Gilbert McAdam of Waterhead
1674 - Andrew McAdam in Dalmellington, writer with son, Andrew tack for Alexander Shaw
1674 - William McAdam in Knockingroch obligation witness James McMillian and Walter Gordon
1674 - James McAdam in Dalry, witness with John Hunter and spouse Isobel Neilson
1674 - George McAdam, younger obligation
1674 - Agnes McAdam spouse to James Litle in Ellioch, Dumfries
1674 - Patrick McAdam mentions Margaret and James McAdam wit: William Wallor
1674 - Andrew McAdam and John Fergusson are notaries for tack

1675 - George in Over Holm with Robert McAdam in Dalltamie
1675 - Quintin McAdam in Dalmellington, Andrew McAdam notar
1675 - Quintin McAdam in Dalmellington witness for Robert Hunter of Ayr
1675 - Quintin McAdam in Dalmellington, Andrew McAdam notar, and David
Cubisone, witness William McClure and George Slowan

1676 - Patrick McAdam in Syd, Parish of Kilmacolme names James, Patrick, and Margaret McAdam
1676 - Andrew McAdam married Margaret Williamsone reg. in Dalmellington

1678 - George McAdam married Jannet McCllhatton in Derry, Ireland
1678 - George McAdam married Elizabeth McKlindock in Bonhill

1679 - Quintin McAdam of Dalmellington was taken prisoner at Bothwell Bridge and shipped off to Barbados but the ship was wrecked off the cost and he escaped to Ireland and may have gone to Virginia.

1680 - John McAdam born in Perth, son of John
1680 - Andrew McAdam, notar in Parish of Dalmelllington sister Anabell, mother Marion
Drok and James Jamphray

1682 - Gilbert McAdam of Waterhead was convicted as a covenanter transported to New
York but returned to Scotland to be killed in 1685.

1683 - Peter McAdam in Clayock, parish of Straiton test in Glasgow

1684 - Gilbert McAdam of Dalmellington was arrested as a covenanter and transported to
the American Plantations ­ probably New Jersey

1685 - John McAdam, Leek grant, Co. Monaghan, Ireland
1685 - Archibald McAdam was prisoner for being with the Earl of Argyle and transported
to the New England plantation with William Arbuckle
1685 - George McAdam was also a member of the Argyle insurrection transported to New Jersey.
1685 - John McAdam in Glenohie, spouse Margaret McMath daughter, Margaret
1685 - Gilbert McAdam s/o James McAdam birth reg. in Straiton

1687 - David McAdam served as lieutenant under Alex Cuinnigham agaist Earl of Argyle
1687 - Andrew McAdam in Arrow, parish of Dalmellington
1687 - Sibilla McAdam spouse to James McMillan in Barnshom, parish of Kirkmichael
mentions Margaret McClure
1697 - James McAdam spouse to Isbella McAdam

1690 - Gilbert McAdam son of William McAdam of Murdochholme (Moor)
1690 - Jean McAdam d/o William McAdam in Murdochholme
1690 - Adam McAdam in Brekinsyde
1690 - James McAdam in Waterhead

1691 - David McAdam married Jonet Makie reg. in Dalmellington

1692 - Donald McAdam spouse to Jonet Graham residents of Perth, Scotland
1692 - Gilbert McAdam in Waterhead
1692 - Jean McAdam married James Campbell reg. in Ayr
1692 - Dorothea McAdam marred James Cunningham reg. in Ayr.

1693 - Quintin McAdam married Kathrine Montgomrie reg. in Ayr
1693 - Samuel McAdam servitor to John Brown of Nunlands
1693 - John McAdam transported to America by William Yardley

1694 - Samuel McAdam servitor to John, Master of Stair, Lord Secretary of State of Scotland, test.
1694 - Gilbert McAdam in Craigengellan
1694 - William McAdam in Nether Nnockengaroch, partioner
1694 - Geroge McAdam in Bow spouse Grisel McMillan
1694 - Jean McAdam married David Logan reg. in Straiton
1694 - Andrew McAdam married Mary McAdam reg. in Dalmellington

1695 - James McAdam married Sarah Slowan reg. in Dalmellington
1695 - James McAdam in Garihorn and Robert Grierson in Knockgray bond to John and William McMillan

1698 - Janat McAdam married Jon Graham reg in Straiton

1699 - John McAdam in Neither Longford bond to John McMillan
1699 - John McAdam, schoolmaster in Urr
1699 - Andrew McAdam, tailor in Carsparin

Records of 18 th Century

1700 - Andrew McAdam, writer in Edinburgh married to Katharine Foord
1700 - Mungo McAdam in Waterhead spouse Barbara Gordon
1700 - Barbara Gordon, spouse of Mungo in Waterhead registered in Dunfries
1700 - Andrew McAdam in Arrow mentions John McAdam in Longford, Thomas
Anothony wife of Sally McAdam, her brother
1700 - James McAdam married Maire Kennedy reg. in Straiton

1701 - Gilbert McAdam in Dullorg
1701 - Isobel Martin, spouse of Gilbert McAdam in Dullorg, formely of Craigengillan

1703 - Quintin McAdam in Craigengillan
1703 - Jean Logan spouse of Quintin McAdam in Craigengillan reg. in Straiton

1708 - Robert McAdam son of William in Nether Knockingarroch
1708 - Robert and William McAdam of Knockengarroch portioner
1708 - Jean McMillian, Margaret McAdam, d/o of William McAdam in Nether
Knockengarroch, portioner

1712 - Dr. Joseph McAdam married Janet Muir at his house in Givan, Northumberland Co. Virginia
1712 - Quintin McAdam married Agnes McClure reg. in Straiton

1717 - John McAdam miller at Kilmahow, Parish of Cardeos of Glasgow test. for Patrick
McAdam, Walter son to defunct wit: John Unbring

1718 - Walter McAdam son of Patrick McAdam bound to John Urbrine

1719 - Andrew and William McAdam, brothers and Miss McAdam spouse of Alexander
McIllvaine of Ayr to America, lived Sussex Co. NJ in 1726

1720 - Quintin McAdam of Midtoun of Grunnork, spouse Marion Wilson

1722 - Patrick McAdam, late minister of Comrie

1722 - The will of Thomas Stewart of Chelsa (London) filed in Barbados 6 Oct. 1722 gives us a good example of a family cluster. He names his cousin William Steward and Alexander Agnew of Galloway in North Britian (Scotland) and his sister; Hester McAdam wife of William MacAdam of Dawalton, Co., Galloway who has children, not named, cousin Elizabeth Hunter, wife of Mr. Hunter of Wigtown, Galloway and the daughter of his uncle, William Coltrane, cousins James Steward, Charles Thomas and Anthony Macleur and Thomazin Sharpe, wife of John Sharpe and granddaugthers, Sarah and Mary Sharpe. The will was witnessed by William Coates, John Hamilton, Walter Maberly and his cousins William James, Elizabeth Haddock and Francis Constable.

1723 - Andrew McAdam of Dawaltoun spouse Elizabeth Hadden
1723 -John McAdam in the Parish of Buchannan names sons David and William McAdam in Garliorn, Robert McAdam, daughters Mary and Cathrine signed John McAdam and Archibald Graham
1724 - John and Quintin McAdam in Craigengiallan

1725 - Quintin McAdam of Craigengillan
spouse Joan Logan d/o James land grant to William McAdam in Knockdonnor by Sir William Cunninghyam wit: James
Slowne merchant in New Galloway, mentions William McAdam of Dalos and
Quintin and William McAdam in Knockdonnor, James Wallace of Dalos, Quintin
McAdam of Dalos and William Logan by James Wilson writer in Glasgow

1726 - Jean McAdam service to her father, James McAdam in Midtoun
1726 - George McAdam of Berleuch refict of Sarah Crawford in Dalmellington, daughter
Annebella spouse of James Slowane, Margaret McAdam spouse to Hugh Crawford
wit: William Wright and James Logan

1727 - Robert McAdam in Buchannan, Parish of Killrenoch, sister Elizabeth spouse of
Robert Wallor, test Glasgow

1728 - John McAdam in the Parish
of Buchannan spouse Janet McFarland names sons, William and Robert, daughter wit: Archabald Graham and John McAdam

1729 - James McAdam of Waterhead service to his father James.

1733 - Robert Homer McAdam served in the Royal Assembly in South Carolina

1736 - Robert and John McAdam of Gairlochhead bond to John Campbell and James Dun,
mentions Archbald and William Buchannan, John McGown, and John Graham

1739 - Hugh McAdam married Elizabeth Van Hurst in Philadelphia. Was first recorded in
America in 1734 on undelivered mail list.

1740 - William McAdam, brother of James of Waterhead resident in New York City
1740 - William and Samuel McAdam, brothers came from Derry, Ireland
were in the military in Windham, New Hampshire

1741 - James McAdam, dec. spouse Sarah White, Quakers in Pasquotank, North Carolina
1741 - Quintin McAdam spouse Elizabeth, maybe Kerr as listed with William and Robert
Kerr and James Thompson,residents of Manor of Maske, Penn. Children, Gilbert,
Archibald, Jane, David and Lettice who married James Marshall
1741- John McAdam was born in 1741 in Westchester, New York served with Provincial
Troops in 1760.

1743 - William McAdam in Chapple Knows of Byne deceased, son Quintien McAdam in
Garleffin, names mother, Agnes spouse of William McAdam and John
McCutcheon in Blair accepted by John McAdam in Byne

1745 - James McAdam of Waterhead married Susan Cochrane, son James b. 1746 reg. in
1745 - Lt. Gilbert McAdam of Merkland service to decesed brother John of Merkland,
sons of James McAdam of Waterhead

1750 ­ Quintin McAdam and spouse Ann Hadden residents of Glasgow

1752 - John McAdam listed on the Tithes in Lunenburg, Virginia in the Hill household

1755 - James McAdam granted land in Orange County, North Carolilna
1755 - James McAdam granted land in York Co., Penn.
1755 - John McAdam and Sarah Sloss resident of York Co. Penn marriage listed in Ayr

1758 - David McAdam spouse of Sarah Hair in Bennan service to father, Alexander of
Craigengillan. David was in the Military service stationed in Ireland.

1759 - William McAdam listed on rent rolls of Fredericks, Virginia
1759 - William McAdam, age 18 from Kirkcubright migrated to Essex Co., N.J.

1761 - Alexander McAdam member of the military in Fredericks, Virginia

1763 - James McAdam, dec administration granted to Henry Turner in Philadelphia, Penn.

1764 - Robert McAdam of Gairlochhead appoints John McAdam of Gairlochhead his
lawful son a bond granted by John Campbell, deceased witness John Buchanan,
John McAdam and John Grahamne.

1767 - Catherine McAdam, widow of Thomas McAdam came from Belfast to South
Carolina with sons, John, James, and daughter, Catherine
1767 - Thomas McAdam, age 19 arrived from Ireland to South Carolina
1767 - Thomas McAdam age 40 and wife Cathriene arrived from Ireland to South
Carolina with children, Rose, Henry and Robert

1769 - Patrick McAdam deceased represented by Colin Turner and spouse Janet McAdam

1770 - Alexander McAdam of Catheorstown in the Parish of Dalmellington appoints his
brother, John McAdam of Craigengillan. Mentions David and Margaret McAdam.

1770 - John Loudon McAdam goes to New York City to live, in business with his uncle, William McAdam there.

1779 - John Loudon McAdam service to his father James who died 1773

1781 - James McAdam of Waterhead, Gilbert McAdam of Merkland, and William Logan,Bond

1782 - Quintin McAdam of Grimmets at Tunberry Lodge, Parish of Kerk Oswald, Shire
of Ayr given up to John McAdam of Craigengillan, James McAdam of Faunslock,
his brothers. Mentions David McAdam.
1782 - Patrick McAdam late in Mammon or Garclockhead appoints
Andrew McAdam his brother, a tentant in Mammon. Colin Turner only lawful son and names sister Mary McAdam.

1783 - John Loudon McAdam returns from New York to Sauchrie, Scotland and paves the first road from his house to Maybole. His uncle Gilbert lived in Merkland.

1784 - John McAdam of Craigengillan, James McAdam, merchant Tavistock, David
McAdam in Grimmits, borthers, father Quintin McAdam of Carigengillan.
1784 - James McAdam in Waterhead, Gilbert McAdam of Merkland,
and William Logan bond

1786 - David McAdam of Grimmits tack to James Harg, wit John McAdam writer in Ayr

1793 - Peter McAdam merchant in Jamica, presently in Glasgow, Cathrine, Ann, Janet
children of Robert McAdam late of Gairlochhead with consent of Walter
McAdam spouse of Cathriene, John Bain spouse of Ann, and Coliln Turner

1794 - James McAdam, widow Margaret Alleson owned Auchin and Greenhill plus
McAdam and Hodge Co. a daughter was Elizabeth b. 1789 in Ayr.

Records of the 19 th Century

1805 - Mary McAdam was an aunt of Peter and William Corbet of Glasgow who's
mother was a sister, Jean McAdam Corbet of Glagsow. Gifts to Elizabeth McGill

1810 - David McAdam his aunt, Agnes McAdam nearest of kin in Kirkcubright.

1814 - Robert McAdam a tenant in Ladismore in the parish of Kilmormoch, dec. joint
prommisary note with John McAdam to John Buchanan.

1816 - William McAdam a cotton spinner at Milend Calton

1829 - James Robert Bruce McAdam, writer in Glasgow, Walter
Graham McAdam, Janet Graham McAdam, Jane McAdam, James McAdam in Govan, all children of
James McAdam a merchant in Charleston, South Carolina, decesed concent of
Robert, Walter, and John McAdam of Blairver

1833 - Peter McAdam of Easterhouse, merchant in Glasgow discharge by Jean Trokes or
McAdam, widow of Peter, Walter Graham eldest son of John McAdam, brother of Peter

1849 ­ Capt. David McAdam married ­ Kennedy d/o James Kennedy member of 49 th Regt
of Foot stationed in Templemore, Ireland tutor to James Kennedy McAdam, age 14
only surviving son of Alexander McAdam in Casllchile, Maybole with concent of
Quintin McAdam in Edingburgh and David Rankin, Marion McAdam, age 12 and
Susan McAdam w/o William Dick in Maybole

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